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Challenge items are special weapons and accessories exclusive to Malice Mode, each one usually having unique and powerful effects. They are all dropped from their respective bosses with a 100% chance.

Challenge items


Item Dropped by
Crown Jewel Crown Jewel King Slime
Dune Hopper Dune Hopper Desert Scourge
Counter Scarf Counter Scarf Eye of Cthulhu
Teardrop Cleaver Teardrop Cleaver Eye of Cthulhu
The Transformer The Transformer Crabulon
Carnage Carnage The Hive Mind / The Perforators
The Bee The Bee Queen Bee
Clothier's Wrath Clothier's Wrath Skeletron
Evil Smasher Evil Smasher Wall of Flesh


Item Dropped by
Cryophobia Cryophobia Cryogen
Arbalest Arbalest The Twins
Deep Diver Deep Diver Aquatic Scourge
Hellborn Hellborn Brimstone Elemental
Flame-Licked Shell Flame-Licked Shell Brimstone Elemental
Spear of Destiny Spear of Destiny Skeletron Prime
Regenator Regenator Calamitas
Thorn Blossom Thorn Blossom Plantera
Lead Wizard Lead Wizard Golem
Eidolon Staff Eidolon Staff Lunatic Cultist
Eye of Magnus Eye of Magnus Lunatic Cultist
Hide of Astrum Deus Hide of Astrum Deus Astrum Deus
Quasar Quasar Astrum Deus
Conference Call Conference Call Astrum Deus
Grand Dad Grand Dad Moon Lord
Infinity Infinity Moon Lord

Post-Moon Lord

Item Dropped by
Swordsplosion Swordsplosion The Dragonfolly
Warbanner of the Sun Warbanner of the Sun Providence, the Profaned Goddess
The Evolution The Evolution Ceaseless Void
Thunderstorm Thunderstorm Storm Weaver
Guidelight of Oblivion Guidelight of Oblivion Signus, Envoy of the Devourer
Pearl God Pearl God Polterghast
The Reaper The Reaper The Old Duke
Norfleet Norfleet The Devourer of Gods
Skullmasher Skullmasher The Devourer of Gods
Void Vortex Void Vortex Jungle Dragon, Yharon

Legendary Challenge items

Some Challenge items are uniquely classified as Legendary Challenge items. Most of them have a secondary right-click attack, and are more powerful than other items at their tier. They are all dropped from their respective bosses with a 100% chance.


Item Dropped by
Cold Divinity Cold Divinity Cryogen
SHPC SHPC The Destroyer
Sea's Searing Sea's Searing Aquatic Scourge
Blossom Flux Blossom Flux Plantera
Leonid Progenitor Leonid Progenitor Astrum Aureus
Aegis Blade Aegis Blade Golem
Malachite Malachite The Plaguebringer Goliath
Vesuvius Vesuvius Ravager
Briny Baron Briny Baron Duke Fishron
Pristine Fury Pristine Fury Providence, the Profaned Goddess
Cosmic Discharge Cosmic Discharge The Devourer of Gods
Yharim's Crystal Yharim's Crystal Jungle Dragon, Yharon
Gael's Greatsword Gael's Greatsword Supreme Calamitas


Item Dropped by
Burden Breaker Burden Breaker Skeletron Prime
The Community The Community Leviathan and Anahita


  • Prior to the update, Legendary Challenge weapons' damage scaled as you progressed further into the game, and their abilities became upgraded upon defeating their respective boss. They also had a very small chance of being dropped by any enemy, with increased chances to drop from the bosses which are now their exclusive source. These features have since been removed from the weapons due to balancing issues, however The Community still retains similar scaling features.
  • Prior to the update, the drop rate of Legendary Challenge items was 10% instead of 1%. However, they were significantly weaker as a result.
  • Prior to the update, Legendary Challenge weapons were dropped by their respective bosses in Revengeance Mode or above, with a 1% chance.
    • Prior to the same update, Challenge items were known as Rare item variants and had a small chance of replacing their normal counterpart when dropped.
      • However, the Crown Jewel, Counter Scarf, and Teardrop Cleaver are exceptions to this, and were regular Revengeance Mode exclusive drops instead.
      • Similarly, the Burden Breaker only dropped from either the Dungeon Guardian during Hardmode in Revengeance mode, or from Skeletron Prime during the daytime in Revengeance Mode.