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"Rust and Dust Hotfixes"
Release date August 21, 2020
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The (or update added two new items, fixed numerous bugs, and adjusted various enemies and bosses.




  • Aquatic Scourge now fires several barrages of sand blasts in its spin attack instead of summoning enemies.
  • Reduced Astrum Deus' top speed in its second phase in all difficulties.
  • The Destroyer now fires blue lasers below 70% health which inflict Electrified in Revengeance Mode. Green Lasers are now fired below 85% health and inflict Cursed Inferno instead of homing onto the player. All lasers can fire regardless of health in Death Mode. Maximum body defense buff reduced from 30 to 10.
    • Its Probes now fire a less amount of lasers in a set time.
  • The Devourer of Gods' lasers in Phase 1 can now pass through tiles that the player is hidden behind as well as inflicting God Slayer Inferno for 2 seconds.
  • The Dragonfolly can now have up to three Draconic Swarmers alive at once in Revengeance Mode. Phase 2 no longer limits the maximum Swarmers to 1.
  • The Hive Mind now burrows more often in Phase 1 and even more often in higher difficulties.
    • The amount of Hive Blobs and Dank Creepers that spawn during the fight now scales with world difficulty.
    • Hive Blobs stay much closer to the Hive Mind itself and fire vile clots slightly more often, but with reduced velocity.
    • Increased Hive Blob's health from 75 to 100 for normal blobs and 150 for the variants that can spawn when the Hive Mind takes damage.
    • Shaderain projectiles now fall much slower.
  • Jungle Dragon, Yharon's fast charge telegraph and bullet hell DR have been reduced from 75% to 40%. It no longer deals contact damage during bullet hell spins.
  • Nerfed The Leviathan's health from 69,000 / 110,400 / 145,120 to 55,200 / 88,320 / 116,096.
  • Lunatic Cultist's Ancient Doom projectiles and clone Fireballs now inflict Shadowflame in Revengeance Mode.
  • Moon Lord's top speed in Revengeance Mode has been reduced. Phantasmal Spheres now start out with a slower velocity and accelerate over time.
  • The Plaguebringer Goliath and Queen Bee can no longer naturally spawn in Death Mode.
  • Polterghast's tile enrage requirement has been reduced by 25%.
  • Providence, the Profaned Goddess is now immune to Nightwither.
  • Providence, the Profaned Goddess now drops both Elysian Aegis and Elysian Wings when defeated entirely at nighttime, regardless of the biome the player is in.
  • Skeletron's hands and Skeletron Prime's limbs cannot deal damage for 3 seconds after spawning.
  • Skeletron Prime's rockets in Revengeance Mode are now slightly slower.
  • The Slime God's speed and slimes summoned are reduced. The core now inflicts Distorted for 3 seconds instead of 4, and increased speed when possessing another slime.
  • Wall of Flesh's lasers when enraged now start out with a slower velocity and accelerate over time.
  • Golem's freed head in Revengeance mode no longer deals contact damage.





Balance and Reworks[]

Additional Changes[]


