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Auric Bar
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TypeBlockBarCrafting material
PlaceableTango Tick1.png
Use time14 Very Fast
TooltipGodlike power emanates from the metal
RarityRarity Level: 15
Sell 60 Gold Coin.png

Auric Bars are post-Moon Lord bars that are made with Auric Ore and a Yharon Soul Fragment. They are used in creating some of the most powerful items the Calamity Mod has to offer, as well as Shadowspec Bars, which are used in the crafting of developer-tier items.

Crafting all items (excluding all items crafted from Shadowspec bars which have Auric Bars in its recipe) requires 180 Auric Bars (2160 Auric Ore and 36 Yharon Soul Fragments; requires defeating Jungle Dragon, Yharon 2–3 / 2 times).



Crafting Station
Cosmic AnvilCosmic Anvil
Auric OreAuric Ore60
Yharon Soul FragmentYharon Soul Fragment1
Auric BarAuric Bar5

Used in

ResultIngredientsCrafting station
Draedon's ForgeDraedon's ForgeBy Hand
Ace's HighAce's HighCosmic AnvilCosmic Anvil
Aetherflux CannonAetherflux Cannon
Altar of the AccursedAltar of the Accursed
Ark of the CosmosArk of the Cosmos
Auric Quantum Cooling CellAuric Quantum Cooling Cell
Auric Tesla Body ArmorAuric Tesla Body Armor
Auric Tesla CuissesAuric Tesla Cuisses
Auric Tesla Hooded FacemaskAuric Tesla Hooded Facemask
Auric Tesla Plumed HelmAuric Tesla Plumed Helm
Auric Tesla Royal HelmAuric Tesla Royal Helm
Auric Tesla Space HelmetAuric Tesla Space Helmet
Auric Tesla Wire-Hemmed VisageAuric Tesla Wire-Hemmed Visage
Auric ToiletAuric Toilet
Celestial TracersCelestial Tracers
Dragon PowDragon Pow
Helium FlashHelium Flash
Midnight Sun BeaconMidnight Sun Beacon
Seared PanSeared Pan
Thaumatic ChairThaumatic Chair
The OracleThe Oracle
Tyranny's EndTyranny's End
Void VortexVoid Vortex
Miracle MatterMiracle MatterDraedon's ForgeDraedon's Forge
Shadowspec BarShadowspec Bar
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  • In previous versions of the mod, the components of the bar and most of Miracle Matter's components were directly used to craft the Auric gear.
  • Uniquely among most items in the mod, Auric Bars are unaffected by gravity when dropped as an item, similarly to souls or essences.