Calamity Mod Wiki
EnvironmentJungle Temple
AI TypeBohldohr AI
Damage80 / 160
Max Life300 / 600
KB Resist5% / 14.5%
Immune toKami Flu
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Bohldohr is an enemy that spawns in the Jungle Temple. It rolls and bounces towards the player, similarly to an Angry Tumbler, making a sound of impact whenever it hits the ground.


  • Similarly to Lihzahrds and Flying Snakes, Bohldohrs can be spawned in Pre-Hardmode by standing in front of natural Lihzahrd Brick Walls.
  • This enemy allows the player to obtain Lihzahrd Bricks, and all of the furniture crafted from them, as well as the Death Whistle, before defeating the Golem.
    • This also allows unlimited Lihzahrd Bricks to be obtained from a single world, as they are normally a limited resource that requires creating new worlds in order to obtain more than the initially generated amount.
    • The Calamity Mod's addition of an early recipe for the Temple Key also allows for those items to be obtained at the start of Hardmode, before defeating Plantera.


  • Its name is a warped version of 'Boulder', much like 'Lihzahrd' is a warped version of 'Lizard'.
  • Its name was previously all capitalized, "BOHLDOHR".
  • In previous versions of the mod, Bohldohr used to drop SYNTAX ERROR after Supreme Calamitas had been defeated, which was originally used to summon THE LORDE.