Gauss Rifle

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Gauss Rifle
  • Gauss Rifle.png
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Damage150 Ranged
Knockback30 (Insane)
Critical chance4%
Use time32 Slow
TooltipA large and slow weapon, the concussive force of its projectiles do well in clearing up large groups
Fires a devastating high velocity blast with absurd knockback
Current Charge: [CHARGE]
RarityRarity level: Draedon's Arsenal
Sell 16 Gold Coin.png

The Gauss Rifle is a craftable Hardmode ranged weapon. When used, it fires a high velocity stream of blue particles, exploding on impact with an enemy or blocks. It consumes charge on use.

The weapon consumes 0.1125 units of charge per use and has a maximum charge of 135.

Its best modifier is Unreal.

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