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Astral Arcanum
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TooltipProvides immunity to the astral infection debuff
Boosts life regen even while under the effects of a damaging debuff
While under the effects of a damaging debuff you will gain 15 defense
Press Astral Arcanum UI Toggle to toggle teleportation UI while no bosses are alive
RarityRarity Level: 13
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Teleport Menu
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The Astral Arcanum is a craftable post-Moon Lord accessory. It provides 12 defense and immunity to the Astral Infection debuff.

It also boosts life regeneration by 3, even while the player is under the effects of a damaging debuff. When worn while being damaged by a debuff, the player's defense will increase by 15 and life regen will increase by an additional 3 (for a total of 6).

Pressing the Astral Arcanum UI Toggle key opens up a small menu, allowing the player to select a destination to teleport to by hovering their cursor above them and clicking. The player can teleport to either the Jungle, Underworld, Dungeon or to a random location. The teleports have no cooldown. This doesn't work if a boss is alive



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Astral ArcanumAstral Arcanum1


  • The teleporting effect of the Astral Arcanum is disabled if the world is on Multiplayer.
  • The boost life regen while under the effects of a damaging debuff stat is powerful enough to bypass the disabled life regen stat given from Vulnerability Hex.
  • Due to the Jungle's imprecisely defined location, teleporting to the Jungle can place the player nearby it instead of within it. It also tends to place the player underground.
  • If the player is under the effect of one of the alcohols sold by the Drunk Princess, the accessory's life regen bonuses will be reduced to 2 regardless of other debuffs.