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Astral Infection (debuff)
Astral Infection (debuff).png
Type Debuff
Effects No health regeneration
-10 health per second and -6 defense (if player)
-37.5 health per second and -6 defense (if enemy)
Tooltip Your flesh is melting off
For the biome, see Astral Infection.

Astral Infection is a debuff inflicted by enemies found in the Astral Infection biome and Weapons themed around it. It functions as a weaker version of the God Slayer Inferno debuff; damaging both players and enemies it afflicts, as well as reducing defense of both enemies and players by 6.


From the player and the environment[]

From Duration Chance
Abandoned Slime Staff Abandoned Slime Staff 2 seconds 100%
Alula Australis Alula Australis 3 seconds (Aurora beam)
5 seconds (Astral star)
Ark of the Cosmos Ark of the Cosmos 20 seconds 100% (Stars when in the Astral Infection)
Astral Blade Astral Blade 2 seconds 100%
Astral Blaster Astral Blaster 2 seconds 100%
Astral Bulwark Astral Bulwark 2 seconds (Astral stars) 100%
Astral Hamaxe Astral Hamaxe 2 seconds 100%
Astral Ore Astral Ore Infinite (Contact) 100%
Astral Pickaxe Astral Pickaxe 2 seconds 100%
Astral Pike Astral Pike 2 seconds 100%
Astral Scythe Astral Scythe 2 seconds 100%
Astral Staff Astral Staff 5 seconds 100%
Astral armor Astral armor 2 seconds (Astral stars) 100%
Astralachnea Staff Astralachnea Staff 3 seconds 100%
Aurora Blazer Aurora Blazer 5 seconds 100%
Auroradical Throw Auroradical Throw 4 seconds 100%
Biome Blade Biome Blade 1.5 seconds 100% (When in the Astral Infection)
Borealis Bomber Borealis Bomber 2 seconds (Impact and Explosion) 100%
Galaxia Galaxia 20 seconds 100% (When in the Astral Infection)
Gravistar Sabaton Gravistar Sabaton 5 seconds (Explosion) 100%
Heavenfallen Stardisk Heavenfallen Stardisk 3 seconds 100%
Hide of Astrum Deus Hide of Astrum Deus 2 seconds (Astral stars)
5 seconds (Explosion)
Hive Pod Hive Pod 1 second (Hiveling) 100%
Leonid Progenitor Leonid Progenitor 5 seconds (Bombshells, Large Comets)
2 seconds (Small Comets, Stars)
Nebulash Nebulash 2 seconds 100%
Nucleogenesis Nucleogenesis 3 seconds (On minion hits) 100%
Omega Biome Blade Omega Biome Blade 10 seconds 100% (When in the Astral Infection)
Quasar Quasar 2 seconds (Explosion and Astral stars)
3 seconds (Knives)
Radiant Star Radiant Star 2 seconds 100%
Regulus Riot Regulus Riot 3 seconds 100%
Star-Tainted Generator Star-Tainted Generator 3 seconds (On minion hits) 100%
Star Cannon EX Star Cannon EX 2 seconds (Astral stars) 100%
Starfall Starfall 2 seconds. 100%
Starmada Starmada 2 seconds (Astral stars) 100%
Stellar Cannon Stellar Cannon 5 seconds 100%
Stellar Knife Stellar Knife 2 seconds 100%
The Microwave The Microwave 5 seconds 100%
Titan Arm Titan Arm 2 seconds 100%
Titan Heart armor Titan Heart armor 1-5 seconds (Rogue strikes)
5 seconds (Explosion)
True Biome Blade True Biome Blade 6 seconds 100% (When in the Astral Infection)

From NPCs[]

From Duration Chance
Astrum Deus Head Astrum Deus Head 3 seconds 100%
Astrum Deus Body Astrum Deus Body 2 seconds (Contact/Astral Laser)
5 seconds (Astral Mine)
Astrum Deus Tail Astrum Deus Tail 1.5 seconds 100%
Astral Slime Astral Slime 2 seconds 100%
Astral Probe Astral Probe 2 seconds 100%
Astrum Deus Probe Astrum Deus Probe (Orbiting) 4 seconds (Astral mine) 100%
Astrum Aureus Astrum Aureus 1 second (Lasers)
2 seconds (Crystals)
3 seconds (Contact)
Big Sightseer Big Sightseer 2 seconds 100%
Small Sightseer Small Sightseer 1 second 100%
Aries Aries 2 seconds 100%
Atlas Atlas 3 seconds 100%
Mantis Mantis 2 seconds 100%
Nova Nova 2 seconds 100%
Astralachnea Astralachnea 2 seconds 100%
Hive Hive 2 seconds 100%
Hiveling Hiveling 1 second 100%
Stellar Culex Stellar Culex 2 seconds 100%
Fusion Feeder Fusion Feeder 2 seconds 100%
Hadarian Hadarian 2 seconds 100%
Aureus Spawn Aureus Spawn 2 seconds 100%

