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Cadance Potion
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Use time17 Very Fast
TooltipGives the cadance buff which reduces enemy aggro
Increases life regen and increases max life by 25%
Increases heart pickup range
While this potion's buff is active, the Regeneration Potion and the Lifeforce Potion buffs are disabled
Grants BuffCadanceCadance
Buff duration5 minutes
Buff tooltipYour heart is pure
RarityRarity Level: 3
Sell40 Silver Coin

The Cadance Potion is a craftable Pre-Hardmode buff potion. It grants the Cadance buff upon usage, which increases life regen by 5 and max life by 25%, and increases heart pickup range. Enemy spawn rates are decreased by 56%, and maximum spawn count is decreased by 44%. The player also becomes immune to the Regeneration and Lifeforce buffs.