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Elemental Gauntlet
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TooltipMelee attacks and projectiles inflict most debuffs
15% increased melee speed, damage, and 5% increased melee critical strike chance
20% increased true melee damage
Temporary immunity to lava
Increased melee knockback
Provides heat and cold protection in Death Mode
RarityRarity Level: 14
Sell 36 Gold Coin.png

The Elemental Gauntlet is a craftable post-Moon Lord accessory that is the final upgrade to the Titan Glove and Feral Claws. It provides a 15% increase to melee speed and damage and a 5% increase to melee critical strike chance, a 20% increase to true melee damage, increases melee knockback, and gives the player temporary immunity to lava.

While wearing the Elemental Gauntlet, any enemy struck by a melee attack will be inflicted with these debuffs:

The combined effects of the debuffs cause the target foe to lose 505 health per second, have their defense cut in half, with an additional -28 defense and -25% damage reduction.


For a full crafting tree, see here.



  • The effects of this also apply to melee damage dealt by friendly NPCs.
  • The true melee damage bonus from the accessory does not stack with its Gauntlet-themed downgrades (Fire Gauntlet and lower).
    • However, Yharim's Insignia isn't affected by this, totalling 30% increased true melee damage when stacked.