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Leviathan and Anahita
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The Leviathan and Anahita are a duo of bosses that are usually fought after Plantera, but can be fought anytime during progression. They are summoned by killing the ??? in the Ocean.

This guide will mention items exclusive to Expert and Revengeance Mode with no special formatting and will follow the intended progression.

Terrain Preparation[]

The Leviathan and Anahita are intended to be fought in the ocean, where the ??? will spawn. When making an arena for this fight, several rows of platforms with large gaps spanning 15-20 tiles in between should allow for adequate vertical movement. In addition, be sure to utilize the entire length of the ocean, as room for horizontal movement is very useful due to the immense size of the Leviathan.

Gearing Up[]



  • Most wings are suitable for this fight, though having a pair that have a special bonus with your armor set is extremely helpful.
  • The MOAB can be useful during this fight due to its extremely fast vertical acceleration.
  • Accessories that provide jump height and jump speed, such as the Aero Stone, Frog Leg and Grand Gelatin can be very helpful for this fight due to the speed of both bosses.
  • Angel Treads are extremely useful in dodging attacks due to the speed they give the player.
  • Dash items like the Asgard's Valor can be used for dodging attacks, but the Master Ninja Gear also includes a chance to dodge an attack.
  • Melee users should utilize the Bloody Worm Scarf for its powerful boosts.
  • Rangers should prioritize the Magic Quiver and Ranger Emblem for maximum damage.
  • The Mana Flower is a very useful accessory for mage players, while the Celestial Emblem provides increased damage.
  • For summoners, the Hallowed Rune can provide both damage and a wide array of buffs while Statis' Blessing provides extra damage and more minions.
  • The Vampiric Talisman provides lifesteal for rogue players and the Abyssal Mirror benefits stealth.




  • The Blossom Flux can potentially obliterate both Anahita and the Leviathan in conjunction with damage accessories, though be aware that as this is a legendary weapon, it can be very difficult to obtain.
  • The Snowman Cannon deals high damage to the bosses and also homes.
  • The P90 can be highly effective in this fight, especially when paired with accessories that give armor penetration.
  • The Sandstorm is an all around effective option for the two bosses.
  • The Sea's Searing is very effective against the Leviathan, due to her large size. However, as it is a legendary weapon, it can be difficult to obtain.
  • The Tactical Shotgun paired with Chlorophyte Bullets can deal massive amounts of damage.
  • The Marksman Bow is an effective weapon that can deal high damage to the bosses.


  • The Astralachnea Staff is a powerful weapon for mages due to the spread of its projectiles and homing ability.
  • The Blizzard Staff can be utilized during this fight, but will be most effective against the Leviathan due to its immense size.
  • The Everglade Spray is useful for applying debuffs.
  • The Lashes of Chaos can deal high damage to the Leviathan due to its large hitbox.


  • The Sand Sharknado Staff is useful during this fight due to the Sharknadoes providing high damage and fire rate.
  • The Entropy's Vigil is a weapon that deals high damage to both bosses


The Fight[]


The fight consists of two bosses, Anahita and The Leviathan, both of whom must be defeated. At the beginning of the fight, only Anahita is summoned, but when she reaches 40% health, she will become invulnerable and stop attacking until The Leviathan reaches 40%. Here, they both begin attacking the player until both are defeated. If the player leaves the Ocean biome, both bosses become invincible until the player returns.


At the start of the fight, Anahita will spawn with an ice shield that will block all non-minion piercing attacks. In order to damage her, the shield must be destroyed first and she will also regenerate the shield at least twice more after a set interval of time passes during the fight. Anahita has 3 attacks which will converge on the player's location:

  • 8 spears which appear in a circle around the player and will continue travelling for a while after converging.
  • 3 icicles which will begin homing in after converging.
  • 6 treble clefs which converge slower and inflict the Confused debuff for 2 seconds.

These attacks will be weaker when the Leviathan is alive and she is above 20% health. A sure-fire way to dodge these attacks is to travel diagonally as there are gaps in those areas in the attacks listed above. Anahita can also spawn Detonating Bubbles that inflict the Wet debuff. These projectiles can be destroyed by attacks, so using quickly firing attacks or piercing weapons can quickly remove these projectiles.

The Leviathan[]

The Leviathan will only spawn once Anahita reaches 40% health, who at this point will become invisible and stop attacking. The Leviathan tries to stay on one side of the player, only changing sides when the player crosses over. She will fire several meteors at the player which will inflict Armor Crunch, and can also spawn Aquatic Aberrations and Paraseas that will attack the player. These summons can add up, so focus on them and try to kill them as soon as possible. When below 40% / 70% health, The Leviathan will perform charges between meteor barrages, but will not perform them while she is above 20% health and Anahita is still alive. These meteors have short gaps in between them so it's easier to either fall or fly upwards for the entirety of the attack.

At 40% health, Anahita will appear again. If she is killed before The Leviathan, The Leviathan will become enraged and vice versa. Once both bosses are attacking the player, focusing one boss in particular is suggested due to the sheer number of projectiles that will be spawned.

Expert Mode[]

Anahita is more aggressive.

Revengeance Mode[]

In Revengeance Mode, The Leviathan can perform her charges once she reaches 75% health instead of 50%.

Death Mode[]

In Death Mode, both Anahita and The Leviathan are capable of using their charge attacks throughout the fight, regardless of their health. This means that the player must be ready to either fall or travel upwards once the bosses begin telegraphing their charges (Anahita becomes horizontal and The Leviathan will roar). Anahita will also spawn her bubbles faster, so the time she spends immobile is smaller. The Leviathan will also charge again after she first charges. In addition, both bosses are enraged meaning they deal more damage and are much faster.

General Tips[]