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"Prelude: Draedon Update"
Release date November 15, 2020
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The (or update is the first of two prelude versions to the Draedon Update. This update rebalanced most of the Draedon's Arsenal weapons as well as reworked the Adrenaline Meter.




Aquatic Scourge

Ceaseless Void

  • Dark Energies now resist all piercing attacks.


  • Ice Bomb and Ice Blast projectiles are now more visible during the day.

The Destroyer

  • Slightly decreased laser velocity in Revengeance Mode.
  • Now takes 30% damage from Hydraulic Volt Crasher's stream projectiles.
  • No longer amplifies its dynamic defense during the day.

The Old Duke

Providence, the Profaned Goddess

  • Shader darkness effect now acts as if it's at max distance during all attacks while any Profaned Guardian is alive.


  • Head is now immune to all debuffs.

Storm Weaver

  • Phase 1 no longer deletes infinitely piercing projectiles.
  • Now takes 40% damage from Wave Pounder's projectiles during phase 2.
  • Phase 2 lightning now always comes from the direction it is charging from.
  • Now has increased player tracking while charging.

Supreme Calamitas

  • Sepulcher no longer deletes infinitely piercing projectiles.
  • Decreased how many total projectiles Supreme Catastrophe can fire at once on all world difficulties.
  • Adjusted how projectiles spawn during Bullet Hell 5 to make the phase less dependent on RNG.


Balance and Reworks

  • Several changes have been made to how the Adrenaline Meter functions:
    • The Adrenaline Mode buff now increases the player's damage by 100% (200% in total) instead of 50% (150% in total).
      • Using Adrenaline and Rage Modes simultaneously now increases the player's damage by 280% (310% with Draedon's Heart or Heart of Darkness equipped) instead of 200% (230% with Draedon's Heart or Heart of Darkness equipped).
    • Adrenaline now takes 30 seconds to charge at all times.
      • The only exception to this rule is the Supreme Calamitas fight, which requires Adrenaline to take 45 seconds to charge.
    • The three Adrenaline upgrades (Ectoheart, Electrolyte Gel Pack, and Starlight Fuel Cell) now each boost Adrenaline damage by 15% and damage reduction when fully charged by 5% respectively and no longer influence how long it takes to charge Adrenaline.
    • Adrenaline now continues charging while waiting between bosses during the Boss Rush.
  • Decreased severity of boss rush Immunity frames curse from 5 seconds to 3.
  • The following melee weapons have received autoswing:
  • Increase the sword or spear size of Ancient Crusher, Earthen Pike, Fulguration Halberd, Gauss Dagger, Majestic Guard, and Ultimus Cleaver by 50%.
  • Buffed Aegis Blade, explosions' damage decreases by 5% after each hit, instead of 10%.
  • Nerfed Arterial Assault's damage from 232 to 200.
  • Nerfed Asgardian Aegis' dash length from 32 blocks to 27.
  • Buffed Astral Blade's damage from 95 to 110.
  • Buffed Astral Pike's astral star projectile damage from 20% base damage to 40%, and they can now home in on enemies.
  • Buffed Avalanche's ice shard projectile damage from 30 damage to 50% base damage.
  • Buffed Coin of Deceit, now additionally makes stealth strikes only require the Stealth Meter to be 75% full.
  • Buffed Core of the Blood God, now additionally increases how much HP the player receives from Healing Potions by 15% (Inherited from the Blood Pact).
  • Nerfed Cursed Dart's lingering flame projectile base damage by 50%.
  • Buffed Earthen Pike's velocity from 6 to 8.
  • Buffed Elemental Quiver's ranged damage boost from 10% to 15%.
  • Buffed Frequency Manipulator's damage from 67 to 80 and charge-up duration is halved.
  • Buffed Fulguration Halberd's velocity from 6 to 8.
  • Buffed Galvanizing Glaive's damage from 84 to 100 and hit cooldown from 8 to 6.
  • Rebalanced Gauss Pistol, nerfed damage from 130 to 110. However, the green blast projectile now stays still for 50% less time.
  • Rebalanced Gauss Rifle, nerfed damage from 170 to 150, its use time from 28 to 32, hit cooldown from 8 to 12, and explosion projectile now pierces infinitely but can only last for 15 frames (0.25 seconds).
  • Nerfed Gilded Proboscis' chance to heal from 100% to 50%.
  • Buffed God Slayer Cooldown, player life regeneration is now decreased by 50% instead of capped at 0.
  • Buffed God's Bellows' velocity from 7.5 to 9 and flame lifespan from 1.5 seconds to 1.67. This effectively increases its range from 42.1875 tiles to 56.25.
  • Buffed Goldplume Spear's projectile damage from 20% base damage to 40%.
  • Buffed Grand Guardian, explosions' damage now decreases by 10% after each hit, instead of 20%.
  • Rebalanced Hydraulic Volt Crasher, nerfed damage from 70 to 65, and increased stream projectile damage from 35% base damage to 80%. Now always requires charge to be used.
  • Nerfed Insidious Impaler's damage from 390 to 350.
  • Laudanum no longer grants immunity to the Armor Crunch and War Cleave debuffs, and will now instead grant the player +15 defense when inflicted with Armor Crunch, and 10% increased damage reduction while inflicted with War Cleave.
  • Reverted Luxor's Gift nerfs from
    • Buffed melee Red Orb damage from 40% base damage to 60%.
    • Buffed ranged Blue Lightning Bolt damage from 27.5% base damage to 40%.
    • Buffed orange Magic Pendant damage from 52.5% base damage to 80%.
    • Buffed purple Scorpion damage from 35% base damage to 50%.
  • Rebalanced Matter Modulator, increased projectile lifespan from 6 seconds to 8. Unstable matter can now deal damage without bouncing off any tiles, allowing it to infinitely pierce but dealing 33% damage.
  • Buffed Mourningstar's hit cooldown from 10 to 4. Explosions now use local immunity frames. The flail itself now has 1 extra update, making it twice as fast.
  • Buffed Onyxia, onyx blasts now travel much further.
  • Rebalanced Plasma Grenade, buffed damage from 8572 to 17,800, increased use time from 22 to 27 and decreased velocity from 19 to 14.
  • Buffed Pole Warper's damage from 700 to 810 and hit cooldown from 24 to 12.
  • Buffed Pulse Dragon, projectile now has a velocity multiplier of 2.
  • Buffed Pulse Rifle's damage from 6560 to 10,780 and decreased charge per use from 0.3 to 0.24.
  • Adjusted Samurai Badge, no longer grants an additional +20% static true melee damage and instead grants a scaling 0-30% boost similar to its other effects.
  • Buffed Scorpio's secondary fire projectile damage from 115% base damage to 125%.
  • Rebalanced Shadowdrop Staff, decreased how many projectiles are fired per-use from 20 to 6, and reduced raining projectile spread by 75%.
  • Buffed Soul Piercer, split projectiles are now more accurate and can consistently hit moving targets.
  • Buffed Snake Eyes' damage from 40 to 55 and slightly increased how far away the minion can go from the player while summoned.
  • Buffed Statis' Void Sash's dash length increased from 29 blocks to 34.
  • Rebalanced Taser, nerfed damage from 28 to 22, and slightly increased the taser projectile velocity.
  • Buffed Tesla Cannon's damage from 10,000 to 16,200, and increased split beam damage and knockback from 50% base damage to 60%.
  • Nerfed Tesla Potion, decreased how long the lightning aura applies Electrified from 5 seconds to 3.
  • Nerfed Tracking Disk's laser projectile damage from 40% base damage to 25%.
  • Nerfed True Caustic Edge, caustic beam projectile no longer gains additional damage after bouncing off a block.
  • Buffed Ultimus Cleaver, now causes small explosions upon contacting an enemy with a true melee strike.
  • Buffed Wave Pounder's damage from 34 to 102.



