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"Rusty Seas Update"
Release date April 15, 2020
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The (or update added several expansions to the Sulphurous Sea along with a few other items and balance changes. The update is also notable for the name change of the Bumblebirb into The Dragonfolly.







Balance and Reworks[]

Balance Changes[]

  • Added a stealth strike effect to Prismalline and Snap Clam.
  • Flails no longer count as true melee weapons.
  • Nerfed Barinautical, use time increased from 6 to 12. Use delay increased from 15 to 20.
  • Buffed Brimlance, base damage increased from 75 to 100.
  • Nerfed Clam Crusher, base damage decreased from 140 to 100.
  • Buffed Darklight Greatsword, base damage increased from 55 to 75.
  • Buffed Endo Hydra Staff. It now uses local immunity frames. Base damage decreased from 2563 to 800.
  • Nerfed Entropy's Vigil, it now requires 2 minion slots to summon the whole trio. Having 1 minion slot left will only summon Calamitamini. Base damage increased from 27 to 35.
  • Nerfed Eutrophic Scimitar, projectile damage decreased from 100% to 70% damage.
  • Buffed Excalibur Shortsword, base damage increased from 55 to 70.
  • Nerfed Flarewing Bow, base damage decreased from 25 to 20. Use time increased from 28 to 29.
  • Nerfed Forsaken Saber, projectile damage decreased from 100% to 80% damage.
  • Buffed Frostbrand, base damage increased from 53 to 81.
  • Nerfed Hallowed Rune, stars now deal 1/3 damage and have a 1-second cooldown before re-appearing.
  • Buffed Inferna Cutter, base damage increased from 85 to 100. Critical strike chance increased from 4% to 14%.
  • Buffed Phoenix Blade, base damage increased from 95 to 120. Use time is decreased from 28 to 26.
  • Nerfed Resurrection Butterfly, it now requires 2 minion slots to summon the whole duo. Having 1 minion slot left will only summon the Pink Butterfly. Base damage increased from 25 to 65.
  • Nerfed Roxcalibur, base damage decreased from 200 to 120.
  • Nerfed Snap Clam, debuff damage reduced from 17.5 per second per clam to 7.5 per second per clam.
  • Nerfed Spent Fuel Container, base damage decreased from 69 to 50. Use time is increased from 28 to 35.
  • Buffed Starnight Lance, base damage increased from 68 to 95. Its beam now pierces twice instead of once.
  • Buffed Storm Saber, base damage increased from 42 to 68. It additionally fires another beam from above.
  • Nerfed Submarine Shocker, base damage decreased from 70 to 60.
  • Buffed True Caustic Edge, base damage increased from 42 to 100. Its projectile gains a 25% increase to damage per bounce.
  • Nerfed Vile Feeder, minions now spawn 1-2 mini-eaters instead of 1-3.


  • The Dance of Light now fires a flurry of light blades instead of white splitting flares, causing a flash of light to erupt after 300 hits. Damage increased from 700 to 2077. Critical strike chance increased from 4% to 24%. Mana cost decreased from 9 to 6. Velocity decreased from 30 to 14.
  • Draedon's Heart passive damage boost decreased from 10% to 5%. It now inherits the reworked effects of the Laudanum and Stress Pills below:
    • Laudanum no longer grants stat boosts or immunity to the Horror debuff, but instead causes Horror to last twice as long. However, Horror will provide the player with several positive buffs instead of harming the player.
    • Stress Pills no longer grants damage boosts and defense reduced from 8 to 4. It now cuts the amount of the Adrenaline Meter lost by half instead of full.

Tier Changes[]

Additional Changes[]