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Supreme Calamitas is one of the final Post-Moon Lord bosses that you will face in your playthrough. She is widely considered one of the mod's toughest challenges, and preparation will greatly help with defeating her, especially on higher difficulties. Supreme Calamitas can be summoned by using Ashes of Calamity or a Ceremonial Urn at an Altar of the Accursed.

This guide will mention items exclusive to Expert and Revengeance Mode with no special formatting and will follow the intended progression.

Terrain Preparation

The first thing you will want to do is to create a platform in the air where you want your arena to be, around 6 blocks long. Place the Altar of the Accursed in the middle.

Upon spawning, Supreme Calamitas will create a 159x159 / 127x127 (inner available area 157x157 / 125x125) square arena made of unbreakable Arena Blocks. Leaving it will cause Supreme Calamitas to enrage, speeding up all of her projectiles significantly and giving her 99% damage reduction.

Even though Supreme Calamitas creates an arena for you, there is still work that can be done to make the overall fight smoother. One very important addition is adding thick walls (around 50 blocks) to the sides of the arena (or alternatively, around 5 layers of blocks, 10 blocks apart each). This causes the BrimstoneGigaBlastBrimstone Fireblasts and BrimstoneFireblastBrimstone Gigablasts that spawn above the player in later bullet hells to explode as soon as they spawn, making the darts much easier to dodge. This also applies to the Brimstone Gigablasts that Supreme Calamitas fires at the player.

Avoid placing long platforms in the middle of the arena, as they will do nothing but slow you down. The player should have more than enough flight time to rely on wing flight.

Minecart Tracks or Ropes may be additionally placed throughout the entire arena to aid in resetting flight time with a hook, and to give the player more control during bullet hells. They should be painted with Shadow Paint to reduce visual clutter.

Gearing Up


Auric Tesla armor is the preferred choice for all classes.

Gem Tech armor is another choice, geared towards multiclass players.



  • Drew's Wings are the preferred choice over Celestial Tracers for this fight. They offer increased control and a higher flight time.
  • The Asgardian Aegis or the Statis' Void Sash allow the player to make sharp turns, which can be useful for dodging Supreme Calamitas' dashes.
    • The Asgardian Aegis additionally provides a ram and immunity to knockback.
    • Statis' Void Sash additionally provide a guaranteed ninja dodge every 90 seconds and increased jump acceleration.
    • Note that a dash is not essential for this fight and can actually harm the player should they accidently dash during a bullet hell. If using a dash is giving you trouble, consider forgoing it and saving an accessory slot.


  • The Sponge, Core of the Blood God, and the Rampart of Deities are all great defensive accessories that will substantially increase the player's survivability.
  • The Community is a great all-around accessory that boosts offensive and defensive stats as well as reducing the damage dealt by Vulnerability Hex.
    • Note that it provides a lot of extra movement speed, which may not be desired should you want more precise movement.
  • Affliction is a good accessory that provides both offensive and defensive buffs.


  • Melee players should use the Elemental Gauntlet for its strong melee boosts as well as increased immunity frames.
  • Ranged players should use the Elemental Quiver, as it works well in boosting damage output.
  • Magic players should use the Ethereal Talisman for its magic damage and crit chance boosts as well as helping maintain mana when combined with Supreme Mana Potions.
  • Summoners can boost their minion count and damage with the Nucleogenesis.
  • Rogue users will find the Nanotech useful to boost their damage output.
  • The Dimensional Soul Artifact provides a very large boost to damage for all classes but comes with a punishing 15% increase to damage taken. Only use it if you are very familiar with this boss and confident in your ability.


The weapons made from Auric Bars are typically the best options for the fight. Note that some of these weapons require defeating the Exo Mechs, which are on the same tier as Supreme Calamitas. Thus, one boss' drops can greatly help with defeating the other.

Keep in mind that Supreme Calamitas has relatively little health compared other bosses on tier but makes up for this with many invulnerable phases. Because of this, a weapon with very high DPS is not as important as other fights.


  • The Ark of the Cosmos's range, homing, and high DPS should make the fight fairly straight-forward for Melee users.
  • The Murasama's large range and high damage makes it incredibly useful for taking out the Brimstone Hearts and Soul Seekers, as it can one or two-shot both of these enemies.
  • The Dragon Rage is also excellent for taking out the Brimstone Hearts.
  • The Photon Ripper is a good option for disposing of Brimstone Hearts and Soul Seekers due to its area damage.
  • The Spine of Thanatos has great damage as well as homing projectiles and is useful at all stages of the fight.
  • The Exoblade has a high raw damage stat as well as providing healing to the player. It deals extraordinary damage to the Brimstone Hearts.
  • The Ataraxia is another option similar to the Exoblade that also performs well against the Brimstone Hearts.
  • The Exo Gladius is a good choice and has homing capabilities.
  • The Oracle and Dragon Pow are additional options as well, each with their own unique quirks.


