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Exo Freeze
Exo Freeze.png
Type Debuff
Effects Target cannot move
Tooltip Cannot move

Exo Freeze is a debuff that makes the target completely unable to move for its duration. Almost all enemies are susceptible to this debuff, as well as some bosses. It is inflicted by several Exo weapons along with Apotheosis, Drataliornus, Endogenesis, Ice Barrage, and the Elemental Excalibur.

Exo Freeze does nothing while the Boss Rush is active.


From player

From Duration Chance
Apotheosis Apotheosis 2 seconds 3.33%
Celestus Celestus 0.5 seconds 100%
Cosmic Immaterializer Cosmic Immaterializer 0.5 seconds 100%
Drataliornus Drataliornus 0.5 seconds (Exo Beam) 100%
Elemental Excalibur Elemental Excalibur 1 second 100%
Endogenesis Endogenesis 1.5 seconds 100%
Exo Gladius Exo Gladius 0.5 seconds 100%
Exoblade Exoblade 0.5 seconds 100%
Heavenly Gale Heavenly Gale 0.5 seconds 100%
Ice Barrage Ice Barrage 0.5 seconds (Spell) 100%
Magnomaly Cannon Magnomaly Cannon 0.5 seconds 100%
Photoviscerator Photoviscerator 0.5 seconds 100%
Subsuming Vortex Subsuming Vortex 0.5 seconds 100%
Supernova Supernova 0.5 seconds 100%
Vivid Clarity Vivid Clarity 0.5 seconds 100%

Immune NPCs

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