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Revengeance Mode-Only Content: This information applies only to Revengeance Mode and Revengeance Mode worlds.
Draedon's Heart
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TooltipGives 10% increased damage while you have the absolute rage buff
Increases your chance of getting the absolute rage buff
Boosts your damage by 5% and max movement speed and acceleration by 5%
Rage mode does more damage
You gain rage over time
Converts certain debuffs into buffs and extends their durations
Debuffs affected: Darkness, Blackout, Confused, Slow, Weak, Broken Armor,
Armor Crunch, War Cleave, Chilled, Ichor and Obstructed
Receiving a hit causes you to only lose half of your max adrenaline rather than all of it
Standing still regenerates your life quickly and boosts your defense by 25
RarityRarity Level: 14
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Draedon's Heart is a craftable Revengeance Mode-exclusive post-Moon Lord accessory. While equipped the Rage Meter will gradually fill up at a rate of 60 per second as well as boosting the damage Rage Mode deals by 15% when activated. It also causes the player to receive 25 defense and rapidly regenerate health while standing still. It increases the player's damage and acceleration by 5%, causes damage taken while the player has their Adrenaline Meter full to only decrease the meter by 50%, and quintuples the likelihood of the player receiving the Absolute Rage buff, additionally increasing the player's damage by 10% while inflicted with it.

Additionally, the following debuff effects will be converted into net-positive effects while the player is afflicted by them:

  • Armor Crunch cancels defense and DR penalty and provides 15 defense.
  • Blackout cancels light reduction and gives +30 defense, +25% damage and +10% critical strike chance.
  • Broken Armor cancels defense penalty and gives +25% defense.
  • Chilled cancels movement penalty and provides 1.3x move speed.
  • Confused cancels reversed controls and gives +30 defense, +25% damage and +10% critical strike chance.
  • Darkness cancels light reduction and gives +15 defense, +10% damage and +5% critical strike chance.
  • Ichor gives +20 net defense.
  • Obstructed cancels vision obstruction and gives +50 defense, +50% damage and +25% critical strike chance.
  • Slow cancels movement penalty and provides 1.5x move speed.
  • War Cleave cancels defense and DR penalty and gives 10% damage reduction.
  • Weak gives +10% net melee damage, +10 net defense, and +20% net move speed.




  • While standing still, using an item prevents the defense and life regeneration buff.
  • The boosted life regeneration is overridden by the effects of the Shiny Stone, the Demonshade Breastplate, and Cosmic Freeze. However, it overrides the effects of Photosynthesis.
  • The speed and acceleration bonuses do not stack with those given by the Stress Pills.
  • Equipping Draedon's Heart does not prevent the player from being immune to the converted debuffs. The Ankh Shield and any of its related accessories will still provide immunity to the debuffs converted by Draedon's Heart, meaning the player will not receive the positive effects if they have both equipped.


  • The accessory is a reference to an ability Senator Armstrong from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance has where he can stand still to become near invincible and rapidly regenerate health similarly to the bonuses the player gains when standing still with the accessory equipped.