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Dedicated Items and Dedicated NPCs are items or NPCs which have been made for, or simply attributed to, certain people for any reason. Some reasons include being a developer for the mod, donating to the developers, or completing organized challenges.

There are 111 dedicated items in total (not including rogue class variants or the individual armor pieces from each of the dedicated armors).

There are 3 dedicated NPCs in total.



Name Dedicatee Reason
Abyss ShockerAbyss Shocker Xelo Patreon Donator
AestheticusAestheticus DevAesthetic Patreon Donator
Flurrystorm CannonFlurrystorm Cannon Guwahavel Patreon Donator
Halibut CannonHalibut Cannon TotalBiscuit/TotalHalibut Late Youtuber
Monstrous KnivesMonstrous Knives Ryan Baker-Ortiz Patreon Donator
Yateveo BloomYateveo Bloom Lilith Saintclaire Patreon Donator


Name Dedicatee Reason
Abandoned Slime StaffAbandoned Slime Staff YuH Patreon Donator
Caustic StaffCaustic Staff Commander Frostbite Patreon Donator
Corpus AvertorCorpus Avertor breadcrumbs Patreon Donator
Cryogenic StaffCryogenic Staff Cooper Developer
Infected RemoteInfected Remote ThomasThePencil Patreon Donator
KeelhaulKeelhaul Braden Hajer Patreon Donator
Kelvin CatalystKelvin Catalyst Random Weeb Patreon Donator
Marksman BowMarksman Bow Hyena Patreon Donator
OmnibladeOmniblade Omnir Influential Mod Creator
PlaguenadePlaguenade Ben Shapiro Patreon Donator
Resurrection ButterflyResurrection Butterfly Chipbeam Patreon Donator
RoxcaliburRoxcalibur Javyz Patreon Donator
Tenebreus TidesTenebreus Tides DevilSunrise Patreon Donator
Yanmei's KnifeYanmei's Knife Kamei Patreon Donator

Post-Moon Lord[]

Name Dedicatee Reason
Ace's HighAce's High BossyKitty/Preston Card Patreon Donator
Angelic ShotgunAngelic Shotgun Shotgun Angel Patreon Donator
ApotheosisApotheosis Terry N. Muse Hardcore DoG Spear Race and Developer
AtaraxiaAtaraxia Faye Patreon Donator
AuralisAuralis Goliath Patreon Donator
ContagionContagion Triactis/Tri Developer
Cosmic ShivCosmic Shiv Yatagarasu Patreon Donator
Dark SparkDark Spark Vorbis Patreon Donator
Deep Sea DumbbellDeep Sea Dumbbell Chaotic Reks Patreon Donator
Devil's SunriseDevil's Sunrise Lompl Allimath Patreon Donator
Divine RetributionDivine Retribution Pixlgray Patreon Donator
Dodu's HandcannonDodu's Handcannon Dodu Patreon Donator
Draconic DestructionDraconic Destruction Amadis Developer
Dragon PowDragon Pow Buildmonger Patreon Donator
DrataliornusDrataliornus Akeeli/Sygilin Revengeance Mode No-Hit
EarthEarth Earth Developer
Eclipse's FallEclipse's Fall Pinkie Death Mode No-Hit
EndogenesisEndogenesis Cooper Developer
EternityEternity Dominic Karma Developer
FabstaffFabstaff MountainDrew/Fabsol Developer
Face MelterFace Melter Krankwagon Patreon Donator
Flamsteed RingFlamsteed Ring IbanPlay Developer
Gael's GreatswordGael's Greatsword Leviathan Developer
GraxGrax Grox The Great Developer and Influential Mod Creator
Greatsword of BlahGreatsword of Blah Blahblahbal Influential Mod Creator
Handheld TankHandheld Tank Hannes Patreon Donator
Ice BarrageIce Barrage Elfinlocks Patreon Donator
Illustrious KnivesIllustrious Knives Phantasmal Deathray Developer
KarasawaKarasawa Rosalie Valentine Patreon Donator
Light God's BrillianceLight God's Brilliance Profoundmango69 Patreon Donator
Lion HeartLion Heart BakaQing Patreon Donator
Mad Alchemist's Cocktail GloveMad Alchemist's Cocktail Glove Arti Patreon Donator
NadirNadir Blackhand Patreon Donator
Nanoblack ReaperNanoblack Reaper Ozzatron Developer
Prideful Hunter's Planar RipperPrideful Hunter's Planar Ripper Fate Patreon Donator
Prismatic BreakerPrismatic Breaker Arche Princess Patreon Donator
Red SunRed Sun Spoopyro Developer
Rubico PrimeRubico Prime OnyxInc Patreon Donator
Scarlet DevilScarlet Devil Phupperbat Developer
Sealed SingularitySealed Singularity BobDude Patreon Donator
Soma PrimeSoma Prime Triactis/Tri Developer
Staff of BlushieStaff of Blushie Blushiemagic Developer
SvantechnicalSvantechnical Svante Developer
Temporal UmbrellaTemporal Umbrella Ben / Termi Developer
The Dance of LightThe Dance of Light RandomZachOfKindness Developer
The Final DawnThe Final Dawn Dan Yami Patreon Donator
The Last MourningThe Last Mourning Mister Winchester Patreon Donator
The OracleThe Oracle Arkhine Patreon Donator
The PackThe Pack Hans Volter Patreon Donator
Time BoltTime Bolt GlitchOut Patreon Donator
Triactis' True Paladinian Mage-Hammer of MightTriactis' True Paladinian Mage-Hammer of Might Triactis/Tri Developer
Tyranny's EndTyranny's End Inascet Patreon Donator
UltimaUltima Sarcosuchus Patreon Donator
VoidragonVoidragon DarkTiny Developer


