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Gem Tech armor
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Set BonusSix gem fragments idly orbit you; one for each class, and a base gem
A gem is lost when you take more than 100 damage in a single hit. The type of gem lost is the same as the class of the previous when you used
If said gem has already been lost, the base gem is lost instead
When a gem is lost, it breaks off and homes towards the nearest enemy or boss, if one is present, dealing a base of 40000 damage
Gems have a 30 second delay before they appear again
The red gem grants 130 maximum stealth, increased rogue stats, and makes stealth only consumable by rogue weapons
The yellow gem provides increased melee stats and makes melee attacks release shards on hit with a cooldown. This cooldown is shorter for true melee attacks
The green gem provides increased ranged stats and causes flechettes to fly swiftly towards targets when they are damaged by a ranged projectile
The blue gem grants 4 extra maximum minions, increased minion damage, and reduces the penalty for summoner items while holding a non-summoner weapon
The violet gem grants 100 extra maximum mana, increased magic stats, and makes mana rapidly regenerate when holding a non-magic weapon
The pink base gem grants 75 extra defense, extra damage reduction, increased movement speed, jump speed, and 2 life regen
When all gems exist simultaneously, hitting a target with any weapon grants you +2 life regen for 8 seconds
This is increased to +3 life regen if a weapon of another class is used during that 8 second period for 2.5 seconds
RarityRarity Level: 15
Sell 23 Platinum Coin.png 30 Gold Coin.png 52 Silver Coin.png (set)

Gem Tech armor is a post-Moon Lord armor set. It requires 38 Exo Prisms, 12 Galactica Singularities, and 9 Cores of Calamity to craft the entire set. The armor grants bonuses to all classes with its special set bonus.

It consists of a Gem Tech Headgear, Gem Tech Body Armor, and Gem Tech Schynbaulds.

The full set, excluding the set bonus, only grants 69 defense and no other stats.

Set Bonus

Most of the stats provided by the Gem Tech armor are from the set bonus effect. When the player equips the full set, six Trireme's Gems spawn and orbit around the player.

  • The Yellow Gem Yellow Gem increases melee damage by 45%, melee speed by 26%, and melee critical strike chance by 12%. Upon hitting an enemy with melee damage, seven gem shards are released outwards from the target, which each deals 825 melee damage. The on-hit effect has a cooldown of 5.5 seconds, but holding a true melee weapon causes the cooldown to pass twice as quickly.
  • The Green Gem Green Gem increases ranged damage by 50% and ranged critical strike chance by 16%. Upon hitting an enemy with ranged damage, Gem Tech FlechetteGem Tech Flechettes spawn from the player which aim towards enemies. The flechette deals 32% of the original projectile's damage with a softcap of 400. Flechettes will not spawn if more than eight flechettes are present.
  • The Violet Gem Violet Gem increases magic damage by 50%, magic critical strike chance by 16%, and maximum mana by 100. Holding any item that is not a magic weapon grants the player increased mana regeneration by 8.
  • The Blue Gem Blue Gem increases summon damage by 72% and minion slots by 4. It also reduces the summon damage penalty from -50% damage to -25% damage.
  • The Red Gem Red Gem increases rogue damage by 50%, rogue critical strike chance by 16%, and maximum rogue stealth by 130. Using any item that is not a rogue weapon will not consume stealth.
  • The Pink Gem Pink Gem increases defense by 75, damage reduction by 12%, life regeneration by 2, movement speed by 40%, and jump speed by 8%.

When all gems are present, any hit increases life regeneration by 2 for 8 seconds. If the player switches to another class while this buff is active, the player's life regeneration is further increased by 1 for 2.5 seconds.

If the player is hit for over 100 damage, a gem launches upward and homes into nearby targets. The gems that are launched deal 40,000 damage with the class type based on the type of the gem (Pink taking the average of all damage boosts). The type of gem lost is based on the previous class item that the player held. If the player has not held a weapon with any of the five classes or held a weapon of the class with the lost gem, the base pink gem is lost instead. Gems do not grant boosts while they are lost, and respawn 30 seconds after disappearing.


Gem Tech Headgear
  • Gem Tech Headgear.png
Body slotHelmet
TooltipThe Devil said: Revel in your victory; You've earned your damning. Pack your things and leave.
Sell 6 Platinum Coin.png 14 Gold Coin.png 88 Silver Coin.png
Gem Tech Body Armor
  • Gem Tech Body Armor.png
Body slotShirt
TooltipYou sunk low enough for me to reach.
Sell 9 Platinum Coin.png 79 Gold Coin.png 80 Silver Coin.png
Gem Tech Schynbaulds
  • Gem Tech Schynbaulds.png
Body slotPants
TooltipIf they hurt you, kick them down.
Sell 7 Platinum Coin.png 35 Gold Coin.png 84 Silver Coin.png