Calamity Mod Wiki
EnvironmentValid house
AI TypePassive AI
Max Life20,000
KB Resist20%
Inflicts debuffFrostburnFrostburn
100% chance
Debuff duration8 seconds (Dark Ice attack)
Debuff tooltipIt's either really hot or really cold. Either way it REALLY hurts
Inflicts debuffGlacial StateGlacial State
100% chance
Debuff duration8 seconds (Dark Ice attack)
Debuff tooltipCannot move and defense is shattered
Archmage map.png
Map Icon
This is a Town NPC. A House may be required in order for it to appear.

The Archmage is a Hardmode NPC vendor that will spawn once the following conditions have been met:

  • There is an empty house.
  • Cryogen has been defeated.

When threatened by enemies, he will defend himself with a dark ice crystal.

Items sold[]


Item Cost Availability
Coldheart IcicleColdheart Icicle 36 Gold Coin Always available.
Frostbite BlasterFrostbite Blaster 36 Gold Coin Always available.
Icicle TridentIcicle Trident 36 Gold Coin Always available.
Ice StarIce Star 5 Silver Coin Always available.
Permafrost's ConcoctionPermafrost's Concoction 36 Gold Coin Always available.
Super Mana PotionSuper Mana Potion 15 Silver Coin Always available.
Delicious MeatDelicious Meat 50 Silver Coin Always available.
Enchanted MetalEnchanted Metal 15 Gold Coin Always available.
Magic Scarf and HatMagic Scarf and Hat 1 Platinum Coin Always available.
Cryo KeyCryo Key 15 Gold Coin Always available.
Arctic Bear PawArctic Bear Paw 48 Gold Coin After defeating all Mechanical Bosses.
Frosty FlareFrosty Flare 8 Silver Coin After defeating all Mechanical Bosses.
Cryogenic StaffCryogenic Staff 48 Gold Coin After defeating all Mechanical Bosses.
Absolute ZeroAbsolute Zero 80 Gold Coin After defeating the Frost Moon.
Eternal BlizzardEternal Blizzard 80 Gold Coin After defeating the Frost Moon.
Winter's FuryWinter's Fury 80 Gold Coin After defeating the Frost Moon.
Icy BulletIcy Bullet 80 Copper Coin After defeating the Frost Moon.
Icicle ArrowIcicle Arrow 80 Copper Coin After defeating the Frost Moon.
Blood RuneBlood Rune 1 Gold Coin When the player possesses an Ice Barrage.


  • The Archmage will always be named Permafrost.


While homeless:

  • "I deeply appreciate you rescuing me from being trapped within my frozen castle.... It's been many, many years..."
  • "Thank you for saving me...though now I admit I am without a home since mine got destroyed."


  • "I assure you, I will do my best to act as the cool grandfather figure you always wanted."

During the daytime:

  • "I must admit...I am not quite used to this weather. It's too warm for my taste..."
  • "My dear! What is it you would like to talk about today?"
  • "Why...I don't have to worry about any time of the day! If it is hot...then I can use my ice magic to cool down!"
  • "I do usually prefer a spot of humidity for my ice magic. It likes to come out as steam when it's too hot and dry..."
  • "Magic is a skill that must be learned and practiced! You seem to have an inherent talent for it at your age. I have spent all of my life honing it..."
  • "Why ice magic, you ask? Well, my parents were both pyromaniacs..."

Only at night:

  • "There be monsters lurking in the darkness. Most...unnatural monsters."
  • "You could break the icy stillness in the air tonight."
  • "Hmm...some would say that an unforeseen outside force is the root of the blood moon..."
  • "I was once the greatest Archmage of ice that ever hailed the lands. Whether or not that is still applicable, I am not sure..."
  • "There used to be other Archmages of other elements. I wonder where they are now...if they are also alive..."
  • "Oh...I wish I could tell you all about my life and the lessons I have learned, but it appears you have a great many things to do..."

During a party:

  • "Sometimes...I feel like all I'm good for during these events is making ice cubes and slushies."

If the Astral Infection exists:

  • "It wouldn't be the first time something unknown and powerful dropped from the heavens...I would tread carefully if I were you..."

If Moon Lord has been defeated:

  • "Tread carefully, my friend... Now that the Moon Lord has been defeated, many powerful creatures will crawl out to challenge you..."
  • "I feel the balance of nature tilting farther than ever before. Is it due to you, or because of the events leading to now...?"

If Polterghast has been defeated:

  • "I felt a sudden chill down my spine. I sense something dangerous stirring in the Abyss..."

If Yharon has been defeated:

  • "...Where is Lord Yharim? He must be up to something..."

When Dryad is present:

  • "Yes, I am older than [Name of Dryad]. You can stop asking now..."

If the player has the Chibii Devourer equipped:

  • "What an adorable tiny companion you have! Where in the world did you find such a...creature...? Actually, I'd rather not know."

If the player has the Soul of Cryogen equipped:

  • "[Name of Player]...just between us, I think I forgot my soul in the ice castle. If you see it, please do let me know."


  • When defeated for the first time, Cryogen will drop the Archmage from wherever it is defeated.


  • The Archmage, along with the Sea King, are two characters who appear in the mod's lore.
    • Further supporting this, Permafrost refers to Cryogen as his ice castle, which is a reference to the lore, where it states that Yharim trapped him in his castle, which is Cryogen.
  • The Archmage drops from Cryogen when it is defeated for the first time, once again referencing the lore.
  • His self-defense projectile is visually identical to the ice crystal fired by Absolute Zero; however, the Archmage's ice crystal pierces enemies and does not deal additional damage when it explodes.
  • The Archmage has only one possible name, sharing this trait with Santa Claus, the Drunk Princess, and the Sea King.
  • The Drunk Princess has dialogue that implies both had at least one sexual encounter.
    • The Wizard expresses attraction for the Archmage in one of his dialogues.
  • In the mod's source files, the Archmage is referred to as 'DILF'.


Archmage Permafrost was once renowned as the greatest wizard in all the lands. Born to a wealthy family with access to innumerable tomes and scrolls detailing mundane and magnificent magic alike, he studied tirelessly and etched his name into history by pioneering the creation of several spellcasting systems. However, his growing pride as the brilliant mage that revolutionized magic was dashed as he enlisted in the army - shattered as he witnessed his advancements used by both sides to butcher the other with ever greater ease, in ever more horrifying ways.

Permafrost withdrew quietly as the war raged on. He collected all the literatures of his family and took them to the snow-covered mountains, where he created a frozen castle to guard that knowledge from those that would abuse such power. Rumours of the Archmage and his vast library of forbidden knowledge in the castle of ice spread, drawing earnest scholars and wicked men alike to him. Permafrost’s perception of others sharpened until he could read their intentions with the slightest glance; in his decades of seclusion and the thousands that approached him, only a select few possessed an integrity that assured the Archmage his teachings would not be misused.

When Yharim, recently crowned as the Ruler of the Jungle, set foot in the castle of ice and asked for the Archmage’s guidance, Permafrost had already all but judged him completely; a brief talk betrayed the nature of Yharim’s rise to the throne and confirmed his character. Permafrost refused - and Yharim never told him that his refusal would be the Archmage’s last interaction with another human for many generations.