Calamity Mod Wiki

An alternative crafting ingredient is an item that can be used in place of another item in a crafting recipe. The Calamity Mod adds several new groups of alternate ingredients. Note that while these items can be substituted in many recipes in which they appear, they may not be able to be substituted in all of them. See an item's page for details on which recipes an item can be substituted in.

Augmented Vanilla Recipe Groups

Any Wood

Any Sand

Any Firefly

Calamity Recipe Groups

Any Copper Bar

Any Gold Ore

Any Gold Bar

Any Evil Block

Any Evil Powder

Any Evil Bar

Any Cobalt Bar

Any Mythril Bar

Any Adamantite Bar

Any Evil Flesh

Any Evil Flask

Any Evil Water

Any Hardmode Evil Component

Any Ice Block

Any Snow Block

Any Silt Block

Any Stone Block

Any Hallowed Helmet

Any Hardmode Anvil

Any Hardmode Forge

Any Lunar Pickaxe

Any Lunar Hamaxe

Any Large Gem

Any Food Item

Any Wings

Any Wooden Sword

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