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"Demonshade Rework"
Release date April 24, 2017
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The update reworked Demonshade armor, buffed a few weapons, and resprited various buffs.


  • ??? now uses a reduced version of the vanilla ocean enemy spawn chance instead of a custom one.
  • Demonshade armor changes:
    • Demonshade Helm's projectile rain effect has been moved to the armor's set bonus.
    • Demonshade Breastplate now grants damage and critical strike chance bonuses as the wearer's health lowers instead of just melee speed.
    • Demonshade Breastplate now has a Thorns effect, increases maximum health by 300 and mana by 200, and grants increased life regeneration when standing still.
    • Removed Demonshade Breastplate's shadow force ability.
    • Increased Demonshade Greaves' movement speed boost from 100% to 125%.
    • Set bonus now provides damage and critical strike chance bonuses to all classes instead of just melee.
    • Removed the "Great for impersonating devs!" line from the set bonus' tooltip.
  • Buffed Mariana's damage from 82 to 85, and its use time from 26 to 25.
  • Buffed Meowthrower's damage from 25 to 28.
  • Buffed Night's Stabber's damage from 45 to 49.