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Draconic Swarmer
Draconic Swarmer.png
AI TypeDraconic Swarmer AI
Damage110 / 220 / 242 / 255 (Contact)
165 / 330 / 363 / 382 (Charge)
Max Life12,000 / 24,000 / 30,000
KB Resist100%
Immune toAll debuffs except:
Ichor (debuff)Cursed InfernoExo FreezeAbyssal FlamesArmor CrunchDemon FlamesGod Slayer InfernoNightwitherShredWhispering DeathSilva StunShellfish ClapsEnragedCelledDryad's BaneOiledDaybrokenBetsy's CurseAstral Infection (debuff)War CleaveKami Flu

The Draconic Swarmer is a post-Moon Lord enemy that rarely spawns in the Surface Jungle, and Underground Jungle at an even rarer chance. It attacks by accelerating towards the player for a short time, pauses, and repeats. It is summoned by The Dragonfolly and is more aggressive during the fight.


  • Draconic Swarmers spawned by The Dragonfolly will not drop any Effulgent Feathers.
  • The Effulgent Feathers dropped by these enemies allow the player to craft the Dragon Egg used to summon Yharon, without needing to fight The Dragonfolly.


  • In previous versions of the mod, the Draconic Swarmer was exclusively a boss servant.
  • The Draconic Swarmer is referred to as 'BumbleFolly' and 'BumbleFuck2' in the mod's source files; BumbleFolly being a combination of both the current and previous names for The Dragonfolly.