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Fungal Clump (buff)
Fungal Clump (buff).png
Type Buff
Buffed by Wearing Fungal Clump or The Amalgam
Duration Infinite
Tooltip The fungal clump will protect you.
Summons Minion
Fungal Clump (minion)
Fungal Clump (minion).png

Fungal Clump is a buff acquired by equipping either the Fungal Clump or The Amalgam accessories. Having the buff applied summons a Fungal Clump minion that attaches to enemies, damaging them and spawning short ranged blue healing orbs that home in on the player and heal them for 2 life each.


  • The minion has a base damage of 10 when summoned by the Fungal Clump accessory, and has a base damage of 250 when summoned by The Amalgam. Its damage is unaffected by any of the player's damage-boosting equipment.
    • However, its damage is affected by the Revengeance Mode summon damage mechanic. As a result, it will deal decreased damage if the player is not holding a summon weapon.
  • Due to the healing orbs' limited range, the player must stand in close proximity to the minion in order to benefit from its lifesteal.
  • The minion behaves similarly to those produced by Dank Staff and Blood Clot Staff; when used with Dank Creeper or Blood Clot minions, the Fungal Clump is likely to "stack" with the other minions and move identically to them.