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Ascendant Spirit Essence
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TypeCrafting material
TooltipA catalyst of the highest caliber formed by fusing powerful souls
RarityRarity Level: 14
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Ascendant Spirit Essence is a post-Moon Lord crafting material that is a combination of Phantoplasm, Nightmare Fuel, and Endothermic Energy. It is used to craft several powerful post-Devourer of Gods items.

A total of 83 Ascendant Spirit Essences are required to craft one of every item requiring it (including only 1 Auric Tesla Bar craft, only 1 God's Paranoia, and only 1 helmet of the God Slayer and Silva armor sets), which comes out to a total of 415 Phantoplasm, Nightmare Fuel, and Endothermic Energy.



Used in[]

ResultIngredientsCrafting station
Light God's BrillianceLight God's BrillianceBookcaseBookcase
Primordial AncientPrimordial Ancient
Recitation of the BeastRecitation of the Beast
AlluvionAlluvionDraedon's ForgeDraedon's Forge
Auric Tesla BarAuric Tesla Bar (2)
Core of the Blood GodCore of the Blood God
Cosmic ShivCosmic Shiv
Devil's DevastationDevil's Devastation
Draedon's HeartDraedon's Heart
Eclipse MirrorEclipse Mirror
Elemental GauntletElemental Gauntlet
Elemental QuiverElemental Quiver
Ethereal TalismanEthereal Talisman
Face MelterFace Melter
Fearmonger GreathelmFearmonger Greathelm
Fearmonger GreavesFearmonger Greaves
Fearmonger Plate MailFearmonger Plate Mail
Galaxy SmasherGalaxy Smasher
God Slayer ChestplateGod Slayer Chestplate
God Slayer HelmetGod Slayer Helmet
God Slayer Horned GreathelmGod Slayer Horned Greathelm
God Slayer Horned HelmGod Slayer Horned Helm
God Slayer LeggingsGod Slayer Leggings
God Slayer MaskGod Slayer Mask
God Slayer VisageGod Slayer Visage
God's ParanoiaGod's Paranoia
Greatsword of BlahGreatsword of Blah
Silva ArmorSilva Armor
Silva CrystalSilva Crystal (400)
Silva HelmSilva Helm
Silva Horned HelmSilva Horned Helm
Silva Horned HoodSilva Horned Hood
Silva LeggingsSilva Leggings
Silva MaskSilva Mask
Silva Masked CapSilva Masked Cap
Silva WingsSilva Wings
The AmalgamThe Amalgam
The SpongeThe Sponge
total: 50 row(s)


  • Similar to Auric Tesla Bars, in previous versions of the mod, the components of the essence were directly used to craft its items.