Additional Changes




  • Fixed a bug with Aged Laboratory Door and Laboratory Door where their open and closed states would desync during multiplayer.
  • Fixed an issue with the Astral Monolith that caused it to crash worlds upon generating.
  • Fixed the Bandit not alerting players that the Dragon Scales are available after defeating Yharon.
  • Fixed Deep Sea Dumbbell unintentionally having a fixed use time.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Gauss Rifle projectiles to immediately explode when fired behind corners and slopes.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Goblin Sorcerer projectiles to not deal damage except in Death Mode.
  • Fixed a bug with the Providence shader darkness where Holy Inferno would be inflicted before the shader became fully dark.
  • Fixed a bug where Terra Arrows would instantaneously explode upon being fired.
  • Fixed a bug where yoyo projectiles would not teleport alongside the player to the Underworld for the Boss Rush Wall of Flesh fight.


  • Fixed a visual error with several items' afterimages where the main projectiles appear invisible.
  • Fixed a sprite error where the Astral Probe buff's lower outline was missing.
  • Fixed a visual error with Auric Tesla Bar glowmasks.
  • Fixed a sprite error where the Bandit's hat was still present for one frame on her hatless sprite.
  • Fixed missing text being written in the chat box during the Boss Rush.
  • Fixed a visual error with the Destroyer's purple lights showing even while that segment's light was broken.
  • Fixed a sprite error where The Dragonfolly's wings had transparent pixels on them.
  • Fixed a sprite error where Goldplume Spear's item sprite was improperly cropped.
  • Fixed a sprite error where mixels were present on the Heat Troublemaker spawned by Triboluminescent Etomer.
  • Fixed the text error in the hotkey setting for Momentum Capacitor Effect.
  • Fixed a drawing issue with the Murasama projectile.
  • Fixed a sprite error where Rouge Slash's item sprite was improperly cropped.
  • Fixed a sprite error where Supreme Catastrophe's map icon was improperly cropped.
  • Fixed a sprite error where Wulfrum Bow's item sprite was improperly cropped.


  • Removed the following crafting materials:
    • Bloodletting Essence, Cloaking Gland, Fetid Essence, Gypsy Powder, and Maneater Bulb.