  • Fixed Blast Barrel's normal and stealth strike effects being reversed.
  • Fixed Blunder Booster aura and Heart of the Elements minions not showing up for other players in multiplayer.
  • Fixed certain homing weapon projectiles that were unintentionally homing in on Critters.
  • Fixed Clown Banners not protecting against Happy Bomb projectiles.
  • Fixed Cosmilite Bed's highlight being too high.
  • Fixed Dragon Scales' stealth strike tornadoes dealing magic damage instead of rogue damage.
  • Fixed Elemental Gauntlet not providing Heat/Cold immunity in Death mode.
  • Fixed Ice Shield buff displaying incorrect percentages.
  • Fixed Murasama being able to deal damage in the first 10 frames of its animation.
  • Fixed Plaguebringer armor's set bonus minion taking up a minion slot.
  • Fixed Onyx Excavator Drill mining Charred Ore pre-Brimstone Elemental.
  • Fixed Rubber Mortar Rounds not creating proper explosions on tile collision.
  • Fixed Rusted Shelves not being able to be crafted back into Rusted Plating.
  • Fixed several tile-blending issues with most Calamity furniture pieces.
  • Fixed Slick Cane not registering as a rogue weapon and not consuming stealth.
  • Fixed Spectralstorm Cannon's tooltip not displaying the correct projectile name.
  • Fixed Sylvan Slasher proccing Venerated Locket knives.
  • Fixed Titan Heart armor's reduced rogue weapon consumption not displaying correctly on the stat meter.
  • Fixed Turbulance's projectiles phasing through tiles.
  • Fixed Turbulance's incorrect sell price.
  • Fixed Ultima not firing projectiles in multiplayer.
  • Fixed Vile Feeder minions dealing an absurd amount of damage.
  • Fixed Yanmei's Knife not using the Any Iron Bar recipe group.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the player to double jump while on the Brimrose mount.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Astrum Deus to become permanently invulnerable during Boss Rush.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Leviathan and Anahita to not be spawnable in multiplayer.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the game to crash when Providence, the Profaned Goddess was summoned in The Underworld.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Holographic Display Box to crash users with Support8K disabled.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Laboratory Doors to corrupt the world when placed on top of each other.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Laboratory Doors to mark an NPC house as invalid while open.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the world to become corrupted when generating Arsenal Labs.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Ataraxia's true melee projectiles from dealing damage.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Lab Doors from being highlighted by smart-select.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Draedon's Charging Stations and Fuel Factories from functioning correctly in multiplayer.
  • Fixed a bug where certain alternate healing potions would always have the lowest priority when selected by Quick Heal.
  • Fixed a bug where certain alternative mana restoration potions could not be selected and consumed by Quick Mana.
  • Fixed a bug where certain potions and consumables that grant mana would not grant mana when selected and consumed by Quick Buff.
  • Fixed a bug where stackable rogue weapons could receive modifiers.
  • Fixed a bug where the Cloud Elemental minion would idle incredibly close to the player.
  • Fixed a mod call error where Desert Prowler armor was an alias for Snow Ruffian armor.
  • Fixed a tooltip error with the King Slime lore item where it incorrectly listed how to activate its buffs.
  • Fixed a visual error with Calamitas' laser projectiles.
  • Fixed an armor swap exploit that allowed the player to avoid cooldowns.
  • Fixed an audio issue with Pwnagehammer in multiplayer.
  • Fixed an error with the Plaguebringer Carapace where it listed less minion slots than it granted.
  • Fixed an exploit with finite-use classless weapons that allowed the player to be able to use them infinitely when held in the inventory and deal more damage than intended.
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed the player to summon minions while "Autopause" was in effect.
  • Fixed an exploit with the Caustic Dragon that allowed it to fire projectiles regardless of the player's available minion slots.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the effects of The Camper to be reversed.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Crystalline's stealth strike projectiles to deal ranged damage.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Ethereal Extorter's life regen bonus in a Glowing Mushroom biome to apply even when not in the biome.
  • Fixed an issue that caused The Final Dawn's stealth strikes to not trigger stealth-based accessory functions.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Laboratory Doors and Hazard Chevron Panels to not blend.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Shellfish Staff and Vile Feeder minions to disappear on tile collision.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Star Swallower Containment Unit minions to disappear while in Space.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Sulphurous Sea world generation to be flat.
  • Fixed an issue with Elemental Excalibur projectiles traveling in an unintended way and moving through targets without attacking.
  • Fixed an issue that would end the Acid Rain event prematurely while Acid Rain enemies were being fought due to natural rain ending.
  • Fixed an oversight where Astrum Deus has an outdated summon method in the Boss Checklist Mod's Boss Log.
  • Fixed an oversight that allowed Providence, the Profaned Goddess to drop Profaned Moonlight Dye regardless if damage was dealt at daytime.
  • Fixed an oversight that caused the player to take more damage while affected with Chaos State in Revengeance mode.
  • Fixed an oversight where Heavenly Gale's blue exo arrows weren't summoned on both sides.
  • Fixed an oversight that caused Pwnagehammer to still be classified as a boomerang.
  • Fixed an oversight that prevented Leonid Progenitor from being obtainable.
  • Fixed an oversight that prevented Gastric Belcher Staff from dropping from Anahita and Leviathan in Normal mode.
  • Fixed an oversight with Frequency Manipulator, System Bane, Tracking Disk, and Wave Pounder not being assigned to proper rogue subclasses.
  • Fixed an oversight with Weak Petrification that allowed players to use Fart and Tsunami in a Bottle double jumps.