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"Weapons and Boss Resprites"
Release date July 2, 2016
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The update added a variety of yoyos, throwing weapons, and summoner weapons. It also resprited all of the mod's bosses.







Bosses and Enemies[]

  • Blight Slimes now only spawn after Skeletron has been defeated.
  • Blight Slimes now drop 17 of their respective gels instead of 15.
  • Buffed The Devourer of Gods' head and body damage.
  • True Slime God can now drop the Corroslime Staff and the Crimslime Staff.
  • The Devourer of Gods now has heavy resistance against the Daedalus Stormbow.
  • The Devourer of Gods now drops Deathhail Staff, Eradicator, and Staff of the Mechworm.
  • Cleaned up Desert Scourge and Dried Seeker AI.
  • Desert Scourge can now drop the Seabound Staff.
  • Calamitas changes:
    • Nerfed phase 1 health from 27,000 / 44,500 to 14,000 / 23,100.
    • Nerfed phase 2 health from 25,000 / 41,250 to 15,000 / 24,750.
    • Speed increased.
    • Now inflicts Brimstone Flames for only 3.3 seconds instead of 5 in Expert Mode.
    • Can now drop the Blighted Eye Staff, Brimstone Flamethrower, and The Eye of Calamitas.
    • Catastrophe now charges like Expert mode Eye of Cthulhu.
    • Brothers now have increased range for their flamethrowers.
    • Brothers' speed increased.




  • Slime God and True Slime God now despawn when the player dies.