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This is a guide intended to give a rough outline of progression through the Calamity Mod. The mod adds several new points of progression and makes several changes to the base game's mechanics as well, which will be mentioned throughout this guide.


Getting Started[]


  • The player starts out with several items: the Starter Bag, Iron Heart and Revengeance. The bag contains weapons for each class in the game, as well as Death, Malice, and the Defiled Feather. Several of these items toggle unique difficulty modes:
    • Revengeance Mode and Death Mode are difficulty settings intended to be much more challenging than Expert Mode, introducing mechanics such as the Rage Meter and Adrenaline Meter, and new boss mechanics.
    • Malice Mode is a difficulty mode that makes bosses exponentially harder, giving them an "enraged" AI and heavily increasing their damage and projectile speed, but allows them to drop Challenge items and Legendary Challenge items.
    • The Defiled Feather disables the player's flight time.
    • The Iron Heart toggles a mode that prevents natural life regeneration, consumption of Recovery Potions, and increases damage taken depending on how much maximum health the player has.
    • Additionally, the Armageddon item may be crafted at an Altar, which allows bosses to instantly kill players in one hit but yields multiple Treasure Bags based on the difficulty mode they are fought in. These additional treasure bags can only be obtained if the boss is killed on the player's first attempt fighting them while this mode is enabled.
  • Certain mechanics featured by the mod can be changed in the configuration options file.

Pre-boss exploration[]


  • Killing enemies or damaging bosses yields proficiency, a new leveling system added by the mod. While the system isn't necessary to be able to progress, it grants several minor boosts to the player's stats.
  • The mod also adds a new Rogue class, which revolves around a stealth mechanic to deal extra damage.
  • Several items as well as modifiers have been rebalanced throughout progression.
  • All other changed mechanics can be referred to here.

Early boss progression[]

  • After obtaining as much loot as you can, you should head to the Desert or Underground Desert and fight the Desert Scourge.
    • Cnidrions are large dry seahorse-like enemies which fire a barrage of water bolts. While they are easy to kill by hiding as their bolts cannot penetrate blocks, be wary as they can fall from above and trap the player in confined areas.
    • Stormlions should be slain as they drop Stormlion Mandibles, which are necessary for the boss's summoning item.
  • When the Desert Scourge is defeated, the player may descend farther into the desert to enter the Sunken Sea.
    • In the Sunken Sea, most enemies are largely passive and will not attack the player unless provoked. The Giant Clam is a powerful miniboss that resides in this biome. The Sea King will spawn upon its defeat.
    • The Sea King sells many useful weapons as well as granting the Amidias' Blessing buff allowing underwater breathing.
  • After the Eye of Cthulhu is defeated, Acid Rain may occur naturally and the player is free to challenge its first tier in the Sulphurous Sea.
    • While the event is rather difficult, the Sulphuric Scales dropped by various enemies in the event can be used to craft powerful weapons as well as Sulphurous Armor.
    • While at the Sulphurous Sea, the player can loot Rusty Chests on the seafloor and in the caverns beneath it.
      • The player should be cautious to ensure they don't accidentally enter the Abyss at this point, as they are not yet properly equipped to handle the enemies within.
  • While optional, Crabulon is recommended to be fought at this point.
    • If a Glowing Mushroom biome has not been discovered yet, a Mushroom Planetoid can alternatively be used to build a small arena for him.
    • Aside from the usual weapons, Crabulon also drops a Mushroom Plasma Root in Revengeance Mode, which increases the duration of the Rage Mode buff by 1 second.
  • After defeating the Eater of Worlds/Brain of Cthulhu (and optionally, Queen Bee and the Old One's Army), The Hive Mind/The Perforators can be challenged.

Late boss progression[]

  • The next goal of the player should be to fight Skeletron and visit the Dungeon.
    • The Shadow Key will be required during the trip to the Abyss, so the player should prioritize finding it upon entering the dungeon. Alternatively, the player can craft a Shadow Key with a Golden Key, Obsidian, and Bones.
  • The Abyss is a large biome which sits right next to the Dungeon. While optional, it contains valuable loot which will prove to be useful against the next pair of bosses.
    • The player should build a house with a bed near the area, for the sake of convenience.
    • The entrance to the biome is located at the very bottom of the Sulphurous Sea.
    • Using the Shadow Key, the Shadow Chests should be opened to obtain several weapons, accessories and other helpful tools.
    • Entering the deeper parts is not recommended due to the multiple powerful enemies that may spawn in the area.
  • Afterwards, the player may be able to defeat The Slime God.
    • While this boss can be skipped and fought later, the loot and the crafted Statigel set is considered valuable against the final boss of this section of the game.
    • The boss also drops the Electrolyte Gel Pack in Revengeance Mode, which increases the damage of Adrenaline Mode by 15% and increases how much damage reduction the player gains when hit while the meter is full by 5%.
  • The last step is to prepare for and defeat the Wall of Flesh, and then enter Hardmode.
    • Be wary as the mod changes lava mechanics, buffing the hazard and removing full immunity. If this is not preferred, the player may disable this in the configuration options.
    • Aside from new weapons, the boss also drops a Rogue Emblem for the rogue class and a Demon Trophy which multiplies the world's enemy spawn rates by 1.25.
    • The player should be cautious to ensure they don't accidentally enter the Brimstone Crag at this point, as they are not yet properly equipped to handle the enemies within.


