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TypeFurnitureLight Source
PlaceableTango Tick1.png
Dimensions1 wide × 1 high
Use time14 Very Fast
Sell 1 Silver Coin.png (Chaos and Tranquility candles)
10 Gold Coin.png (Drunk Princess candles)
Placed Candles
Placed Candles Calamity.png

Candles are pieces of furniture that emit light. The Calamity Mod currently adds nineteen types of candles to the game, with twelve corresponding to specific sets of furniture, two acting as upgrades to the Water Candle and Peace Candle, and the remaining four being purchasable from the Drunk Princess. For the purpose of housing Town NPCs, Chaos and Tranquility candles and Drunk Princess candles do not count as a light source. Additionally, The Drunk Princess' candles cannot be toggled by wire, unlike all other candles.


NPC Item Price Conditon
Drunk PrincessDrunk Princess Resilient CandleResilient Candle 2 Platinum Coin.png Always available
Spiteful CandleSpiteful Candle 2 Platinum Coin.png Always available
Vigorous CandleVigorous Candle 2 Platinum Coin.png Always available
Weightless CandleWeightless Candle 2 Platinum Coin.png Always available