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"Fishing Update Bonus"
Release date November 24, 2019
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The update expanded upon Fishing by adding in several new items that the player can hook as well as continued to lay down the groundwork for the Rogue expansion update.



Balance and Reworks[]



Additional Changes[]

  • Abaddon and Abyssal Diving Gear now work when equipped as either a helmet or an accessory.
  • Acceleration Rounds, Acid Rounds, Astral Round projectile, Enhanced Nano Rounds, Flash Rounds, Frostspark Bullets, Holy Fire Bullets, Hyperius Bullets, Superball Bullets, and Verium Bullets now have more afterimages.
  • Added a glowmask to Ectoheart.
  • Added a mod compatibility call to turn Calamity's various difficulty modes on or off. Unlike when using the item, this will not kill anyone, and does work while bosses are alive.
  • Added a tooltip to Dragon Pow.
  • Added an internal listing of ice-themed weaponry.
  • Added new progress messages to Calamity's improved Lihzahrd Temple generation to make it obvious that it has been modified.
  • Added numerous recipe groups to Calamity's recipe code. This has no visible effect in-game.
  • Added several items to the drop pools of vanilla fishing crates:
    • Wooden Crates now have a 25% chance to yield 3-5 Wulfrum Shards.
    • Iron Crates now have a 25% chance to yield 5-8 Wulfrum Shards, and a 25% chance to yield 5-8 Ancient Bone Dust.
    • Corrupt Crates now have a 25% chance to yield 5-8 Fetid Essences.
    • Crimson Crates now have a 25% chance to yield 5-8 Bloodletting Essences.
    • Corrupt and Crimson Crates now have a 25% chance to yield 5-8 Blighted Gel, and a 25% chance to yield 1-3 Murky Sludge.
    • Jungle Crates now have a 20% chance to yield 1-3 Murky Paste, a 20% chance to yield 1-3 Maneater Bulbs, a 20% chance to yield 1-3 Trapper Bulbs in Hardmode, a 25% chance to yield 5-10 Perennial Bars post-Plantera, a 20% chance to yield 3-6 Plague Cell Canisters post-Golem, and a 25% chance to yield 5-10 Uelibloom Bars post-Providence.
    • Sky Crates now have a 25% chance to yield 5-10 Aerialite Bars post-Hive Mind/Perforators, a 20% chance to yield 5-15 Essences of Sunlight in Hardmode, and a 10% chance to yield 1-3 Galactica Singularities post-Moon Lord.
    • Dungeon Crates now have a 30% chance to yield 5-10 Ectoplasm post-Plantera, and a 20% chance to yield 5-10 Phantoplasm post-Polterghast.
    • Hallowed Crates now have a 20% chance to yield 5-10 Unholy Essences post-Providence.
  • All Rogue armor sets now explain how to use Stealth Strikes in their set bonus tooltip.
  • All grappling hooks now show their stats in their tooltips.
  • Astral Crates now have a 25% chance to drop 5-10 Meld Blobs post-Astrum Deus.
  • Astral Sand is no longer valid ammunition for the Sandgun.
  • Caribbean Rum and Warped's vertical velocity effects no longer work while mounted.
  • Code 1 no longer counts as true melee.
  • Flamebeak Hampick can now be used as a hammer as its alternative fire.
  • Heavenly Gale's Exo Tornadoes are now more transparent.
  • Increased the item stack limit of Cinnamon Roll and Evergreen Gin from 1 to 30.
  • Increased the lifesteal cap from 60 / 50 / 40 / 20 to 80 / 70 / 60 / 50.
  • Iron Franciscas and Lead Tomahawks are now only recovered 25% of the time instead of 50% of the time.
  • Nanotech and Raider's Talisman's tooltips will now list the player's current stacked crit boost.
  • Reduced the catch chance of Fish of Light and Fish of Night from 3% to 2%.
  • Removed unnecessary light produced by Silva healing orbs.
  • Removed unnecessary sounds from the Biome Blade projectiles.
  • Increased Shadowspec Bar sell price from 27 Gold Coin.png 50 Silver Coin.png to 70 Gold Coin.
  • Significantly reduced the number of Souls granted by opening Soul Fish.
  • The Steampunker now sells Astral Solution outside of the Astral Infection.
  • The Sulphurous Sea has a new map background.
  • Reduced the amount of dust produced by main Terra Bullets by 33%, and split Terra Bullets by 50%.
  • The Blast Barrel, Consecrated Water, Epidemic Shredder, Luminous Striker, Slick Cane, The Syringe, and Utensil Poker now have flavor tooltips.
  • Using any non-weapon item will no longer consume rogue stealth.



  • Fixed a bug where Celestial Reaper could damage Town NPCs or the Eternia Crystal.
  • Fixed a bug where Golem was dropping Essences of Sunlight directly in Expert Mode.
  • Fixed a bug where Lunar Kunai hitboxes were much larger than intended.
  • Fixed a bug where Skeletron's magic attacks were dealing way too much damage post-Moon Lord.
  • Fixed a bug where Yharon was permanently enraged in multiplayer.
  • Fixed a bug where defeating Astrum Aureus would crash the game in multiplayer.
  • Fixed a bug where most Calamity mod compatibility calls didn't work.
  • Fixed a bug where the Bandit sold Bear's Eye randomly instead of when her name was Laura.
  • Fixed a bug where the Traveling Merchant would literally say "[Name of Merchant]".
  • Fixed a bug where you could continue to accrue negative lifesteal points (blocking lifesteal for extended periods of time) by attacking enemies, even those immune to lifesteal.
  • Fixed a bug with Calamity's biome syncing code.
  • Fixed a bug with Calamity's improved Lihzahrd Temple generation which caused other mod worldgen to break.
  • Fixed a bug with Ethereal Subjugator where it couldn't summon its last minion (e.g. only 3 ghosts instead of 4 if you have 2 minion slots).
  • Fixed a despawning problem with enraged Plaguebringer Goliath.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Amidias' party hat from being properly placed.
  • Fixed an issue where Aquatic Scourge wouldn't drop its weapons outside of Hardmode on Normal difficulty.
  • Fixed an issue where Galeforce's arrows didn't go the right way.
  • Fixed an issue with the immunity frames of Heavenly Gale's green Exo Arrows (and the Exo Tornadoes they spawned).
  • Fixed miscellaneous harmless tile framing errors.
  • Fixed the held positions of many Calamity wands and staves.
  • Fixed the tooltip of Alluring Bait listing its fishing power in percents.
  • Forced Terraria's netcode into providing more sync packets for Rev+ Eye of Cthulhu, Queen Bee and Spazmatism. This should help ease desync issues with these bosses.
  • Hopefully fixed a bug with Adult Eidolon Wyrm's multiplayer targeting.
  • Improved the visuals of The Syringe and fixed minor hitbox errors.
  • Moon Lord will no longer unintentionally drop its loot during Boss Rush.
  • Eidolists, Providence, the Profaned Goddess, and Scorn Eaters are all now forcibly classified as organic for the purposes of finite use weaponry.
  • Fixed Radiant Star and Quasar's falling stars not dealing rogue damage.