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"Weapon Balance Changes"
Release date May 14, 2017
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The update made a series of balance changes to several of the mod's weapons. It also made a few minor changes to Providence, the Profaned God and the Profaned Guardians.



  • The negative healing flares spawned by the Profaned Guardians and Providence, the Profaned God now instantly kill the player if they are below 0 health.
  • Providence, the Profaned God's holy fires are now faster, and her Molten Blobs now last for 20 seconds instead of 5.


  • Decreased the randomness of Ark of the Cosmos and Ark of the Elements' projectile speeds.
  • Buffed Ark of the Cosmos' damage from 300 to 380.
  • Increased the speed of summoner Ataxia armor's Chaos Spirit's flares and made them scale with the player's summon damage.
  • Nerfed Atlantis' damage from 80 to 71.
  • Buffed Blood Bath's damage from 23 to 25.
  • Nerfed Brackish Flask's damage from 65 to 60.
  • Buffed Cleansing Blaze's damage from 236 to 242.
  • Buffed Conclave Crossfire's damage from 36 to 38, and decreased its use time from 33 to 26.
  • Buffed the base damage of summoner Daedalus armor's Daedalus Crystal and made it scale with the player's summon damage.
  • Buffed The Dance of Light's damage from 203 to 460, but increased its use time from 10 to 15.
  • Buffed Devil's Devastation's damage from 350 to 400 and increased its shot speed from 24 to 28.
  • Diseased Pike now has auto swing.
  • Earth's meteors now deal the weapon's full damage instead of 50%.
  • Elemental Disk's main disc now hits every 6 frames instead of 4.
  • Buffed Galaxia's damage from 290 to 325.
  • Nerfed Giant Tortoise Shell's defense from 20 to 12.
  • Grand Guardian's explosions and bolts now deal 50% of the weapon's damage instead of 75%.
  • Nerfed Mangrove Chakram's damage from 63 to 56, and increased its use time from 11 to 14.
  • Buffed Mycoroot's damage from 9 to 12.
  • Summoner Reaver armor's Reaver Orb's damage now scales with the player's summon damage.
  • Nerfed Rouge Slash's damage from 220 to 180.
  • Buffed Skyline Wings' flight time from 20 to 30, and made its recipe require 15 Bones.
  • Nerfed Stellar Striker's damage from 330 to 300.