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Eutrophic Ray
Eutrophic Ray.png
TypeFlying EnemyAquatic
EnvironmentSunken Sea
AI TypeEutrophic Ray AI
Damage40 / 80 / 96 / 105 (in Pre-Hardmode)
100 / 200 / 240 / 264 (in Hardmode)
Max Life150 / 300 (in Pre-Hardmode)
500 / 1000 (in Hardmode)
KB Resist100%
Immune toConfusedKami Flu
BannerEutrophic Ray BannerEutrophic Ray Banner

Eutrophic Rays are Pre-Hardmode enemies that spawn in the Sunken Sea biome. They are passive until attacked, and when aggressive, they charge at the player, passing through blocks. They can drop the Eutrophic Shank with a 1/3 (33.33%) chance.