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This item is dedicated to: Nincity
Angelic Alliance
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TooltipCall upon the force of heaven to empower your attacks and minions
Courage, Enlightenment, Bliss. United in Judgement
+2 max minions, 15% increased summon damage, and 8% increased damage to all other classes
Life regeneration is boosted while jumping
Press Angelic Alliance Blessing to grace yourself in divinity for 15 seconds
While under the effects of Divine Bless, for every minion you have, an archangel shall be summoned to aid you in combat
Each spawned angel will instantly heal you for two health
All minion attacks inflict Banishing Fire and you are granted a flat health boost of four health per second
This effect has a cooldown of 1 minute
Grants BuffDivine BlessDivine Bless
Buff duration15 seconds
Buff tooltipIncreased health regen and minions inflict Banishing Fire
Inflicts DebuffDivine RechargeDivine Recharge
100% (After blessing usage) chance

Debuff duration1 minute
Debuff tooltipYour divine powers are recharging
Inflicts DebuffBanishing FireBanishing Fire
100% chance

Debuff duration1 second (Minions)
5 seconds (Archangel Beam)
Debuff tooltipYou shall not be forgiven for your sins
RarityRarity Level: 16
Sell 40 Gold Coin.png
Projectile created
Angelic Alliance Archangel
Alliance Triangle.png
Alliance Triangle

The Angelic Alliance is a craftable post-Moon Lord accessory. While equipped, the player is granted +2 max minions, +15% increased summon damage and +8% increased damage to all non-summoner classes. In addition, the player is granted +4 life regen while jumping or flying. Pressing the Angelic Alliance Blessing key will grant the Divine Bless buff for 15 seconds. While under the effects of Divine Bless, the player gains +5% increased damage and 2.5x health regen, along with a flat health regen boost of four health per second. All minion attacks will inflict the Banishing Fire debuff for one second, which deals different damage depending on the maximum health of the enemy being attacked:

  • If the enemy has less than 1,000,000 max health, Banishing Fire deals 2,000 damage per second.
  • If the enemy has 1,000,000 or more max health, Banishing Fire deals 0.2% of the enemy's max health as damage per second (which would result in a minimum of 2,000 damage per second).

Furthermore, for every minion the player possesses when Divine Bless is activated, an archangel will spawn and instantly heal the player for two health. They then orbit the player at a set radius and fire at enemies for the duration of the buff every two seconds. The laser beams fired at the enemies deal 25% of the minion's damage, and split into more split lasers in range of nearby enemies for additional damage.

When the effects of Divine Bless run out, the player will be inflicted with the debuff Divine Recharge for one minute, which prevents the user from activating Divine Bless for the duration of the debuff. When Divine Recharge runs out, a triangle of light will emit from the player, signalling that Divine Bless is able to be activated again.




  • The Oiled debuff increases the damage over time from Banishing Fire by 187.5 damage per second.
  • Because archangels spawn based on the amount of minions and not minion slots taken, using this ability with weapons that summon a large amount of minions like the Ethereal Subjugator or the Pole Warper will also summon a large number of archangels, leading to very high DPS.


  • This item, its buff icon and recipe are references to the Angelic Alliance artifact from Heroes of Might and Magic III.
  • Its recharge animation is a reference to Prophet Velen's animation from the game Hearthstone.
  • This accessory actually has a unique rarity, but is referred to here as Hot Pink for consistency between items.
    • This unique rarity alternates between light orange (#FFC437 ●), yellow (#FFE76B ●), and pale (#FFFEF3 ●).