Calamity Mod Wiki

Buffs are positive status effects granted to a player upon consuming, equipping, or activating various items. Active buffs are shown as icons below the hotbar, along with their remaining duration. Buffs are universally positive or at least benign effects, in contrast with Debuffs, over which the player has much less control.

This is a comprehensive list of all buffs added by the Calamity Mod.

From Buff Potions[]

These buffs are provided from potions and are consumed upon use.

Icon Name From Effect Tooltip
Abyssal Weapon Abyssal Weapon Calamitas' Brew Causes melee and rogue attacks to inflict the Abyssal Flames debuff when striking enemies and increases the player's movement speed by 5%. Melee and rogue weapons inflict abyssal flames, 5% increased movement speed
Anechoic Coating (buff) Anechoic Coating (buff) Anechoic Coating Abyssal enemies' ability to detect you is hindered. Abyssal creature's detection radius reduced
Armor Crumbling Armor Crumbling Crumbling Potion Increases melee and rogue crit by 5%. Causes melee and rogue attacks to inflict the Armor Crunch debuff. Melee and rogue attacks break enemy armor
Armor Shattering Armor Shattering Shattering Potion Increases melee and rogue damage and crit by 8%. Causes melee and rogue attacks to inflict the Armor Crunch debuff. Melee and rogue attacks break enemy armor
Astral Injection (buff) Astral Injection (buff) Astral Injection Greatly increases mana regeneration even while moving or while using a magic weapon. Extreme mana recovery
Baguette (buff) Baguette (buff) Baguette Increases healing of the Red Wine to 250, but further reduces life regen for a total of -3. If only I knew... ~Cirrus
Bloodfin Boost Bloodfin Boost Bloodfin Increases life regen by 5. If under the effects of a damaging debuff, increases life regen by 10 instead. Don't let the blood get to your head
Bounding Bounding Bounding Potion Increases jump height by 10 blocks, increases jump speed by 10%, and increases the amount of blocks before taking fall damage to 25. Increased jump height, jump speed, and fall damage resistance
Cadance Cadance Cadance Potion Increases life regen and max life by 25%, and increases heart pickup range. Decreases enemy spawn rates by 35.90% and maximum spawn count by 44%. Your heart is pure
Calcium Calcium Calcium Potion Gives immunity to fall damage. You are immune to fall damage
Ceaseless Hunger Ceaseless Hunger Ceaseless Hunger Potion Item grab range is massively increased. You are sucking up all the items
Draconic Surge Draconic Surge Draconic Elixir Greatly increases flight time and boosts defense by 16. God Slayer and Silva revives heal you to half HP. The power of a dragon courses through your veins
Gravity Normalizer Gravity Normalizer Gravity Normalizer Potion Disables low gravity in space and gives an immunity to the Distorted debuff. Gravity is now normal in space, immunity to distorted
Holy Wrath Holy Wrath Holy Wrath Potion 12% increased damage and all attacks inflict Holy Flames for 3 seconds. Increased damage, increased movement and flight speed[sic], and all attacks inflict holy fire
Invincible Invincible Purified Jam Makes you immune to all damage and most debuffs for 10 seconds (5 seconds in Death Mode) Immune to damage and most debuffs
Omniscience Omniscience Potion of Omniscience Grants the effects of Hunter, Spelunker, and Dangersense potions, causing nearby creatures, enemy projectiles, danger sources, and treasure to be highlighted. You can see everything
Penumbra (buff) Penumbra (buff) Penumbra Potion Increased regeneration of Rogue stealth. Allows it to build while moving. Increased regeneration at night and during an eclipse. Stealth regenerates 15% faster while moving
At night, stealth additionally regenerates 15% faster while standing still
Both boosts increase to 20% during a solar eclipse
Photosynthesis Photosynthesis Photosynthesis Potion Increased life regen when standing still and not attacking. This is five times as effective in the day. Hearts heal an additional 5 HP. Life regen boosted, more during daytime, and hearts heal more HP
Profaned Rage Profaned Rage Profaned Rage Potion 12% increased crit chance, 5% increased horizontal flight speed. Increased crit chance, movement[sic] and flight speed
Revivify Revivify Revivify Potion All attacks heal the player for 1/15 of their damage. You are healed by a fraction of the damage you take
Shadow Shadow Shadow Potion Makes the player invisible and reduces aggro when not attacking
Boosts all stealth generation by 10%
Rogue weapons grant certain buffs when held and spawn certain projectiles when used
You're invisible, certain rogue weapons give and gain buffs, and stealth generation is boosted.
Soaring Soaring Soaring Potion Increases flight time and horizontal flight speed by 10%
Restores a fraction of your wing flight time whenever you strike an enemy with a true melee weapon
The amount of flight time restored scales with your melee stats and weapon swing speed
Increased wing flight time and speed
True melee hits restore wing flight time
Sulphurskin Sulphurskin Sulphurskin Potion Reduces the damage dealt by the water in the Sulphurous Sea The sulphuric waters have a lesser effect on you
Tesla's Electricity Tesla's Electricity Tesla Potion Summons an aura of electricity that deals 15 typeless damage, inflicts Electrified and slows enemies down. Summons an aura of electricity
Titan Scale Titan Scale Titan Scale Potion Increases knockback, defense by 5, and damage reduction by 5%. Increases defense by 25 and damage reduction by 10% while holding a true melee weapon. You feel tanky
Triumph Triumph Triumph Potion Reduces enemy contact damage. Reduction scales with enemy health. Enemy contact damage is reduced, the lower their health the greater the reduction
Yharim's Power Yharim's Power Yharim's Stimulants Increases all damage by 6%, all crit chance by 2%, melee speed by 5%, minion knockback by 100%, movement speed by 15%, damage reduction by 5%, and defense by 5. You feel like you can break the world in two...with your bare hands!
Zen Zen Zen Potion Decreases enemy spawn rates by 60% and maximum spawn count by 70% Spawn rates are reduced
Zerg Zerg Zerg Potion Increases all spawn rates and maximum spawn count by 400% Spawn rates are boosted

