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Death Mode-Only Content: This information applies only to Death Mode and Death Mode worlds.
Freezing Weather
Freezing Weather.png
Type Debuff
Effects Slow down the player over time
Tooltip The weather slows your movement as you freeze to death. You need to look for equipment to protect you from the cold.

Freezing Weather is a debuff caused being in a blizzard in Death Mode without any form of Cold Protection. It reduces the player's movement speed and acceleration by 0.0167% every second the player is active with this debuff. After 30 seconds, the player will be inflicted with the Frozen debuff, and will be killed 3 seconds later.

The timer is raised twice as fast while the player contacts water. The debuff is removed as soon as the player exits the Snow biome or obtains Cold Immunity. However, the decreased movement speed will slowly be removed over time rather than instantly.