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Not to be confused with Brimstone Flames, a similar debuff inflicted by most other Brimstone-themed sources.
Abyssal Flames
Abyssal Flames.png
Type Debuff
Effects No health regeneration
-8 health per second and -6 defense (if player)
-62.5 health per second and -6 defense (if enemy)
Tooltip Your soul is being consumed

Abyssal Flames is a debuff inflicted on the player by Supreme Calamitas, her brothers, Sepulcher, and Soul Seekers. The player can inflict Abyssal Flames on enemies with melee weapons while under the effect of Calamitas' Brew or by wearing the Elemental Gauntlet.

If this debuff is inflicted on an enemy, it reduces their defense by 6 and causes them to lose 62.5 health per second, all while coloring them black and causing them to spew blood-red particles. If inflicted on the player, they will lose 8 health per second and 6 defense and emit bright red particles.

If the target is inflicted with Oiled, they lose 78.5 health per second instead of 62.5.

Items that grant immunity to Brimstone Flames, such as Abaddon or its upgrades, will not grant immunity to Abyssal Flames. However, the Fearmonger armor will grant immunity to this debuff.


From player[]

From Duration Chance
Calamitas' Brew Calamitas' Brew 2, 4, or 6 seconds (Melee and rogue attacks) 100%
Dragon Pow Dragon Pow 3 seconds (Flail, Red spark) 100%

From NPCs[]

From Duration Chance
Supreme Calamitas Supreme Calamitas (Phase 1) 3 seconds (Brimstone Dart, Brimstone Hellblast)
4 seconds (Brimstone Fireblast, Brimstone Gigablast)
Supreme Calamitas Supreme Calamitas (Phase 2) 3 seconds (Brimstone Dart, Brimstone Hellblast, Brimstone Flame Skull)
4 seconds (Brimstone Fireblast, Brimstone Gigablast)
15 seconds (Brimstone Monster)
Catastrophe Catastrophe (Brother of Supreme Calamitas) 3 seconds (Brimstone Hellblast) 100%
Cataclysm Cataclysm (Brother of Supreme Calamitas) 3 seconds (Brimstone Flame Skull) 100%
Soul Seeker Soul Seeker (Supreme) 3 seconds (Brimstone dart) 100%
Sepulcher Sepulcher 3 seconds (Brimstone Darts) 100%
Sepulcher Body Sepulcher Body (Weak) 3 seconds (Brimstone Darts) 100%

Immune NPCs[]

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