  • The Photoviscerator deals extremely high DPS and homes.
  • The Chicken Cannon is extremely useful for taking out the Brimstone Hearts and can take care of the Soul Seekers in a matter of seconds.
  • Drataliornus can deal massive damage to Supreme Calamitas, but it requires the user to charge it up to perform at its full power. Getting hit will reset this charge. Additionally, it deals poor damage to the Brimstone Hearts and Soul Seekers.
  • Heavenly Gale, especially combined with the Elemental Quiver, is a strong option with some good aim. It is a good option for killing the Brimstone Hearts.
  • The Surge Driver provides excellent DPS and is great for disposing of Soul Seekers.
  • The Magnomaly Cannon is a good weapon for killing the Soul Seekers or the Brimstone Hearts.
  • Tyranny's End can deal good damage to Supreme Calamitas if a high critical strike chance is prioritized and used alongside Daawnlight Spirit Origin.


  • The Subsuming Vortex is usually the best overall choice providing homing and automatically inflicting Ichor.
    • Note that it can cause visual clutter due to the very large projectiles.
  • Vivid Clarity is an additional option that can have massive damage spikes, but it does not have homing and requires aim.
  • Yharim's Crystal is an extremely powerful option that decimates the Brimstone Hearts and Seekers as well as being able to deal respectable damage to Supreme Calamitas. However, it requires the user to charge it up and consumes obscene amounts of mana, requiring the player to stock up on Supreme Mana Potions and equip the Ethereal Talisman.
  • The Tesla Cannon is a slow, but powerful choice for this class due to the raw damage output and the ability to hit several Brimstone Hearts or Supreme Soul Seekers with one shot.
  • The Wand is a very slow but very powerful weapon that can yield large amounts of damage when used correctly. It can be used along with the player's primary weapon to provide extra DPS.
  • Void Vortex is also a very strong option if the player decides to face Supreme Calamitas before the Exo Mechs.



  • The Celestus provides good DPS and inflicts Ichor. It is especially useful against Brimstone Hearts and Soul Seekers.
  • The Supernova has outstanding damage output but has a heavy arc that can make it hard to aim and produces a great deal of visual pollution.


  • Binoculars can be useful during some bullet hell segments to increase reaction time. This can also be accomplished with the Sniper Scope.
  • The Draconic Elixir when paired with Auric Tesla armor is invaluable.
  • The Rod of Discord or the Normality Relocator are very strong tools as they allow instantaneous teleportation.
  • Portal Gun Stations can be used as a means of teleporting allowing instantaneous ascent or descent. This is particularly valuable in the final bullet hell.
  • The Well Fed buff provides a useful all-around stat boost.
    • Yharim's Stimulants are also vital for any class due to its high buffs to both defense and offense.
  • If the Exo Mechs have been defeated, the Exo Box is a great mount for maneuverability, making maneuvering during the bullet hells much easier.

The Fight

While you may be tempted to run in blindly and reactively dodge projectiles, taking a more calculated approach to this fight will allow the player to defeat her much more easily. Supreme Calamitas is a very consistent boss, usually acting the exact same way giving the same circumstances. Knowing what she will do next and where you need to go can drastically improve your chances of victory, especially on higher difficulties and/or with certain constraints.

This fight rundown will assume you built your arena according to the Terrain Preparation section in this guide.


Supreme Calamitas has a set pattern that she will follow throughout the fight. She has 4 attacks.

The mobile attack has Supreme Calamitas fly above the player, shooting 3-4 bursts of BrimstoneBarrageBrimstone Darts. A burst may be randomly replaced by either a BrimstoneGigaBlastBrimstone Fireblast or a BrimstoneFireblastBrimstone Gigablast.

  • The Hellblast attack has Supreme Calamitas maintain a set distance away to the left or right of you, rapidly firing BrimstoneHellblastBrimstone Hellblasts.
    • To dodge this attack, move slowly upwards or downward. If you are about reach the ceiling or floor while she's still doing this attack, quickly fly up or fall down to give yourself more space to dodge the next Hellblast. Alternatively, you can teleport down with the Rod of Discord or the Normality Relocator.
  • The Gigablast attack has Supreme Calamitas maintain a set distance away, a bit farther out than the Hellblast attack, slowly firing BrimstoneFireblastBrimstone Gigablasts.
    • Making her move inside a wall will cause the Gigablast to explode immediately, making the dart explosion easier to dodge.
    • If you can, try to manipulate them to explode as far away from you as possible, making the darts that explode from them easier to dodge.
    • During this attack, it is very easy to get Supreme Calamitas to stay still, potentially allowing the player to deal massive damage depending on their weapon.
  • The charging attack consists of Supreme Calamitas concentrating her force field into a skull and making multiple charges at the player. As a telegraph, she will turn transparent during the attack before her charge attack.
    • Try to get as far away from Supreme Calamitas as you can to avoid her charges.

