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Caustic Croaker Staff
  • Caustic Croaker Staff.png
Stack digit 1.png
Damage8 Summon
Knockback0 (No Knockback)
Use time34 Slow
TooltipSummons a toad that explodes if enemies are nearby
RarityRarity Level: 2
Sell 40 Silver Coin.png
Projectile created
Nuclear Toad Gores
Nuclear Toad Gores
Dropped by
Nuclear Toad15% (Tier 1)
1% (Tiers 2 & 3)
Summons Sentry
Nuclear Toad (sentry)
Nuclear Toad (sentry).png
Not to be confused with Caustic Staff, a Hardmode minion-summoning weapon.

The Caustic Croaker Staff is a Pre-Hardmode sentry that drops from Nuclear Toads. It summons a miniature white Nuclear Toad sentry that stays on the ground. It attacks enemies by exploding itself into nine damaging chunks.

Its best modifier is Mythical. While Ruthless may seem to provide a bigger damage by percentages, rounding reveals that Mythical and Ruthless boost the damage equally for this weapon.


  • The Nuclear Toad sentry is named 'A not frog of the explosive variety'.
    • In the mod's source files, the sentry is referred to as 'EXPLODINGFROG'.