From Friendly NPCs[]

Icon Name From Effect Tooltip
Amidias' Blessing Amidias' Blessing Sea King's "Help" option Unlimited water breathing for the duration of the buff, bypasses the effects of the Abyss. You are blessed by Amidias
Lets you breathe underwater, even in the Abyss!
Just don't get hit...
Mushy Mushy Crabulon (passive) Increases life regen by 1 and defense by 5 Increased defense and life regen

From Items and the Environment[]

Icon Name From Effect Tooltip
Adamant Will Adamant Will Resilient Candle Increases the effectiveness of defense by 5%. Neither wind nor rain can snuff its undying flame
Adrenaline Mode Adrenaline Mode Adrenaline Meter Increases damage dealt by 200%.
Can be upgraded to increase damage dealt by 245%.
200% damage boost. Can be boosted by other items up to 245%.
Chaos Candle (buff) Chaos Candle (buff) Chaos Candle Increases all spawn rates by 66.67% and maximum spawn count by 150% Spawn rates around the candle are boosted!
Corruption Effigy (buff) Corruption Effigy (buff) Corruption Effigy Increases nearby players' movement speed by 15% and crit chance by 10%. Decreases nearby players' damage reduction by 20%. The corruption empowers you
Crimson Effigy (buff) Crimson Effigy (buff) Crimson Effigy Increases nearby players' damage by 15% and defense by 10. Decreases nearby players' maximum health by 20%. The crimson empowers you
Effigy of Decay (buff) Effigy of Decay (buff) Effigy of Decay Grants immunity to the water of the Sulphurous Sea and the ability to breathe underwater. The sulphuric waters empower you
Limber Limber Weightless Candle Boost movement speed by 15%, flight time by 10% and movement acceleration by 5%. The floating flame seems to uplift your very spirit
Rage Mode Rage Mode Rage Meter Increases damage dealt by 50%.
Can be upgraded to increase damage dealt by 110%.
50% damage boost. Can be boosted by other items up to 110%
Spite Spite Spiteful Candle Enemy damage taken is increased by 5%, disregarding enemy DR. Its hateful glow flickers with ire
Tranquility Candle (buff) Tranquility Candle (buff) Tranquility Candle Decreases enemy spawn rates by 28.57% and maximum spawn count by 60%. Spawn rates around the candle are reduced!
Trippy Trippy Odd Mushroom Creates rainbow Brain of Cthulhu-like hallucinations, heat distortion, and increases the player's damage by 50%. You see the world for what it truly is...and you also have a 50% increase to all damage
Vigor Vigor Vigorous Candle Boost life regeneration by 0.4% of maximum health per second, regardless of the player's actions. Its brilliant light suffuses those nearby with hope

From Armor Sets[]

Icon Name From Effect Tooltip
Abyssal Madness Abyssal Madness Omega Blue armor Increases damage and critical strike chance by 10%, and increases range and aggression of tentacles. Increased damage, critical strike chance, and tentacle aggression/range
Baby Slime God (buff) Baby Slime God (buff) Statigel armor Summons a slime minion based on your world's evil. The slime god will protect you
Blood Frenzy Blood Frenzy Bloodflare armor and Auric Tesla armor Increases melee damage and critical strike chance by 25%, and reduces the player's contact damage by 50% Contact damage is reduced and melee stats are greatly increased
Brimflame Frenzy Brimflame Frenzy Brimflame armor Increases all damage by 10% while significantly reducing life regen and disabling mana regen Dark magic empowers your attacks at the cost of your life
Daedalus Crystal (buff) Daedalus Crystal (buff) Daedalus armor Summons a crystal above your head which shoots projectiles. The daedalus crystal will protect you
Empyrean Rage Empyrean Rage Empyrean armor Increases all damage by 10%. Rage of the cosmos
Empyrean Wrath Empyrean Wrath Empyrean armor Increases all crit chance by 5%. Wrath of the cosmos
Hydrothermic Vent (buff) Hydrothermic Vent (buff) Hydrothermic armor Summons a vent above the head which shoots projectiles. The hydrothermic vent will protect you
Lil' Plaguebringer (buff) Lil' Plaguebringer (buff) Plaguebringer armor Summons a small Plaguebringer which damages nearby enemies, inflicts the Plague debuff and boosts nearby summons. The plaguebringer will protect you
Mechworm (buff) Mechworm (buff) God Slayer armor The mechworm chases and attacks enemies similarly to the Stardust Dragon Staff. The mechworm can travel through blocks. The mechworm will protect you
Reaver Rage Reaver Rage Reaver armor Increases all damage, melee speed, and movement speed by 5%. You are angry
Red Devil (buff) Red Devil (buff) Demonshade armor Summons a red devil which shoots tridents. The red devil will protect you
Shellfish (buff) Shellfish (buff) Mollusk armor The shellfish will follow you around, latching onto nearby enemies. The shellfish will protect you
Silva Crystal (buff) Silva Crystal (buff) Silva armor and Auric Tesla armor Summons a crystal which shoots bursts of light. The crystal will protect you
Silva Immunity Silva Immunity Silva armor and Auric Tesla armor (upon death) The player is unable to die. Fatal damage will instead reduce max health by 100. You are invulnerable
Tarra Life Tarra Life Tarragon armor and Auric Tesla armor Increases life regeneration by 10 and the player emits green heart particles. Rapid healing
Tarragon Cloak Tarragon Cloak Tarragon armor and Auric Tesla armor The player takes 50% less contact damage Contact damage is reduced
Tarragon Immunity Tarragon Immunity Tarragon armor and Auric Tesla armor The player temporarily gains immunity to damage. You are immune
Urchin (buff) Urchin (buff) Victide armor Summons an urchin which shoots darts affected by gravity. The urchin will protect you
Valkyrie (buff) Valkyrie (buff) Aerospec armor Summons a valkyrie which dashes through enemies. The valkyrie will protect you

