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Aurora Spirit
Aurora Spirit.png
TypeFlying Enemy
EnvironmentSnow biome
AI TypeAncient Vision AI
Damage40 / 80
Max Life50 / 100
KB Resist100%
Inflicts debuffFrostburnFrostburn
100% chance
Debuff duration1.5 seconds
Debuff tooltipIt's either really hot or really cold. Either way it REALLY hurts
Inflicts debuffChilledChilled
100% chance
Debuff duration1 second
Debuff tooltipYour movement speed has been reduced
Immune toConfusedGlacial StateExo FreezeFrostburn

The Aurora Spirit is a Hardmode enemy that spawns in the Snow biome. They charge around at high speeds and attempt to ram the player for high damage, and once they leave a small area around the player, they turn to charge back again.