Supreme Calamitas has a constant attack cycle which only interrupts when she is not attacking at all. Neither going through bullet-hell phases, nor switching to her second phase changes the current position in this cycle. It repeats once it is finished. Memorizing the entire attack cycle is not completely necessary, but is still a valuable thing to know, as you can predict what the boss will do next and react accordingly.

Her attack cycle is as follows:

  1. Mobile
  2. Hellblast
  3. Gigablast (2 fired)
  4. Charge (4 times, 2 times in the second phase)
  5. Gigablast (2 fired)
  6. Hellblast
  7. Mobile
  8. Charge (2 times, once in the second phase)
  9. Mobile
  10. Hellblast
  11. Gigablast (4 fired)
  12. Hellblast
  13. Charge (2 times, once in the second phase)
  14. Mobile
  15. Gigablast (4 fired)
  16. Charge (4 times, 2 times in the second phase)
  17. Mobile
  18. Charge (2 times, once in the second phase)
  19. Mobile
  20. Charge (2 times, once in the second phase)

The only variance to her pattern of attacks is that she will always perform a mobile attack immediately after entering Phase 2 at 40% health. Afterwards, she will resume her pattern. Additionally, during bullet hells, Supreme Calamitas will stop moving, lay still, and be completely invincible. When a bullet hell ends, she will immediately resume her pattern and become vulnerable again. Be careful as this can cause her to shoot BrimstoneHellblastBrimstone Hellblasts at awkward angles or cause her to lunge in a way she normally would not.

The Fight

The fight immediately begins with a Bullet Hell, have randomized patterns and are not exactly the same each fight. There are 5 Bullet Hells in total in the fight, and each last 15 seconds. During Bullet Hells, Supreme Calamitas is invulnerable and deals no contact damage. Bullet Hell One consists of:

  • Hellblasts slowly moving downward with additional ones from the left and right for the first 5 seconds.
  • Hellblasts coming only from the left and right for the next 5 seconds.
  • Hellblasts moving downward, left, and right with a greater density for the last 5 seconds.

It is very important to master this part of the fight, as the projectiles here do enormous damage, much more than Supreme Calamitas' normal attacks. For the third section, slowly moving downward can prevent the Hellblasts from above from reaching you. Hooking on rails will also help greatly with control.

When the first Bullet Hell is completed, Supreme Calamitas spawns Sepulcher along with ten Brimstone Hearts, at the top of the arena. Sepulcher itself is invulnerable and flies around the arena, following the player. It does not deal contact damage, but periodically fires BrimstoneBarrageBrimstone Darts. Killing all ten Brimstone Hearts kills the Sepulcher, which must be defeated in order for Supreme Calamitas to be vulnerable. Supreme Calamitas will attack at a decreased rate when Sepulcher is alive. Kill the hearts quickly, as the longer Sepulcher is left alive, the more Brimstone Darts it will fire, which can get in the way of dodging the boss' attacks.

At 75% health, Supreme Calamitas enters Bullet Hell Two, which consists of:

  • Hellblasts moving up for the first 5 seconds
  • Hellblasts moving from the left for the next 5 seconds
  • Hellblasts moving from the left and the right for the last 5 seconds.

Additionally, four BrimstoneGigaBlastBrimstone Fireblasts will fire throughout the Bullet Hell. One will come from the top, then two from the right, then another from the top. Remain in the top right-hand corner of the arena, as this will make them explode off screen, making them much easier to dodge.

At 50% health, Supreme Calamitas enters Bullet Hell Three, which consists of:

  • Hellblasts moving down for the first 5 seconds
  • Hellblasts moving from the right for the next 5 seconds
  • Hellblasts moving from the left and the right for the last 5 seconds.

Additionally, pairs of BrimstoneGigaBlastBrimstone Fireblasts and BrimstoneFireblastBrimstone Gigablasts will fire from the top of the screen. There are 3 pairs, with the fourth one only containing a Fireblast (the Bullet Hell ends before the Gigablast explosion can reach the player). Remain at the top of the arena so that they can explode off screen.

At 45% health, Supreme Calamitas will summon her brothers, Supreme Cataclysm and Supreme Catastrophe. Supreme Cataclysm will remain a fixed distance away on the right, slowly moving up and down, while firing Supreme Cataclysm Fist Alt Supreme Cataclysm Fistfists

Supreme Catastrophe will remain a fixed distance on the left, slowly moving up and down inversely to Supreme Cataclysm, while firing Supreme Catastrophe Top Slash Supreme Catastrophe Bottom Slashslashes.

