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Eidolon Tablet
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Use time45 Very Slow
RarityRarity Level: 9
SellNo value
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The Eidolon Tablet is a Hardmode summoning item that is dropped by Eidolists. If the Lunar Events are currently not active, it is used to summon the Lunatic Cultist near the player. Since this item can be obtained Pre-Golem, it can allow the player to fight the Lunatic Cultist and access the Celestial Pillars earlier before defeating Golem.

This item cannot be used if the Mysterious Tablet and its Cultists are present at the Dungeon. It also cannot be used if the Lunatic Cultist is alive or if the Celestial Pillars are active.


  • This is one of the two boss summoning items that are neither crafted nor bought, the other being the consumable version of the Profaned Core.