From Accessories[]

Icon Name From Effect Tooltip
Abyssal Diving Suit (buff) Abyssal Diving Suit (buff) Abyssal Diving Suit Transforms the player into an armored diver. You are made of metal
Abyssal Diving Suit Plates Abyssal Diving Suit Plates Abyssal Diving Suit Reduces damage by 15%. The plates will absorb 15% damage
Afflicted Afflicted Affliction Increases life regeneration by 1, damage reduction by 7%, defense by 20, damage by 10%, and max HP by 10%. Empowered by otherworldly spirits
Archer of Lunamoon Archer of Lunamoon Daawnlight Spirit Origin Summons a harmless spirit to follow the player. You have a personal spotter
Anahita (buff) Anahita (buff) Pearl of Enthrallment Anahita floats above you, firing water spears, icy mist, and treble clefs to damage enemies. Anahita will protect you
Bloody Boost Bloody Boost Blood Pact Grants several stat boosts to the player, increases immunity frames and healing potions' effectiveness by 50%. Increased offensive and defensive stats
Healing potions grant more health
Brimstone Elemental (buff) Brimstone Elemental (buff) Rose Stone A friendly Brimstone Elemental floats to your far left, firing brimstone flames to damage enemies. The brimstone elemental will protect you
Chi Chi Trinket of Chi Boosts damage by 50% and decreases damage taken by 15%. Your next attack is boosted and you are more resilient
Cloud Elemental (buff) Cloud Elemental (buff) Eye of the Storm A friendly Cloud Elemental floats to your far right, dashing repeatedly at enemies. The cloud elemental will protect you
Devotion Devotion Profaned Soul Crystal Transforms the player into an emissiary of the Profaned Goddess. If the player has ten or more available empty minion slots and Supreme Calamitas has been defeated, using non summoner weapons will cause the player to fire powerful attacks depending on the weapon type. The profaned soul within has been defiled by the powerful magic of a supreme witch (If Supreme Calamitas is not defeated)

Your profaned soul is constrained by your insufficient summoning powers (If the player has less than ten available minion slots)
An ascended ice construct is suppressing your true potential.. (If the Endo Cooper minion is active)
A magical hat overwhelms your senses, squandering your true potential.. (If the Magic Hat minion is active)
You are an emissary of the profaned goddess now!

