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This item is dedicated to: Daawnily
Daawnlight Spirit Origin
  • Daawnlight Spirit Origin.png
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TooltipAll nearby enemies and bosses are marked with bullseyes
Ranged attacks that strike a bullseye always critically strike and deal massive damage
When a bullseye is struck, it vanishes and a new one appears elswhere
Explosions or large projectiles cannot strike bullseyes
Converts all ranged critical strike chance boosts into extra critical strike damage
All ranged weapons will deal even more critical strike damage the slower they are
Summons a heroic spirit from another world if accessory visibility is enabled
The heroic spirit is also summoned when this accessory is placed in vanity slots
'A strand of a lost cosmos remains, waiting for its master'
Grants BuffArcher of LunamoonArcher of Lunamoon
Buff tooltipYou have a personal spotter
RarityRarity Level: 14
Sell 28 Gold Coin.png
Daawnlight Spirit Origin Regular Bullseye.png
Regular Bullseye
Daawnlight Spirit Origin Boss Bullseye.gif
Boss Bullseye
Summons Pet
Daawnlight Spirit Origin Pet.png

The Daawnlight Spirit Origin is a craftable post-Moon Lord accessory. When equipped, the player's ranged critical strike chance is reset to 4%. Enemies and bosses will be marked with a bullseye at a random location. When the center of the bullseye is struck with a smaller ranged projectile, the critical strike damage increases from 2x to 3.5x, increasing further if the weapon is slower and even further if the player has boosts to ranged critical strike chance. The bullseye disappears when struck or after 5 seconds have passed, and another will spawn 0.75 seconds after. The item also summons a harmless Archer familiar that points at enemies and can be toggled with the accessory's visibility.



Crafting Station
Ancient ManipulatorAncient Manipulator
Deadshot BroochDeadshot Brooch1
Luminite BarLuminite Bar10
Dubious PlatingDubious Plating15
Mysterious CircuitryMysterious Circuitry15
Galactica SingularityGalactica Singularity4
Daawnlight Spirit OriginDaawnlight Spirit Origin1


  • Weapons with a use time higher than 11 can gain higher critical strike damage. The amount of damage gained is equal to (Use time - 11)/61 * 33%, up to a maximum of 33% damage at 72 use time.
  • The critical strike chance to bullseye critical strike damage conversion ratio is 1:1. This means that if the player has 10% increased critical strike chance, the critical strike damage when landing a bullseye will also increase by 10%.
  • The bullseye effect will only trigger if at least one dimension of a projectile is less than 36 pixels.
  • The hitbox sizes of the bullseyes are 8x8 pixels (0.5x0.5 tiles) and 18x18 pixels (1.125x1.125 tiles) for the regular and boss marks respectively.
  • The Archer familiar is able to destroy vines, plants and the Queen Bee larva.