Name Dedicatee Reason
Crystyl CrusherCrystyl Crusher Graydee Developer
GraxGrax Grox The Great Developer and Influential Mod Creator
Normality RelocatorNormality Relocator Gibb50 Patreon Donator


Name Dedicatee Reason
Demonshade armorDemonshade armor ThatTerrariaGuy/AstroKnight Developer
Forbidden CircletForbidden Circlet CrabBar Patreon Donator
Plaguebringer armorPlaguebringer armor Weavil Patreon Donator
Prismatic armorPrismatic armor Prism Patreon Donator


Name Visible on character Dedicatee Reason
Ace's Apron of AffectionAce's Apron of Affection Ace's Apron of Affection (equipped).png Jack M Sargent Patreon Donator


Name Pet Buff Dedicatee Reason
Bear's EyeBear's Eye BearBear Bear (buff) Lilac Vrt Olligoci Developer
Bloody VeinBloody Vein Mini PerforatorMini Perforator Blood Bound Larry Patreon Donator
Brimstone JewelBrimstone Jewel Supreme Calamitas (pet)Supreme Calamitas (pet) Supreme Calamitas (buff) jmWarrior13583 Patreon Donator
Charred RelicCharred Relic Brimling (Pet)Brimling (Pet) Brimling (buff) Phupperbat Developer
Cosmic PlushieCosmic Plushie Chibii DevourerChibii Devourer Chibii Devourer (buff) Terry N. Muse Revengeance Mode No-Hit and Developer
Forgotten Dragon EggForgotten Dragon Egg AkatoAkato Akato (buff) Frederik Henschel Patreon Donator
Fox DriveFox Drive Fox PetFox Pet Fox Pet (buff) RandomZachOfKindness Developer
Hermit's Box of One Hundred MedicinesHermit's Box of One Hundred Medicines Third Sage (Pet)Third Sage (Pet) Third Sage (buff) Mrrp Developer
Joyful HeartJoyful Heart Lad SharkLad Shark The Father Aleksh Developer and Donator
LeviLevi Levi (Pet)Levi (Pet) Levi (buff) Leviathan Developer
Primrose KeepsakePrimrose Keepsake Furtastic DuoFurtastic Duo Furtastic Duo (buff) Lilac Vrt Olligoci & LordMetarex Developer
Romajeda OrchidRomajeda Orchid KendraKendra Kendra (buff) LordMetarex Developer
Trash Can (pet)Trash Can (pet) Danny DevitoDanny Devito Danny Devito (buff) Uncle Danny Developer
Triboluminescent EtomerTriboluminescent Etomer Electric Troublemaker (pet)Electric Troublemaker (pet) Electric Troublemaker (buff) Ben / Termi Developer

Light Pets[]

Name Pet Buff Dedicatee Reason
Chromatic OrbChromatic Orb YuuYuu Dreamfog Bendy Patreon Donator
Enchanted ButterflyEnchanted Butterfly SparksSparks Sparks (buff) Jenonen Patreon Donator


Name Pet Buff Dedicatee Reason
BrimroseBrimrose Brimrose MountBrimrose Mount Brimrose Mount (buff) Phupperbat Developer
Folly FeedFolly Feed BumbledogeBumbledoge Bumbledoge (buff) BumbleDoge Patreon Donator
Gaze of CrysthamyrGaze of Crysthamyr Shadow Dragon (Mount)Shadow Dragon (Mount) Gaze of Crysthamyr (buff) Crysthamyr Patreon Donator
Princess Spirit in a BottlePrincess Spirit in a Bottle Alicorn MountAlicorn Mount Alicorn MountainDrew/Fabsol Developer
Suspicious Looking Jelly BeanSuspicious Looking Jelly Bean Squishy Bean MountSquishy Bean Mount Squishy Bean Ziggums Developer


Buff Visible on character Item Dedicatee Reason
Evasion Scarf Boost Evasion Scarf (equipped).png Evasion ScarfEvasion Scarf Mason Patreon Donor
Howl's Heart (buff) Tango Cross1.png Howl's HeartHowl's Heart Gilded Turtle Patreon Donor
Popo (buff) Noseless Popo Snowman transformation Snowman transformation (Noseless) Magic Scarf and HatMagic Scarf and Hat Popo Developer
The Profaned Soul Tango Cross1.png Profaned Soul ArtifactProfaned Soul Artifact MishiroUsui Patreon Donor
Devotion Profaned Soul Crystal (equipped) Profaned Soul CrystalProfaned Soul Crystal MishiroUsui Developer
Cozy Fire Heart Lamp (buff) Well Fed
Sharpened Ammo Box (buff) Clairvoyance Bewitched
The Camper (equipped) The CamperThe Camper Dzicozan Defeated DoG without moving


Name Dedicatee Reason
Shadowspec BarShadowspec Bar ThatTerrariaGuy/AstroKnight Developer


Food and Drinks[]

Buff Name Dedicatee Reason
Baguette (buff) Well Fed BaguetteBaguette Veine Patreon Donator


Name Dedicatee Reason
Blood RuneBlood Rune Elfinlocks Patreon Donator


Name Dedicatee Reason
Drunk PrincessDrunk Princess MountainDrew/Fabsol Developer
Fearless Goldfish WarriorFearless Goldfish Warrior looh Patreon Donator
PiggyPiggy Littlepiggy Patreon Donator


  • Most dedicated items have a unique rarity.
    • All Patreon donator items have a custom rarity, Rarity color donator.png.
    • Most developer items have a custom rarity, Rarity color 16.png.
      • Shadowspec Bars have the Rarity color 15.png Rarity.
      • A handful of developer weapons have custom rarities. These are detailed on the weapons' respective pages.