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Fishing Poles
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Fishing Poles are used with Bait for Fishing. The Calamity Mod adds 9 new fishing rods, including 2 post-Moon Lord fishing poles.

Fishing Poles

Fishing Pole Source Fishing Power Rarity Value Bobber Notes and Effects
Wulfrum Fishing Pole Wulfrum Fishing Pole
9 Wulfrum Metal Scrap  @  Iron Anvil / Lead Anvil 10% Rarity Level: 1 20 Silver Coin.png Wulfrum Fishing Pole (bobber).png n/a
Navy Fishing Rod Navy Fishing Rod 5 Sea Prism + 8 Navystone  @  Iron Anvil / Lead Anvil 20% Rarity Level: 2 40 Silver Coin.png Navy Fishing Rod (bobber).png
  • Nearby enemies are damaged when held.
Heron Rod Heron Rod
7 Aerialite Bar + 5 Sunplate Block  @  Sky Mill 25% Rarity Level: 3 80 Silver Coin.png Heron Rod (bobber).png
  • Increased fishing power in Space.
Slurper Pole Slurper Pole
Soul Slurper
25% Rarity Level: 3 80 Silver Coin.png Slurper Pole (bobber).png
Verstaltite Fishing Rod Verstaltite Fishing Rod
8 Cryonic Bar  @  Mythril Anvil / Orichalcum Anvil 35% Rarity Level: 5 7 Gold Coin.png 20 Silver Coin.png Verstaltite Fishing Rod (bobber).png
Feral Double Rod Feral Double Rod
10 Perennial Bar  @  Mythril Anvil / Orichalcum Anvil 40% Rarity Level: 7 12 Gold Coin.png Feral Double Rod (bobber).png
  • Fires two fishing lines at once.
Rift Reeler Rift Reeler
Hotline Fishing Hook + 8 Scoria Bar  @  Mythril Anvil / Orichalcum Anvil 45% Rarity Level: 8 16 Gold Coin.png Rift Reeler (bobber).png
  • Fires three to five lines at once.
  • Can fish in lava.
Early Bloom Rod Early Bloom Rod
Wood Fishing Pole + 10 Uelibloom Bar  @  Ancient Manipulator 60% Rarity Level: 12 24 Gold Coin.png Early Bloom Rod (bobber).png
  • Fires six fishing lines at once.
  • Fishing line never snaps.
The Devourer of Cods The Devourer of Cods
10 Cosmilite Bar  @  Cosmic Anvil 75% Rarity Level: 14 36 Gold Coin.png The Devourer of Cods (bobber).png
  • Fires ten fishing lines at once.
  • Fishing line never snaps.
  • Can fish in lava.

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