Early-Hardmode boss progression[]

  • The Cosmolight is now obtainable, allowing the player to change the time from night to day, and vice versa.
  • Three new bosses become available: Cryogen, Aquatic Scourge and Brimstone Elemental. The three of them are fought between each Mechanical Boss fight, but the player may choose to fight them in any order. These bosses are not required for progression, but the gear they drop and unlock can aid in the upcoming fights.
    • Defeating Cryogen spawns Cryonic Ore in the Ice biome for the Daedalus set.
      • The Archmage NPC spawns as well and sells various items and weapons.
    • Defeating Aquatic Scourge unlocks the second tier of the Acid Rain.
      • This tier unlocks new weapons for the player to aid in the upcoming fights.
    • The second tier of the Old One's Army may also be fought, as the Sentry accessories are recommended for Summoners.
  • After all six bosses have been defeated, the player is recommended to fight either Calamitas or Plantera.
  • After defeating Calamitas, the middle area of the Abyss may now be explored, in order to hunt for Depth Cells, Lumenyl, and dig for Tenebris.
    • Be very careful within this area of the Abyss, as enemies can very easily overpower you, and the lack of significant lighting can make escaping the Abyss difficult under pressure.
    • The materials here are used in gear both now and later on.

Post-Plantera boss progression[]

Post-Moon Lord[]

Post-Providence, the Profaned Goddess[]

  • The Uelibloom set is now available, allowing the Player to obtain Tarragon armor.
    • An Elderberry can now be crafted which further again increases the player's max life by 25 HP.
  • Several previous bosses, as well as enemies in the Brimstone Crag, become buffed and will now drop Bloodstone, allowing the player to create some of the items in the Bloodstone set.
    • In Revengeance Mode, the Brimstone Elemental will also now drop the Brimrose, which is a powerful mount that allows for infinite flight.
    • The Ravager will also now drop its Expert mode item, the Bloodflare Core.
  • Providence will drop the Rune of Kos, which is used to fight the three Sentinels of the Devourer.
  • Polterghast is now recommended to be fought, and upon its death, the bottom layer of the Abyss will open up, allowing the player to obtain several powerful weapons and accessories.
    • After defeating Polterghast, you can fight the 3rd tier of Acid Rain and challenge The Old Duke.
    • Polterghast will drop the final Adrenaline upgrade in Revengeance Mode, the Ectoheart, which increases the damage of Adrenaline Mode by 15% and increases how much damage reduction the player gains when hit while the meter is full by 5%.
    • Polterghast will also drop Ruinous Souls, which is used to craft Bloodflare armor, Omega Blue armor, several additional weapons, and the Phantom Heart, which is the final mana upgrade.
  • You can now find the Terminus item at the bottom of the Abyss, which starts the Boss Rush event, although it is recommended that this be challenged once Supreme Calamitas and the Exo Mechs have been defeated.
  • Upon defeating all three Sentinels of the Devourer, the Cosmic Worm can now be crafted, which is used to summon The Devourer of Gods.

Post-The Devourer of Gods[]

  • After defeating The Devourer of Gods, many things will happen:
  • Now, Jungle Dragon, Yharon should be challenged.

Post-Jungle Dragon, Yharon[]

Post-Supreme Calamitas/Exo Mechs[]

  • The Brimstone Witch NPC can spawn once Supreme Calamitas is defeated. She can enchant the player's weapons to give them new and powerful effects.
  • Upon defeating the Exo Mechs, Exo Prisms will be dropped and Miracle Matter can be crafted, allowing the to player combine the Ancient Manipulator, Cosmic Anvil, Hardmode Forge, and Tinkerer's Workshop to obtain Draedon's Forge and craft several Exo-Weapons.
  • Materials dropped by both Supreme Calamitas and the Exo Mechs allow for Shadowspec Bars to be crafted, used to craft endgame-tier items, allowing the player to obtain Demonshade armor, it is at this point that the player should be strong enough to face off against the Boss Rush.
    • Upon defeating the Boss Rush, the player can obtain a special reward, with most playthroughs ending at this point.
  • While optional, the player can head to the Abyss and attempt to defeat the Adult Eidolon Wyrm.

The Endgame[]

After the player defeats the Boss Rush, they are in the endgame now. At this point, the player has several options of where to keep going, including playing other mods or starting over their adventure with the Calamity Mod as a different class.

Some things you can try:

  • Attempt no-hitting all bosses in Revengeance Mode, Death Mode or Malice Mode.
  • Complete all Angler fishing quests added by the Calamity Mod.
  • Construct buildings or settings from the Lore such as the Sea Kingdom or the Archmage's castle.
  • Try to beat Revengeance Mode or Death Mode without rage or Adrenaline.
  • Beat multiple bosses at once.
  • Defeat the Adult Eidolon Wyrm.
  • Do an Iron Heart playthrough.
  • Learn speedrunning.
  • Create pixel art of content added by the Calamity Mod.
  • Acquire every single weapon and tool.
  • Acquire every single Challenge item and Legendary Challenge item.
  • Obtain every single armor and vanity set.
  • Gather up every single accessory.
  • Collect every single Trophy, Boss Mask and Banner.
  • Gather up every single Music Box.
  • Play through the entire game on Revengeance/Death/Malice Mode with Armageddon and/or Defiled Feather toggled on.
  • Seek out the rarest items in the mod, such as the Halibut Cannon, Yharim's Crystal or Eidolon Wyrm Juvenile Banner.
  • Mine out every single ore that the Calamity Mod adds.
  • Suggest ideas in the Calamity Mod Discord.
  • Find bugs and glitches so the mod developers can fix them for everyone's benefit.
  • Create a wardrobe of different costumes that resemble certain characters.
  • Dig out every single block in a world.
  • Prepare for future updates.
  • Contribute to the Wiki!

The Calamity Mod is an ever-changing project, with more content to come in the future for both the current progression of the Mod and beyond Supreme Calamitas. The player can prepare themselves for when the mod updates to add bosses and/or events such as Yharim himself.

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