Both periodically release a burst of BrimstoneBarrageBrimstone Darts. Killing one brother enrages the other, making him move up and down faster and shoot projectiles more frequently. They must be killed in order to move on. For this phase, slowly move up and down, using the Rod of Discord or the Normality Relocator if there is a group of projectiles blocking your movement. Focus your fire on Supreme Cataclysm (the brother to the left) first, as the slashes are harder to dodge than the fists.

At 40% health, Supreme Calamitas will transition to Phase 2. She will attack faster but perform half as much charge attacks in a row. Upon transitioning, she will immediately perform a mobile attack before continuing to resume her pattern.

At 30% health, Supreme Calamitas enters Bullet Hell Four, which consists of:

  • Hellblasts moving up for the first 5 seconds
  • Hellblasts moving from the left for the next 5 seconds
  • Hellblasts moving from the left and the right for the last 5 seconds.

Pairs of Fireblasts and Gigablasts are fired here too, just like in Bullet Hell Three.

Additionally, in Expert or higher, 2 / 4 BrimstoneMonsterBrimstone Monsters will spawn from the top of the screen. They will move toward the player, dealing extremely high contact damage. They will persist for the rest of the fight and are invulnerable. Stay at the top of the arena until the Brimstone Monsters force you down.

After this bullet hell ends, you should always be circling around the arena. Try to not turn around and circle the other way unless you get blocked by a Brimstone Monster or Supreme Calamitas and her projectiles. It is recommended to try to keep circling in a counter-clockwise direction, as it will make the final bullet hell phase a bit easier to manage.

At 20% health, Supreme Calamitas will summon a ring of Supreme Soul Seekers. They synchronously fire BrimstoneBarrageBrimstone Darts at the player every three seconds, starting with when they spawn. With such a large number of projectiles, they can cause serious trouble in conjunction with Supreme Calamitas' normal attacks. Weapons with piercing and a large range of attack are the best options for disposing of them. If playing on Revengeance or higher, using Adrenaline or Rage is a very good idea. All the Seekers must be defeated in order to continue damaging the boss.

At 10% health, Supreme Calamitas enters her the final bullet hell. This bullet hell features all projectiles featured in previous bullet hells, with the addition of BrimstoneWaveBrimstone Flame Skulls, which fly in a wave pattern. To dodge this bullet hell, it is typically best to circle in a counter-clockwise motion around the arena. As this is the hardest attack in the entire fight, Melee, Ranged, and Rogue players can use the God Slayer Dash to get out of sticky situations, while Mages and Summoners may want to save their Silva Revive for here to take full advantage of the Silva Invulnerability. The Rod of Discord or Normality Relocator are invaluable tools in this section, as if you are in a tight spot or if a Brimstone Monster is about to hit you, you can teleport to a safer spot.

At 8% health, Supreme Calamitas will spawn Sepulcher and the ten Brimstone Hearts once again. The attack rate of Supreme Calamitas will slow down as a result. With the added pressure of the BrimstoneMonsterBrimstone Monsters, many weapons that worked for the first Sepulcher phase, such as Photoviscerator and Yharim's Crystal, are much less effective. Homing weapons, such as Ark of the Cosmos are typically the best option. It is important to keep in mind where Sepulcher spawns in order to avoid the worm.

At 1% health, Supreme Calamitas will cease attacking, become invulnerable, and begin a brief monologue. The Brimstone Monsters will also despawn. Make sure to dodge any last stray darts that may still be on screen before celebrating over your victory. After her monologue is over, Supreme Calamitas will reappear at the Altar as the Brimstone Witch NPC, leaving her loot there as well.

General Tips

  • What attacks Supreme Calamitas at certain points in the fight will vary based on how quickly you are progressing through it. If you want to change this "cycle" to avoid unfavorable situations (such as a Gigablast fired right before a Bullet Hell), try doing more or less DPS.
  • The Slimy Saddle or the Suspicious Looking Jelly Bean can be used to quickly fall away from a tight space if Chaos State is still active. Note that if your arena is filled with rails, you will need to bind your minecart key to a different button.
  • The importance of the Rod of Discord or Normality Relocator in this fight cannot be understated. Do not be afraid of using it throughout the fight if you ever find yourself in even the possibility of a bad situation.
    • The Normality Relocator is more of a sidegrade than a direct upgrade to the Rod of Discord. While it has the advantage of being bound to a hotkey and can be used even when using a weapon with slow use time, it has a cooldown that is 50% longer than the Rod of Discord's (15 seconds instead of 10). The increase fall speed also might be unfavorable in certain situations.