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Critter Cages
  • Baby Flak Hermit Cage (placed).gif
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All placed critter cages
Baby Flak Hermit Cage (placed).gif Piggy Cage (placed).gif Baby Ghost Bell Jar (placed).gif Sea Minnow Jar (placed).gif Twinkler in a Bottle (placed).gif

Critter Cages are placeable decorative furniture items that display animated critters. A critter caught with the Bug Net or Golden Bug Net is combined with a Terrarium to craft a cage. All Critter Cages cannot be opened, broken, or crafted back into their ingredients, so once a critter is crafted into a cage, that particular critter can no longer be released.

Each Critter Cage type has its own dimensions and requirements to be placed:

  • Cages are 3 tiles wide and 2 tiles high.
  • Jars are 2 tiles wide and 2 tiles high.
  • Bottles are 1 tile wide and 2 tiles high and can only be placed below other blocks.



ResultIngredientsCrafting station
Baby Flak Hermit CageBaby Flak Hermit CageBy Hand
Baby Ghost Bell JarBaby Ghost Bell Jar
Piggy CagePiggy Cage
Sea Minnow JarSea Minnow Jar
Twinkler in a BottleTwinkler in a Bottle
total: 5 row(s)


  • Both the Baby Ghost Bell Jar and the Twinkler in a Bottle emit light when placed and count as a housing light source.
  • Bloodworms are the only critter in the Calamity Mod that do not have a Critter Cage. This is because Bloodworms mimic Truffle Worms, which only received a Critter Cage in Terraria 1.4: Journey's End, which the Calamity Mod is not compatible with yet.