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Burning Blood
Burning Blood.png
Type Debuff
Effects Target loses 4 health per second, 3 defense, natural life regen is disabled, and the Darkness debuff is inflicted. Melee damage, melee speed, and movement speed are slightly increased, but ranged damage and magic damage are slightly decreased. (if player)
-25 health per second. (if enemy)
Tooltip Your blood is on fire

Burning Blood is a debuff inflicted solely by The Perforators, Tooth Balls, the Fulguration Halberd, the Utensil Poker, and the Blood Boiler. It causes the player to lose 4 health per second and 3 defense, and their vision is reduced similarly to the Darkness debuff. Movement speed is increased by 20%. Melee damage is increased by 5%, and melee speed is increased by 2.5%. However, ranged and magic damage are reduced by 10%.

If the debuff is inflicted onto an enemy, it will lose 25 health per second.


From player

From Duration Chance
Blood Boiler Blood Boiler 4 seconds 100%
Bloody Edge Bloody Edge 1 second 100%
Fulguration Halberd Fulguration Halberd 5 seconds 100%
Rem's Revenge Rem's Revenge 1 second (Explosion) 100%
Seared Pan Seared Pan 3 seconds (Pan) 100%
Tooth Ball Tooth Ball 1.5 seconds (rain) 100%
True Bloody Edge True Bloody Edge 1 second 100%
Utensil Poker Utensil Poker 3 seconds (Fork) 100%

From NPCs

From Duration Chance
The Perforator Hive The Perforator Hive 3 seconds (Blood Geyser, Contact) 100%
The Perforator The Perforator (Small) 3 seconds (Head)
1.5 seconds (Body)
1 second (Tail)
The Perforator The Perforator (Medium) 4 seconds (Head)
2 seconds (Body)
1 second (Tail)
The Perforator The Perforator (Large) 5 seconds (Head)
3 seconds (Body)
1.5 seconds (Tail)

Immune NPCs

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