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Aquatic Emblem
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TooltipMost ocean enemies become friendly and provides waterbreathing
Being underwater slowly boosts your defense over time but also slows movement speed
The defense boost and movement speed reduction slowly vanish while outside of water
Maximum defense boost is 50, maximum movement speed reduction is 10%
Provides a small amount of light in the abyss
Moderately reduces breath loss in the abyss
RarityRarity Level: 5
Sell 4 Gold Coin.png 80 Silver Coin.png
Dropped by
Aquatic Scourge1100%

The Aquatic Emblem is a Hardmode accessory dropped by Aquatic Scourge. It grants underwater breathing, and prevents Crabs, Pink Jellyfish, Sea Snails, Sharks, and Squids from targeting or dealing damage to the player, while providing a defense boost while underwater and slowing the player down. The defense boost and movement speed reduction will slowly increase and cap out at +50 and -10% respectively. The boosts persist outside of water but will slowly diminish. Increases player light levels by +1, +10 to breath loss delay and -25% breath loss rate while in the Abyss.


  • It can be considered the upgrade to the Ocean Crest, as it includes all of its effects while also adding the defense boost.
  • This item will not stack with the Ocean Crest or Gills buff.
  • It takes roughly 83 seconds of being submerged to fully power up the defense boost and max out the speed reduction.
  • While in the Abyss, equipping it will only slow the speed at which breath is lost, rather than stopping it from draining entirely.

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