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"Astrum Deus Rework"
Release date December 26, 2017
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The update reworked Astrum Deus, added some new weapons, and added a variety of resprites, including some for 2 of the mod's bosses.




Astrum Deus[]

  • The fight now includes a larger "spectral" worm which is invincible and cannot hurt the player until all of the small worms have been defeated. This worm does not inherit the Astrum Deus Probe ring.
  • Nerfed small worm health from 18,500 / 29,600 / 32,000 / 40,000 to 11,000 / 17,600 / 20,800 / 28,800.
  • Decreased small worm length from 8 to 6.
  • Small worms no longer drop Coins and Lesser Healing Potions.
  • Astrum Deus Probes now fire mines half as often.
  • Mines now last for 20 seconds instead of 10.
  • Now inflicts the Extreme Gravity debuff for the entire fight.
  • Increased velocity on mines.
  • Can now drop an Astrum Deus Mask.

Brimstone Elemental[]

  • Increased damage during enrage by 33%.
  • No longer invincible outside of the Profaned Crag, and instead gains 9999 defense.
  • Can no longer harm players when fading in or out.
  • Massively lowered speed of phase 3's brimstone barrage projectiles, and lowered the amount of barrages fired.
  • Lowered the amount of dust she spawns idly.


  • Buffed phase 1's brimstone laser damage from 60 / 88 / 92 / 132 to 70 / 100 / 105 / 150, and her rapid laser damage from 50 / 72 / 75 / 108 to 60 / 88 / 92 / 132.
  • Buffed phase 2's health from 19,000 / 30,400 / 34,400 / 40,000 to 27,000 / 43,200 / 48,000 / 56,000, her contact damage from 50 / 80 / 84 / 120 to 70 / 112 / 117 / 168, her hellfireball damage from 108 / 148 / 155 / 222 to 118 / 168 / 176 / 252, and her brimstone laser damage from 60 / 92 / 96 / 138 to 70 / 104 / 109 / 156.
  • Buffed Cataclysm's contact damage from 78 / 124 / 130 / 186 to 88 / 140 / 147 / 210 and his brimstone flamethrower damage from 52 / 92 / 96 / 138 to 64 / 104 / 109 / 156.
  • Buffed Catastrophe's contact damage from 90 / 144 / 151 / 216 to 100 / 160 / 168 / 240, and his fireball damage from 60 / 100 / 105 / 150 to 72 / 116 / 121 / 174.
  • Buffed Soul Seeker's health from 1500 / 2100 to 7500 / 12,000, and its brimstone dart damage from 48 / 84 / 88 / 126 to 66 / 100 / 105 / 150.
  • The brothers now have a higher despawn range.
  • Bloodstone, Chaos Stone, and Animosity now drop from the Treasure Bag instead of directly from the boss in Expert Mode.


The Destroyer[]

  • Now limits projectile piercing to 2 instead of 3.

The Devourer of Gods[]

  • Head no longer instantly kills the player in Revengeance Mode, and now only does so in Death Mode.
  • Lowered piercing resistance on body segments.
  • Murasama and Fabsol now drop from the Treasure Bag instead of directly from the boss in Expert Mode.

Duke Fishron[]

  • Now fires Cthulhunadoes in phase 3 in Death Mode.

Eye of Cthulhu[]

The Hive Mind[]

  • Buffed phase 2's health from 2000 / 3200 / 4800 / 11,200 to 4000 / 6400 / 8060 / 11,200.
  • No longer deals contact damage in phase 1.
  • Phase 2 is no longer invincible outside of The Corruption, and instead gains 9999 defense.
  • Phase 2 can no longer harm players when fading in or out.
  • Dark Hearts now hover higher above the player.
  • Changed vile clot projectile color from purple to green, and made them inflict Cursed Inferno.
  • Now spawns Dank Creepers and Devourers 25% more often.

Jungle Dragon, Yharon[]

  • Any damage dealt to Yharon which would take over 10% of his health will now deal no damage.
  • Drew's Wings now drop from the Treasure Bag instead of directly from the boss in Expert Mode.


  • Now becomes near invincible upon reaching 1% life for a minute before becoming vulnerable again.
  • Now inflicts NO U constantly if summoned before Supreme Calamitas has been defeated.
  • Despawn distance decreased.

Lunatic Cultist[]

  • Revengeance Mode projectile rain can now go through blocks.

The Plaguebringer Goliath[]


Profaned Guardians[]

  • Flares now spawn at 7 second intervals instead of 10 second intervals.

Providence, the Profaned God[]

  • Renamed A Dunkin' Donut to A Profaned Guardian.
  • Defensive guardian spears now spawn at 10 second intervals instead of 7 second intervals.
  • Removed the Healer guardian's negative healing projectiles.
  • Offensive guardian flares now spawn at 7 second intervals instead of 10 second intervals.
  • Increased vertical acceleration speed.
  • Icarus' Folly now cuts horizontal wing speed.
  • Now disables wiring.

Signus, Envoy of the Devourer[]

  • Nerfed Cosmic Lantern health from 4000 / 5600 / 5880 / 8400 to 2000 / 2800 / 2940 / 4200.
  • No longer invincible outside of The Underworld, and instead gains 9999 defense.
  • Can no longer harm players when fading in or out.
  • Now switches between attack modes much more quickly.
  • Now charges more violently.
  • Reduced dust spawned idly.