Divine Bless Divine Bless Angelic Alliance Increases damage by 5% and multiplies life regen by 2.5. All minion attacks will inflict the Banishing Fire debuff. For every minion the player possesses, an archangel will spawn and orbit the player while firing at nearby enemies for 25% of the minion's damage. Increased health regen and minions inflict Banishing Fire
Elysian Guard Elysian Guard Elysian Aegis and Asgardian Aegis Reduces movement speed and acceleration by 50%, increases aggro up to 1,100, damage by 15%, critical strike chance by 10%, and defense by 20. Movement speed reduced, other stats buffed
Encased Encased Permafrost's Concoction Defense is increased by 30 and damage reduction is increased by 30%, but the player is encased in ice and cannot move. 30 defense and +30% damage reduction, but...
Fungal Clump (buff) Fungal Clump (buff) Fungal Clump Summons a fungal clump which latches on to enemies and steals life. The fungal clump will protect you
Gladiator Swords (buff) Gladiator Swords (buff) Gladiator's Locket Summons two sword spirits to protect you The gladiator swords will protect you
Hallowed Defense Hallowed Defense Hallowed Rune Boosts defense by 7 and damage reduction by 7%. Defense boosted by 7 and damage reduction boosted by 7%
Hallowed Power Hallowed Power Hallowed Rune Boosts minion damage by 15%. Stars occasionally rain down from the sky on minion hits. Minion damage boosted by 15%
Hallowed Regen Hallowed Regen Hallowed Rune Boosts life regeneration by 3. Regenerating life
Heart of the Elements (buff) Heart of the Elements (buff) Heart of the Elements Summons all of the friendly elementals to assist the player. All elementals will protect you
Howl's Heart (buff) Howl's Heart (buff) Howl's Heart Summons three pets to assist the player. Howl protects you, Calcifer lights your way, Turnip-head stalks you
Ice Shield (buff) Ice Shield (buff) Aquatic Heart Absorbs 20% of the damage received when hit, then breaks. Absorbs 20% damage from the next hit you take, then shatters
Mini Old Duke (buff) Mini Old Duke (buff) Mutated Truffle Summons a miniature Old Duke to attack nearby enemies. The young duke will protect you
Ocean's Blessing Ocean's Blessing Aquatic Heart Boosts speed and acceleration. 15% increased max speed and acceleration
Phantomic Empowerment Phantomic Empowerment Phantomic Artifact Boosts minion damage by 10%. Minion hits have a 10% chance to spawn a phantomix dagger. Empowering minion damage by 10%
Phantomic Regen Phantomic Regen Phantomic Artifact Boosts life regen by 2. Minion hits have a 5% chance to summon a phantomic heart that further boosts life regen by 2. Regenerating life
Phantomic Shield Phantomic Shield Phantomic Artifact Boosts defense by 10 and damage reduction by 5. A phantomic bulwark will absorb 20% damage of any attack while it is active. Defense boosted by 10 and damage reduction boosted by 5%
An ephemeral bulwark protects you
Popo (buff) Popo (buff) Magic Scarf and Hat Transforms the player into a snowman. You are a snowman now!
The Profaned Soul The Profaned Soul Profaned Soul Artifact and Profaned Soul Crystal The profaned guardians will protect and fight for the player The healer will heal your wounds (Only healer)

The Defensive Duo will protect and heal you! (Healer + Defensive)
The Offensive Duo will fight for and heal you! (Healer + Offensive)
The Profaned Babs will fight for and defend you! (All Three)

Rare Sand Elemental (buff) Rare Sand Elemental (buff) Rare Elemental in a Bottle A friendly and rare Sand Elemental floats to your left, summoning green orbs that heal the player when touched. The sand elemental will heal you
Sand Elemental (buff) Sand Elemental (buff) Elemental in a Bottle A friendly Sand Elemental floats to your right, summoning sandnados to damage enemies. The sand elemental will protect you
Shell Speed Boost Shell Speed Boost Flame-Licked Shell, Giant Shell, The Absorber, and The Sponge Movement speed is boosted by 90% on hit Speed is boosted
Spirit Defense Spirit Defense Spirit Glyph Boosts defense and damage reduction. Defense boosted by 5 and damage reduction boosted by 5%
Spirit Power Spirit Power Spirit Glyph Boosts minion damage. Minion damage boosted by 10%
Spirit Regen Spirit Regen Spirit Glyph Boosts life regeneration. Regenerating life
Water Elemental (buff) Water Elemental (buff) Aquatic Heart Grants various buffs. You are a water elemental now

From Summoning Weapons[]

