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This item is dedicated to: CrabBar
Forbidden Circlet
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  • Forbidden Circlet equipped
  • Forbidden Circlet equipped (female)
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Set BonusPress Y to call an ancient storm to the cursor location
The ancient storm costs 60 mana and benefits from both summon and rogue bonuses
Rogue stealth strikes spawn homing eaters on enemy hits
Rogue and summon attacks will scale off of the stat with a higher boost
Rogue stealth builds while not attacking and slower while moving, up to a max of 40
Once you have built max stealth, you will be able to perform a Stealth Strike
Rogue stealth only reduces when you attack, it does not reduce while moving
The higher your rogue stealth the higher your rogue damage, crit, and movement speed
Body slotHelmet
Tooltip10% increased summon damage and 15% increased rogue velocity
RarityRarity Level: 5
Sell 5 Gold Coin.png
Summons Minion
Forbidden Sign
Forbidden Sign.png

The Forbidden Circlet is a Hardmode helmet armor piece and variant of the Forbidden armor. It grants 1 defense, 10% increased summon damage, and 15% increased rogue velocity.

When equipped with the Forbidden Robes and Forbidden Treads, the full set grants the following stats and bonuses (this includes the set bonus):

  • 21 defense
  • 10% increased summon damage
  • 15% increased rogue velocity
  • +80 max mana
  • +2 max minions
  • Gives a max stealth of 40.
  • Stealth strikes summon 6 homing Forbidden Eaters that each deal 40 typeless damage which can be affected by rogue damage bonuses, with a cooldown of 0.25 seconds. This effect only triggers for the first five enemies hit.
  • Pressing Armor Set Bonus will summon an Ancient Storm for 60 mana. The storm deals 100 base damage and is affected by mana cost reduction, mana sickness, summon damage bonuses, and rogue damage bonuses. The storm has a cooldown of 0.33 second before it can be summoned again.



Crafting Station
Mythril AnvilMythril Anvil
Orichalcum AnvilOrichalcum Anvil
Forbidden FragmentForbidden Fragment1
Any Adamantite BarAny Adamantite Bar10
Forbidden CircletForbidden Circlet1


  • Because the rogue damage boost from the stealth is higher than the summon damage boost from the armor, it will boost your summons. Because of this, consider using rogue damage boosts instead of summoner ones.
  • The tornado from this summon has excellent crowd control, and is very good against worm bosses such as The Destroyer.


  • The functionality of this item is a reference to the donor CrabBar's "DAD mode" (Death Mode-Armageddon-Defiled) YouTube series, in which he used a Summoner and Rogue (known as Throwing at the time) hybrid setup. This was intended to allow them to use Statis' Ninja Belt and Statis' Belt of Curses, which used to provide bonuses to both classes.
    • The donor intended this item to buff the Forbidden Armor's concept as a hybrid setup armor for Summoner and Rogue.
    • The center piece of circlet resembles a crab in reference to the donor's username.