Siren and Leviathan[]

  • The Siren now cycles between phases quicker.
  • The Siren now has a 50% chance to spawn with an alternate, more green, sprite.

The Slime God[]

  • Now drops Purified Jam in Revengeance Mode if it has never been defeated before in the same world and/or by the same player.

Supreme Calamitas[]

  • Lowered hitcap from 40 / 35 / 30 / 15 to 30 / 25 / 20 / 10.
  • Now stops Slime Rain if it's occurring when she's summoned.
  • Supreme Soul Seekers now produce less dust.
  • Supreme Soul Seekers now fire less often.
  • Completely rewrote dialogue.
  • Trigger Old New
    Upon spawning after having been defeated four times. "You're really kind of a freak, ain't ya?" "Don't get me wrong, I like pain too, but you're just ridiculous."
    When the first bullet hell ends. "Here we go." "Alright, let's get started. Not sure why you're bothering, you will not succeed."
    Upon reaching 75% health. "Look, I gave up trying to fight him a long time ago. "You seem so confident...yet painfully ignorant of what has yet to transpire. I was the same way, long ago."
    Upon reaching 50% health. "After seeing what you did to his dragon..." "Couldn't leave well enough alone could you? Could have stopped after murdering his beloved dragon...but no."
    Upon reaching 45% health. "I can't afford to let you live any longer." "Brothers, could you assist me for a moment? Dealing with this fool is growing tiresome."
    Upon reaching 40% health. "Alright, now you're just pissing me off." "Well done, you've passed level one of my special hell. That's something someone like you would undoubtedly be very proud of..."
    Upon reaching 30% health. "Just give up already! It'll make this a lot less painful..." "This is no longer about vengeance, it's about preventing a monster from growing stronger."
    Upon reaching 20% health. "Just who do you think you are!? You can't kill ME! I'm supposed to kill YOU!" "Impressive...but still not good enough! Go, my little seekers! Burn them down!"
    Upon reaching 10% health. "HERE WE GO AGAIN! BURN IN HELL YOU MURDEROUS LITTLE WORM!" "I'm just getting started!"
    Upon reaching 8% health. "Ugh...uh, y'know, we don't have to keep fighting." "What!? How are you still alive!?"
    Upon reaching 6% health. "Huff...can we just stop all this? You can't kill me...and I can't kill you." "Just stop! As I said earlier, you WILL NOT succeed!".
    Upon reaching 4% health. "You'll just keep coming back...over and over again. And I'll keep reforming over and over again." "Even if you defeat me you still have my lord to contend with! He is leagues ahead of anything you have faced thus far!"
    Upon reaching 2% health. "And, y'know...if I can just become invincible...I might as well just do that...forever." "Ugh...I'm honestly not sure what side I should be fighting for anymore..."
    Upon reaching 1% health. "So...yeah. Guess we get to sit here now..." "YOU are a monster that butchers everything in their path for greater power..."``.
    10 seconds after reaching 1% health before defeating her prior. " seems I can't really move or cast spells anymore..." "My also a monster, but at least he has noble goals to justify his actions."
    15 seconds after reaching 1% health before defeating her prior. "...just kill me. I don't have enough energy to fight you or run away." "Well...I guess this is the end. Hopefully a few of my words got through to you...if you can still think rationally after all that killing."
    15 seconds after reaching 1% health after defeating her prior. "...let's just get to the point. Kill me again." "Whatever, you'll just take your loot and move on as always. Guess I'll keep fighting for Yharim then."
    When reaching the hitcap "You got hit too many times. Get doused on." "You got hit too many are very pro at dodging. Did you take lessons from Leviathan?"
    When defeated by using an overpowered weapon or with any butcher function. "You dirty hacker." "Go to hell."
    After defeat. "So...guess that's it then...huh..." " know I'll just come back...right? HAH! I CAN'T DIE, BUT YOU CAN! THAT'S FUNNY! ...isn't it?"
  • Enemies[]

    • Aquatic Aberrations are now rarer.
    • Paraseas are now more common.
    • Nerfed Death Mode Plaguebringer's health from 29,400 to 28,000, and buffed Death Mode hive bomb damage from 150 to 180.
    • Plaguebringers can now only spawn a maximum of 5 large Plague Chargers at a time.
    • Sun Bats no longer emit light themselves, and now only use dust for lighting.




    • All Calamity buffs from Potions now save upon leaving worlds.
    • Death Mode now boosts enemy damage by {[death|50%}} instead of 40%.
    • Extreme Gravity now slightly decreases the player's vertical speed.



    • Fixed improper cropping on the Abyssal Warhammer.
    • Fixed a bug where Bumblebirb would furiously ram into the ground and rebound repeatedly when trying to spawn clones.
    • Fixed a bug where Clockwork Bow's arrows would drop upon collision.
    • Fixed a bug where Draedon's Heart would not give its defense boost while standing still with Demonshade armor.
    • Fixed a typo in Frostspark Bullet's tooltip which said "Electicity" instead of "Electricity".
    • Fixed an oversight where the Heart of the Elements' components could also be equipped at the same time, resulting in duplicate summons.
    • Fixed a bug with modded dash accessories that would cause players to move more slowly occasionally.
    • Fixed hold offsets for the Megafleet, Megalodon, Nullification Pistol, and Pumpler.
    • Fixed multiplayer desync bugs for most bosses.
    • Fixed a bug where Supreme Calamitas would display her 50 death chat message at 49 deaths.
    • Fixed Yharon's hitbox becoming small during phase 2.