Icon Name From Effect Tooltip
Ancient Mineral Shark (buff) Ancient Mineral Shark (buff) Forgotten Apex Wand An Ancient Mineral shark will follow the player while it charges at nearby enemies, slamming into them and rebounding away. Ancient yet so dangerous
Aquatic Star (buff) Aquatic Star (buff) Deepsea Staff An aquatic star floats around the player, flinging itself into enemies to deal damage. The aquatic star will protect you
Astral Jelly (buff) Astral Jelly (buff) Abandoned Slime Staff A mini astrageldon slime follows the player around, firing lasers towards nearby enemies. The mini astrageldon slime will protect you
Astral Probe (buff) Astral Probe (buff) Godspawn Helix Staff An astral probe rotates around the player, firing lasers at nearby enemies. The astral probe will protect you
Baby Blood Crawler (buff) Baby Blood Crawler (buff) Scab Ripper A mini blood crawler will float around the player while it latches onto nearby enemies. When it latches on an enemy it summons dropping damaging blood particles that rain from the sky. The baby blood crawler will protect you
Baby Stormlion (buff) Baby Stormlion (buff) Stormjaw Staff A Baby stormlion will run in the ground while following the player. It aggressively rams enemies back and forth while creating damaging sparks in contact with enemies. The baby stormlion will protect you
Belladonna Spirit (buff) Belladonna Spirit (buff) Belladonna Spirit Staff A Flying forest spirit minion will float around the player while it shoots gravity-affected petals towards the enemies. A cute forest spirit is following you
Brimseeker (buff) Brimseeker (buff) Dormant Brimseeker A Brimseeker will fly around the player while it dashes at nearby enemies leaving a fiery brimstone trail. If the minion slots are exhausted, it will summon a dormant Brimseeker that does not contact enemies - remaining stationary for a moderate amount of time. While stationary, it releases fireballs in all directions and causes active Brimseekers within the aura to have a reduced cooldown between their dashes. Does it want something from you?
Black Hawk (buff) Black Hawk (buff) Black Hawk Remote A fighter jet floats around the player, shooting bullets at enemies to deal damage. The fighter jet will protect you
Blighted Eyes (buff) Blighted Eyes (buff) Entropy's Vigil Three miniature clones of Calamitas and her brothers float around the player. Calamitamini will shoot brimstone lasers, Catasromini will charge at enemies, and Cataclymini will breathe brimstone flame. Calamitas and her brothers will protect you
Blood Clot (buff) Blood Clot (buff) Blood Clot Staff A blood clot floats around the player , chasing and dealing contact damage to enemies. The blood clot will protect you
Brittle Star (buff) Brittle Star (buff) Seabound Staff A brittle star floats around the player , doing swift, piercing lunges into nearby enemies to deal damage. The brittle star will protect you
Calamari (buff) Calamari (buff) Calamari's Lament A miniature colossal squid float around the player and shoots ink bombs. The squid will protect you
Caustic Dragon (buff) Caustic Dragon (buff) Caustic Staff A caustic dragon floats behind the player, shooting thorns at enemies to deal damage. A mini jungle dragon is following you
Cinder Blossom (buff) Cinder Blossom (buff) Cinder Blossom Staff A Fiery flower floats over the player's head and fires Flaming Sparks at nearby enemies. A hot, searing flower is floating uncomfortably close to you
Cold Divinity (buff) Cold Divinity (buff) Cold Divinity An Icy shield will encase the player adding 1 shield spike at the cost of 1 minion slot when pressing the left click. The spike will revolve arround the shield moving outwards from it until the spike reaches a set distance where it glows into a deeper shade of blue and is ready to be launched, this fully charged spike will launch itself into a nearby enemy or it will continue orbiting the player. using the right click will make a duplicate ring of spikes towards an enemie that was the closest to the cursor, they orbit around and diverge until a set distance when all the spikes are launched into the enemy at once. The magic of the ancient ice castle will aid you
Concentrated Void Concentrated Void Void Concentration Staff A void aura engulfs the player and fires homing orbs. The infinite void yearns for more...
Corroslime (buff) Corroslime (buff) Corroslime Staff A corroslime follows the player around, dealing contact damage to enemies. The corroslime will protect you
Cosmic Viper (buff) Cosmic Viper (buff) Cosmic Viper Engine A cosmic Gunship will fly around the player while it fires 3 types of cosmilite missiles towards the enemies. The cosmic gunship will protect you
Cosmic Energy (buff) Cosmic Energy (buff) Cosmic Immaterializer Cosmic energy floats around the player, firing exploding projectiles at enemies and causing the player to take 25% less damage from projectiles. The cosmic energy will protect you
Cosmilamp (buff) Cosmilamp (buff) Cosmilamp A cosmilamp floats around the player, seeking and dealing contact damage to enemies. The cosmilamp will protect you
Crimslime (buff) Crimslime (buff) Crimslime Staff A crimslime follows the player around, dealing contact damage to enemies. The crimslime will protect you
Daedalus Golem (buff) Daedalus Golem (buff) Daedalus Golem Staff A crystal golem will alternate bewteen attacking enemies with pellets and fire lighting bolts. A crystal golem is following you
Dank Creeper (buff) Dank Creeper (buff) Dank Staff A dank creeper floats around the player, chasing and dealing contact damage to enemies. The dank creeper will protect you
