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Supreme Calamitas is usually the final Post-Moon Lord boss that you will face in your playthrough. Supreme Calamitas will inflict debuffs that hinder your movement and heavily reduce your health, such as Abyssal Flames and Vulnerability Hex. Supreme Calamitas is summoned by using a Ceremonial Urn at any time.

This guide will mention items exclusive to Expert and Revengeance Mode with no special formatting and will follow the intended progression.

Terrain Preparation[]

Upon spawning, Supreme Calamitas will create a 159x159 (inner available area is 157x157) rectangular arena made of unbreakable Arena Blocks. Leaving it will cause Supreme Calamitas to enrage, speeding up her Brimstone Hellblasts significantly and giving her 99% damage reduction.

  • In Death Mode, the box size is reduced to 127x127 (inner available area is 125x125).

It is recommended to build a single platform through the middle of the arena to summon Supreme Calamitas. It also is recommended to build a platform near the top of the arena. Minecart Tracks may be additionally placed throughout the arena to aid in resetting flight time with a hook.

Another important addition to the arena are thick walls beyond the Arena Blocks that Supreme Calamitas will summon. In bullet hell segments, the thick walls will cause BrimstoneGigaBlastBrimstone Fireblasts and BrimstoneFireblastBrimstone Gigablasts to explode off screen, allowing more reaction time.

Gearing Up[]


Auric Tesla armor is the preferred choice for all classes.



The weapons made from Auric Bars are typically the best options for the fight.


  • The Ark of the Cosmos's range, homing, and DPS should make the fight fairly straight-forward for Melee users.
  • The Ataraxia is another option similar to the Exoblade that also performs well against the Brimstone Hearts.
  • The Exoblade has a high raw damage stat as well as providing healing to the player. It deals extraordinary damage to the Brimstone Hearts.
  • The Exo Gladius is a viable choice for this fight due to Supreme Calamitas' movement patterns positioning herself perpendicular to the player. Combined with the high homing capabilities of the weapon, you can focus more on dodging than aiming.
  • The Murasama's large range and high damage makes it incredibly useful for taking out the Brimstone Hearts and Soul Seekers, as it can one or two-shot both of these enemies.
  • The Oracle and Dragon Pow are additional options as well, each with their own unique quirks.


  • The Chicken Cannon is extremely useful for taking out the Brimstone Hearts and can take care of the Soul Seekers in a matter of seconds.
  • Drataliornus can deal massive damage to Supreme Calamitas, but it requires the user to charge up and has severe backfire if the player is hit. Additionally, it deals poor damage to the Brimstone Hearts and Soul Seekers.
  • Heavenly Gale, especially combined with the Elemental Quiver, is a strong option with some good aim. It is the best weapon for killing the Brimstone Hearts.
    • The best ammunition for Heavenly Gale and Drataliornus are Bloodfire Arrows as they have the highest base damage.
  • The Magnomaly Cannon is a good weapon for killing the Soul Seekers or the Brimstone Hearts.
  • Photoviscerator is an extremely good alternative to Heavenly Gale. It has comparable DPS as well as automatically inflicting Ichor.
  • Tyranny's End can also deal massive damage to Supreme Calamitas if a high critical strike chance is prioritized.


  • The Hadopelagic Echo can deal a ton of damage against Supreme Calamitas' phase 1 and her brothers if they're properly lured into the stacks of sound waves.
  • Subsuming Vortex is usually the best overall choice providing homing and automatically inflicting Ichor.
  • Vivid Clarity is an additional option that can have massive damage spikes, but it requires high skill to use properly.
  • The Void Vortex is another excellent option due to its high damage output, especially when the orbs are closer to one another. Additionally, it can destroy the brimstone hearts quickly.
  • Yharim's Crystal is an extremely powerful option that decimates the Brimstone Hearts as well as dealing enormous damage to Supreme Calamitas. However, it requires the user to charge up and it consumes obscene amounts of mana requiring the player to stock up on Supreme Mana Potions and equip the Ethereal Talisman.
  • The Tesla Cannon is a slow, but powerful choice for this class due to the raw damage output and the ability to hit several Brimstone Hearts or Supreme Soul Seekers with one shot.
  • The Wand, like the Tesla Cannon, is a very slow but very powerful weapon for Mages that can yield massive DPS when used correctly.


  • The Cosmic Immaterializer is nearly a necessity contributing high DPS as well as automatically inflicting Ichor.
  • The Midnight Sun Beacon is an option for DPS, but can obstruct vision.
  • The Pole Warper is also a very good option for DPS, its only disadvantage being it requiring charge.
  • Yharon's Kindle Staff is another important option providing good DPS as well as some defense and life regen.
    • Be careful as summoning too many Sons of Yharon can obstruct incoming projectiles.

