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For the vanilla debuff page, see Chaos State.
Chaos State
Chaos State.png
Type Debuff
Effects Rod of Discord, Normality Relocator and Spectral Veil teleport can't be used
Tooltip Rod of Discord teleports are disabled

Chaos State is a vanilla debuff caused by teleporting with the Rod of Discord, and is also inflicted by other teleporting items in the Calamity Mod such as the Normality Relocator and Spectral Veil. Instead of dealing damage to players repeatedly using the Rod of Discord, the Calamity Mod changes the debuff to simply prevent teleporting again until the cooldown is over. The Calamity Mod also extends the time the Rod of Discord inflicts Chaos State from 6 seconds to 10 seconds when fighting a boss.

If the player is under the effects of Scarf Cooldown, Chaos State will be inflicted for twice as long.


From Calamity Items

From Duration Chance
Normality Relocator Normality Relocator 6 seconds (When used)
15 seconds (When used during a boss or event)

From Vanilla Items

From Duration Chance
Rod of Discord Rod of Discord 6 seconds (When used)
10 seconds (When used during a boss or event)