Dazzling Stabber (buff) Dazzling Stabber (buff) Dazzling Stabber Staff Holy blade minions will rally in a cone-formation above the player. They will launch themselves towards enemies creating an explosion of sparks and teleport to the nearest enemy to stick into them. En garde
Miniature Eye of Cthulhu Miniature Eye of Cthulhu Deathstare Rod A floating eyeball stays above the player and fires lasers towards nearby enemies. It's watching you
Elemental Axe (buff) Elemental Axe (buff) Elemental Axe An elemental axe floats around the player, quickly flying towards enemies to deal contact damage. Elemental axes can travel through blocks. The elemental axe will protect you
Endo Cooper (buff) Endo Cooper (buff) Endogenesis An Endo cooper will be summoned where the weapon was used. It has 4 modes of attacks, first one being Endo Cooper firing a barrage of 5 to 7 piercing lasers shot at nearby enemies, the second being Endo Cooper launching several homing icicle shards, the third Endo Cooper will aggressively ram back and forth into enemies and the fourth one where Endo Cooper will fire endothermic flamethrowers piercing in all directions. The ascened Cooper will protect you
Endo Hydra (buff) Endo Hydra (buff) Endo Hydra Staff A single-headed hydra will be summoned at the back of the player and the head will fire a beam at nearby enemies. The player can summon more heads if it has more minion slots. The endo hydra will protect you… for some reason
Eye of Night (buff) Eye of Night (buff) Eye of Night A floating eyeball will orbit around enemies and fires cells that stick to targets and inflict the Cursed Inferno debuff. It eerily watches
Flesh Ball (buff) Flesh Ball (buff) Flesh of Infidelity A flesh ball will jump around and fire streams of blood that home in on enemies. Why is it follow you?
Flowers of Mortality (buff) Flowers of Mortality (buff) Flowers of Mortality Five rainbow flowers orbit around the player and fire homing bolts at nearby enemies. Celestial blossoms surround you
Frost Blossom (buff) Frost Blossom (buff) Frost Blossom Staff A Frost Blossom floats over the player's head and fires frost beams at enemies. A cold, prickly flower is floating uncomfortably close to you
Gastric Aberration (buff) Gastric Aberration (buff) Gastric Belcher Staff An aquatic aberration floats by the player and attacks nearby enemies by firing vomit and bubbles. The aquatic aberration will protect you
Gamma Hydra (buff) Gamma Hydra (buff) Gamma Heart A gamma hydra head attaches to the player, firing gamma bullets at nearby enemies. If the player possesses seven or more heads, a Gamma Canister has a chance to appear. Collecting the canister causes all heads to fire a deathray. ...
Haunted Dishes (buff) Haunted Dishes (buff) Haunted Scroll A set of three haunted dishes will run in the ground while they follow the player, they will shoot fast dishes towards the enemies. The haunted dishes will protect you
Hermit Crab (buff) Hermit Crab (buff) Magical Conch A hermit crab will follow the player, chasing and dealing contact damage to enemies. The hermit crab will protect you
Herring (buff) Herring (buff) Herring Staff A herring floats around the player, charging at enemies and dealing contact damage. The herring will protect you
Ice Clasper (buff) Ice Clasper (buff) Ancient Ice Chunk An ice clasper floats around the player, quickly dashing towards enemies to deal contact damage. The ice clasper will protect you
Igneous Blade (buff) Igneous Blade (buff) Igneous Exaltation An Igneous Blade will orbit around the player, damaging nearby enemies that come to contact with it. Pressing right click will force all blades orbiting the player to charge forward towards where the cursor is, piercing any enemies in its path, causing 3 smaller blades to rain down per hit. A Blade is orbiting you
Magic Hat (buff) Magic Hat (buff) Temporal Umbrella A magic hat will float over the player's head while it summons elemental sniper rifles, axes, swords, hammers, umbrellas, and birds to attack nearby enemies. The hat carries your soul, bound by a contract
Mechworm (buff) Mechworm (buff) Staff of the Mechworm The mechworm chases and attacks enemies similarly to the Stardust Dragon Staff. The mechworm can travel through blocks. The mechworm will protect you
Midnight Sun UFO (buff) Midnight Sun UFO (buff) Midnight Sun Beacon A Midnight Sun UFO will float around the player and fire small lasers at enemies. It will occasionally fire a sweeping laser beam similar to the Moon Lord's laser beam. A strange UFO is observing you, and it's making you very uncomfortable
Mini Plaguebringer (buff) Mini Plaguebringer (buff) Fuel Cell Bundle A mini Plaguebringer will come out from a throwable flask and it will fly around the player. It will stay at a certain distance from the enemies while it rapidly fires explosive missiles and it occasionally will fire a homing explosive missile variant will be fired. A small plague bee is following you
Mounted Scanner (buff) Mounted Scanner (buff) Mounted Scanner A floating machine that surrounds the player will fire red laser beams at nearby enemies. Powerful machinery surrounds you
Perdition (buff) Perdition (buff) Perdition A floating beacon will follow the player around. Targetting an enemy causes homing souls to appear from below. How unfortunate
Phantom (buff) Phantom (buff) Ethereal Subjugator A phantom floats around the player, dealing damage via a short-range laser beam. Phantoms and their lasers can travel through blocks. The phantom will protect you
