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Burden Breaker
  • Burden Breaker.png
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TooltipThe good time
Go fast
WARNING: May have disastrous results
Increases horizontal movement speed beyond comprehension
RarityRarity Level: 12
Sell 24 Gold Coin.png
Dropped by
Dungeon Guardian
(In Hardmode)
Skeletron Prime
(Enraged in Revengeance Mode)

The Burden Breaker is a Hardmode accessory dropped from Dungeon Guardians, or from Skeletron Prime when it is enraged in Revengeance Mode. When equipped, once the player reaches a horizontal speed of 25 mph, it accelerates the player by a factor of 2.5% per frame (roughly 4.4x speed per second), until either a solid block is hit or they achieve a speed of 2557 mph, at which point the player's speed is reset to zero.


  • Without any obstacles on their path or when using a flying mount, a player can move a horizontal distance of roughly 2600 feet with this accessory before losing all speed.
  • Players may find this accessory useful in larger worlds due to the immense travel speed, which can get the player to the edge of the world within seconds.
  • The item's effect is disabled during bossfights.
  • If the player unequips the item after getting up to speed, they would still be able to maintain their speed, although no longer gaining acceleration.


  • This is the only item with Turquoise rarity that is available before defeating the Moon Lord.
  • This accessory looks similar to the Determination Breaker.
    • Its description "The good time" is similar to the Determination Breaker's "The bad time."