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For the vanilla debuff page, see Daybroken.
Stardust Dragon.png
Type Debuff
Effects -100 life per second
Tooltip Incinerated by solar rays

Daybroken is a vanilla debuff that deals massive damage over time and prevents the natural life regeneration of anything it afflicts.


From Calamity Items[]

From Duration Chance
Draconic Destruction Draconic Destruction 10 seconds 100%
Dragon Pow Dragon Pow 8 seconds (Flail)
3 seconds (Orange spark)
Dragon Rage Dragon Rage 6 seconds (Blade) 100%
Drataliornus Drataliornus 8 seconds (Fireballs) 100%
Event Horizon Event Horizon 5 seconds 100%
Helium Flash Helium Flash 15 seconds (Projectile and explosion) 100%
Infernal Spear Infernal Spear 6 seconds 100%
Mourningstar Mourningstar 5 seconds 100%
Solstice Claymore Solstice Claymore 5 seconds (during day) 100%
The Burning Sky The Burning Sky 10 seconds 100%
The Wand The Wand 15 seconds 100%
Umbraphile armor Umbraphile armor 3 seconds (Explosion) 100%


  • This debuff has a typo in its tooltip in vanilla, misspelling "Incinerated" as "Incenerated". The Calamity Mod fixes this typo.