Plantation Plantation Plantation Staff A miniature Plantera will fly around the player and fire seeds and spiky balls at enemies. When the player reaches 50% health, the mini plantera will enrage and begin to ram into enemies. The miniature plantera will protect you
Pole Warper (buff) Pole Warper (buff) Pole Warper A pair of Warper Magnets orbit the player and dash towards nearby enemies. Sentient magnets are attracted to you
Raven (buff) Raven (buff) Corvid Harbinger Staff A Dark raven will fly arround the player while it rapidly charges at nearby enemies. The powerful raven will protect you
Resurrection Butterfly (buff) Resurrection Butterfly (buff) Resurrection Butterfly A purple butterfly attacks by ramming enemies. A pink butterfly attacks enemies by firing petals. Sleep beneath the Cherry Blossoms, Red-White Butterfly
Rusty Drone (buff) Rusty Drone (buff) Rusty Beacon Prototype A drone hovers above nearby enemies and gives them various debuffs. A pitifully fragile drone is observing you
Sage Spirit (buff) Sage Spirit (buff) Viral Sprout A flower spirit will stay close to enemies and fire three gravity-affected needles. It's uncomfortably close
Sandnado (buff) Sandnado (buff) Sand Sharknado Staff The sandnados will float around the player while they attack enemies by firing sand sharks. The sandnado will protect you
Saros Possession (buff) Saros Possession (buff) Saros Possession A radiant aura will be summoned around the player. It will fire homing flares towards the enemies and ocasionally radiant orbs will be summoned. A radiant aura protects you
Sepulcher (buff) Sepulcher (buff) Metastasis A full-sized Sepulcher will attack enemies by alternating between firing brimstone darts from its segments and rapidly charging at the target. Every seven seconds, an Exhumed Brimstone Heart spawns and orbits the player, if over three hearts are alive, the Sepulcher has a chance to enrage and try to attack the player. It is not benevolent
Shellfish (buff) Shellfish (buff) Shellfish Staff The shellfish will follow the player around, latching onto nearby enemies. The shellfish will protect you
Sirius (buff) Sirius (buff) Sirius The Sirius stratus light entity floats over the player's head while it shoots beams towards nearby enemies. A bit too bright, but it helps me
Skeletal Dragons (buff) Skeletal Dragons (buff) Dragonblood Disgorger A Skeletal dragon with her two children will float around the player. The main dragon waders arround breathing bloodfire while the children spit healing blood shots and charge violently as well. Big happy family
Small Skeleton (buff) Small Skeleton (buff) Staff of Necrosteocytes A Small Skeleton will run in the ground while it follows the player. It will run along the ground targeting nearby enemies and ocasionally will leave lingering bone cells dropped from the skeleton. A skeleton is observing you
Snake Eyes (buff) Snake Eyes (buff) Snake Eyes An orb will orbit around enemies at high speed while firing laser beams Always watching...
Solar God Spirit (buff) Solar God Spirit (buff) Sun God Staff The solar god spirit floats over the player's head and fires lasers at nearby enemies. The solar god spirit will protect you
Solar Spirit (buff) Solar Spirit (buff) Sun Spirit Staff The solar spirit floats over the player's head and fires lasers at nearby enemies. The solar spirit will protect you
Fiery Draconid Fiery Draconid Yharon's Kindle Staff The fiery draconid attacks enemies by ramming into them and shooting fireballs. The fiery draconid will protect you
Soul Seeker (buff) Soul Seeker (buff) Vigilance A Soul Seeker will fire brimstone darts at nearby enemies then rapidly charge back and forth. It definitely wants something from you
Star Swallower (buff) Star Swallower (buff) Star Swallower Containment Unit A bio-mechanical frog will fire acid droplets and inflict the Irradiated debuff. Mmmm myes
Tactical Plague Engine (buff) Tactical Plague Engine (buff) Tactical Plague Engine A Flying plague jet minion will fly arround the player while it fires and consumes bullets towards the enemies. It will ocasionally fire homing missiles instead of bullets A giant plague jet is following you
Tundra Flame Blossom (buff) Tundra Flame Blossom (buff) Tundra Flame Blossoms Staff Three magenta flowers circle the player, passively firing blossom orbs. A perfect unison of balance and beauty
Vile Feeder (buff) Vile Feeder (buff) Vile Feeder A tiny Soul Eater will fly arround the player while it latches onto nearby enemies, when the tiny eater latches into an enemy it will release several homing tiny eaters similar to the Scourge of the Corruptor. The baby eater of souls will protect you
Virid Vanguard (buff) Virid Vanguard (buff) Virid Vanguard Two giant blades orbit the player, damaging enemies that come into contact. Right-clicking launches all blades towards the cursor. A perfect act of unity surrounds you
Virili (buff) Virili (buff) Infected Remote The plague Princess will fly arround the player while it attack enemies with various attacks. It’s a shame you can’t hug her
Wither Blossoms Wither Blossoms Wither Blossoms Staff Four dark flowers orbit around the player and fire homing bolts at nearby enemies. The Bolts pierce and split into plague seekers, they both inflict the Plague debuff. Pestilence surrounds you
Wulfrum Droid (buff) Wulfrum Droid (buff) Wulfrum Controller A Wulfrum Droid will fly alongside the player while firing green projectiles at nearby enemies. The wulfrum droid will protect you