Immune NPCs[]

  • NPC
    Jungle Dragon, Yharon Jungle Dragon, Yharon
    Desert Scourge Desert Scourge
    The Devourer of Gods Head The Devourer of Gods Head
    The Devourer of Gods Body The Devourer of Gods Body
    The Devourer of Gods Tail The Devourer of Gods Tail
    The Devourer of Gods Head The Devourer of Gods Head (Final Phase)
    The Devourer of Gods Body The Devourer of Gods Body (Final Phase)
    The Devourer of Gods Tail The Devourer of Gods Tail (Final Phase)
    The Plaguebringer Goliath The Plaguebringer Goliath
    Providence, the Profaned Goddess Providence, the Profaned Goddess
    Profaned Guardian Profaned Guardian (Offense)
    Profaned Guardian Profaned Guardian (Defense)
    Profaned Guardian Profaned Guardian (Healer)
    Storm Weaver Storm Weaver
    Storm Weaver Storm Weaver (Unarmored)
    Ceaseless Void Ceaseless Void
    Dark Energy Dark Energy (Behavior 1)
    Dark Energy Dark Energy (Behavior 2)
    Dark Energy Dark Energy (Behavior 3)
    Profaned Guardians Profaned Guardians
    Supreme Calamitas Supreme Calamitas (Phase 1)
    Supreme Calamitas Supreme Calamitas (Phase 2)
    Catastrophe Catastrophe (Brother of Supreme Calamitas)
    Cataclysm Cataclysm (Brother of Supreme Calamitas)
    Cosmic Lantern Cosmic Lantern
    Astrum Deus Astrum Deus
    Rock Pillar Rock Pillar
    Flame Pillar Flame Pillar
    Irradiated Slime Irradiated Slime
    Astral Slime Astral Slime
    Astral Probe Astral Probe
    Armored Digger Armored Digger
    Polterghast Polterghast (Phase 1)
    Necroghast Necroghast (Phase 2)
    Necroplasm Necroplasm (Phase 3)
    Polterghast Hook Polterghast Hook
    Polterghast Polterghast (Clone)
    Phantom Phantom
    Soul Seeker Soul Seeker
    Soul Seeker Soul Seeker (Supreme)
    Plaguebringer Plaguebringer
    Cosmic Guardian Cosmic Guardian
    Microbial Cluster Microbial Cluster
    Flounder Flounder
    Catfish Catfish
    Gnasher Gnasher
    Mauler Mauler
    Aquatic Urchin Aquatic Urchin
    Aquatic Parasite Aquatic Parasite
    Aquatic Seeker Head Aquatic Seeker Head
    Aquatic Seeker Body Aquatic Seeker Body
    Aquatic Seeker Tail Aquatic Seeker Tail
    Aquatic Scourge Aquatic Scourge
    Gulper Eel Gulper Eel
    Oarfish Oarfish
    Eidolon Wyrm Eidolon Wyrm (Juvenile)
    Eidolon Wyrm Eidolon Wyrm (Adult)
    Trasher Trasher
    Eidolist Eidolist
    Astrum Aureus Astrum Aureus
    Big Sightseer Big Sightseer
    Small Sightseer Small Sightseer
    Aries Aries
    Atlas Atlas
    Mantis Mantis
    Nova Nova
    Astralachnea Astralachnea
    Hive Hive
    Hiveling Hiveling
    Stellar Culex Stellar Culex
    Fusion Feeder Fusion Feeder
    Hadarian Hadarian
    Aureus Spawn Aureus Spawn
    Radiator Radiator
    Bloodworm Bloodworm
    Baby Flak Crab Baby Flak Crab
    Anthozoan Crab Anthozoan Crab
    Belching Coral Belching Coral
    Skyfin Skyfin
    Nuclear Terror Nuclear Terror
    The Old Duke The Old Duke
    Sulphurous Sharkron Sulphurous Sharkron
    Tooth Ball Tooth Ball (Old Duke)
    Cragmaw Mire Cragmaw Mire
    Gamma Slime Gamma Slime
    Orthocera Orthocera
    Nuclear Toad Nuclear Toad
    Acid Eel Acid Eel
    Trilobite Trilobite
    Water Leech Water Leech
    Flak Crab Flak Crab
    Sulphurous Skater Sulphurous Skater
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