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Elysian Guard
Elysian Guard.png
Type Buff
Buffed by Elysian Aegis or Asgardian Aegis
Effects Reduced movement speed and acceleration
Increased damage, critical strike chance, defense and enemy aggression
Tooltip Movement speed reduced, other stats buffed

Elysian Guard is a buff applied to the player when they press the Elysian Guard key while either the Elysian Aegis or Asgardian Aegis is equipped. It reduces movement speed by 15%, acceleration by 50% and increases enemy aggro up to 1,100, but increases all damage by 15%, all critical strike chance by 10%, and grants 40 defense.

As the shield provides an extremely fast shield dash, the speed penalties of activating Elysian Guard are usually negligible in combat.


  • The Elysian Guard buff will be deactivated when using Mounts.