From Other Weapons[]

Icon Name From Effect Tooltip
Avertor Bonus Avertor Bonus Corpus Avertor Increases damage by 10% and life regen by 4. Boosted damage and life regeneration
Cosmic Freeze Cosmic Freeze Cosmic Discharge Freezes nearby enemies and increases life regeneration. You feel as cold as the empty expanse of outer space
Grax Boost Grax Boost Grax Increases defense by 30, damage reduction by 10%, melee speed by 10%, and melee damage by 20%. Your defenses and muscles are strong
Kami Injection Kami Injection Yanmei's Knife Increases movement speed and damage by 15%. Increased movement speed and damage
Molten Molten Vesuvius Reduces damage from sources that inflict Chilled by 30%, similarly to the Warmth Potion. Resistant to cold effects
Polaris Boost Polaris Boost Polaris Parrotfish Increases life regen by 1, damage reduction by 1%, and defense by 2. The Northern Star empowers your weapon
Tyrant's Fury Tyrant's Fury Tyrant Yharim's Ultisword and True Tyrant's Ultisword Increases melee damage by 30% and melee crit chance by 10%. 30% increased melee damage and 10% increased melee crit chance

From Pets[]

Icon Name From Tooltip
Akato (buff) Akato (buff) Forgotten Dragon Egg 'Looks like you'll have to take care of it now.'
Astrophage (buff) Astrophage (buff) Astrophage Little astral buggy
Baby Ghost Bell (buff) Baby Ghost Bell (buff) Rusted Jingle Bell Be careful not to pop the bubble
Bear (buff) Bear (buff) Bear's Eye A guardian angel is following you.
Blood Bound Blood Bound Bloody Vein You must be desperate for company
Brimling (buff) Brimling (buff) Charred Relic Protect her or suffer in agony
Chibii Devourer (buff) Chibii Devourer (buff) Cosmic Plushie What? Were you expecting someone else?
Danny Devito (buff) Danny Devito (buff) Trash Can (pet) The trash man is following you
Dreamfog Dreamfog Chromatic Orb Xi believes in Yuu
Electric Troublemaker (buff) Electric Troublemaker (buff) Triboluminescent Etomer Lightning never strikes the same place twice
The Father The Father Joyful Heart A father of many floats around you
Flak Hermit (buff) Flak Hermit (buff) Geyser Shell Little acid buggy
Fox Pet (buff) Fox Pet (buff) Fox Drive Fox Pet? FOX PET
Furtastic Duo Furtastic Duo Primrose Keepsake They just did! The Furtastic Duo will accompany you!
Kendra (buff) Kendra (buff) Romajeda Orchid A loyal friend accompanies you
Levi (buff) Levi (buff) Levi Small and Cute
Little Light (buff) Little Light (buff) Little Light Endearing
Ocean Spirit (buff) Ocean Spirit (buff) Strange Orb Small and Cute
Pineapple (buff) Pineapple (buff) Pineapple It smells like pizza...
Plaguebringer Bab (buff) Plaguebringer Bab (buff) Plague Caller The baby plaguebringer sees you as the queen
Radiator (buff) Radiator (buff) Radiating Crystal Radioactive but adorable
Mini Mind Mini Mind Rotting Eyeball It knows everything
Son of Yharon (buff) Son of Yharon (buff) McNuggets You better not eat his dinner
Sparks (buff) Sparks (buff) Enchanted Butterfly Eats butterflies
Supreme Calamitas (buff) Supreme Calamitas (buff) Brimstone Jewel Watching over you with supreme calamitous energy... how adorable
Third Sage (buff) Third Sage (buff) Hermit's Box of One Hundred Medicines Eh? No way it's an oni.

From Mounts[]

Icon Name From Tooltip
Alicorn (buff) Alicorn (buff) Princess Spirit in a Bottle You beat DoG while drunk, you are truly fabulous!
Andromeda (buff) Andromeda (buff) Flamsteed Ring You're controlling a piece of history
Angry Dog (buff) Angry Dog (buff) Tundra Leash You are riding an angry dog
Brimrose Mount (buff) Brimrose Mount (buff) Brimrose The seat is toasty. That is all
Bumbledoge (buff) Bumbledoge (buff) Folly Feed Wait a second. That’s not right...
Devourer Cart (buff) Devourer Cart (buff) The Cart of Gods Riding a cosmic terror
Exo Chair Exo Chair Exo Box Riding a physics defying gamer chair
Gaze of Crysthamyr (buff) Gaze of Crysthamyr (buff) Gaze of Crysthamyr You are riding a shadow dragon
Onyx Excavator (buff) Onyx Excavator (buff) Onyx Excavator Key Drill
Squishy Bean (buff) Squishy Bean (buff) Suspicious Looking Jelly Bean BEAN MAN. BEAN DO T H E B EA N IS HER E

Vanilla Buff Changes[]

Icon Name From Effect Tooltip
Battle Battle Battle Potion Increases all spawn rates by 150% and maximum spawn count by 140% Increased enemy spawn rate
Beetle Endurance Beetle Endurance Beetle armor Stacks 3 times, each beetle provides a 10% damage reduction boost for a maximum of 30%. Down from a 15% boost from each beetle. Damage taken reduced by 15%/30%/45%
Calm Calm Calming Potion Decreases enemy spawn rates by 35.90% and maximum spawn count by 44% Reduces enemy aggression
Damage Nebula Damage Nebula Nebula armor Stacks 3 times, each booster provides a 7.5% damage boost for a maximum of 22.5%. Down from a 15% boost from each booster. 7.5%/15%/22.5% damage boost
Ice Barrier Ice Barrier Frozen Turtle Shell, Frigid Bulwark, and Rampart of Deities Provides 15% damage reduction. Damage taken is reduced by 15%
Invisibility Invisibility Invisibility Potion Holding a rogue boomerang boosts rogue damage by 10%.
Holding a javelin boosts armor penetration by 5.
Holding a rogue bomb increases rogue velocity by 10%.
Holding a spiky ball increases rogue critical strike chance by 10%.
Holding a dagger increases rogue stealth regeneration by 8% even while moving.
The player is entirely concealed and has reduced aggro while not using any items.
Grants Invisibility. Grants rogue bonuses while holding certain rogue weapons
Life Nebula Life Nebula Nebula armor Stacks 3 times, each booster +5 life regeneration. Down from +10 life regeneration from each booster. Increased life regeneration
Obsidian Skin Obsidian Skin Obsidian Skin Potion Provides brief immunity to Lethal Lava Burn and reduces Lethal Lava Burn damage over time by 9. Immune to lava
Peace Candle (buff) Peace Candle (buff) Peace Candle Decreases enemy spawn rates by 30.07% and maximum spawn count by 37% Decreased monster spawn rate
Warmth Warmth Warmth Potion Grants the player immunity to the Chilled, Frozen and Glacial State debuffs. Reduced damage from cold sources. Immunity to the Chilled, Frozen, and Glacial State debuffs

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