Recommended setups:

  • 1 Cosmic Immaterializer + a few Midnight Sun Beacons, with the rest being Saros Possession.
  • 1 Cosmic Immaterializer + 1 Yharon son, with the rest being Midnight Sun Beacons/Saros Possession.
  • 1 Cosmic Immaterializer + 2 Yharon sons, with the rest being Midnight Sun Beacons/Saros Possession.
  • 1 Cosmic Immaterializer + 1 Yharon son + Godly Soul Artifact, with the rest being Midnight Sun Beacons/Saros Possession.
  • 1 Cosmic Immaterializer + 1 Yharon son + Godly Soul Artifact + Profaned Soul Artifact, with the rest being Midnight Sun Beacon/Saros Possession.
  • 1 Cosmic Immaterializer + Godly Soul Artifact + Profaned Soul Artifact + Rest being Pole Warpers.


  • The Celestus is a viable option for providing good DPS and inflicting Ichor.
  • The Supernova is very good for destroying the Brimstone Hearts, but because of its bullet drop, it misses a lot.


  • Binoculars can be useful during some bullet hell segments to increase reaction time. This can also be accomplished with the Sniper Scope in conjunction with the Photoviscerator.
  • Farm Blood Orbs to easily craft many helpful potions that will increase your survivability.
  • The Normality Relocator is a very strong tool as it allows instantaneous teleporting.
    • Be wary when teleporting as the player will fall at a much greater pace if unprepared in a similar manner to the Portal Gun.
  • Portal Gun Stations can be used as a means of teleporting allowing instantaneous ascent or descent. This is particularly valuable in the final bullet hell.
  • The Well Fed buff provides a useful all around stat boost.
    • Yharim's Stimulants are also vital for any class due to its high buffs to both defense and offense.
  • If the Exo Mechs have been defeated, the Exo Box is a great mount for maneuverability.

The Fight[]

Supreme Calamitas has a set pattern that she will follow throughout the fight. She has 4 attacks.

  • The hellblast attack has Supreme Calamitas maintain a set distance away, rapidly firing BrimstoneHellblastBrimstone Hellblasts.
    • To dodge this attack, try to slowly move upwards. If you reach the ceiling while she's still doing this attack, teleport down with the Rod of Discord or (preferably) the Normality Relocator.
  • The gigablast attack has Supreme Calamitas maintain a set distance away farther out than the hellblast attack, slowly firing BrimstoneFireblastBrimstone Gigablasts.
    • If you can, try to manipulate them to explode as far away from you as possible, making the darts that explode from them easier to dodge.
  • The mobile attack has Supreme Calamitas fly above the player randomly shooting either BrimstoneGigaBlastBrimstone Fireblasts, BrimstoneFireblastBrimstone Gigablasts, or a spread of BrimstoneBarrageBrimstone Darts.
  • The charging attack consists of Supreme Calamitas making multiple charges at the player. In the move before her charge attack and during her charges, Supreme Calamitas will either turn blurry or transparent, dependent on Lighting Mode, so be prepared for her charges.
    • Try to get as far away from Supreme Calamitas as you can to avoid her charges.

The only variance to her pattern of attacks is that she will always perform a mobile attack immediately after entering Phase 2 at 40% health. Afterwards, she will resume her pattern. Additionally, during bullet hells, Supreme Calamitas will stop moving, lay still, and be completely invincible. When a bullet hell ends, she will immediately resume her pattern and become vulnerable again. Be careful as this can cause her to shoot BrimstoneHellblastBrimstone Hellblasts at awkward angles or cause her to lunge in a way she normally would not. Her pattern is as follows: MHGCGHMCMHGGHCMGGCCMCMC.

  • H represents the hellblast attack
  • G represents the gigablast attack
  • M represents the mobile attack
  • C represents the charging attack

In her mobile attack, she will choose her attacks randomly. The safest thing to do here is to try and move from one side of the arena to the other in the shape of a “U”. Be careful when moving too fast as you may end up hitting an unseen projectile.

The fight immediately begins with a Bullet Hell. Bullet Hells have randomized patterns and are not exactly the same each time. In this first Bullet Hell, use horizontal movement for the first 5 seconds, mostly vertical movement for the following 5 seconds, and slowly move horizontally to the left for the last 5 seconds. Additionally, melee and rogue players can use Scourge of the Cosmos to pile up the eaters during this bullet hell. Then switch to your main weapon after this phase ends. This will help speed up the next phase considerably.

  • This can be repeated in other bullet hells although it is typically more important to focus on dodging due to their extremely high damage output.

When the first Bullet Hell is completed, Supreme Calamitas spawns Sepulcher. Sepulcher flies around the arena, following the player, while periodically firing BrimstoneBarrageBrimstone Darts. Sepulcher must be defeated in order for Supreme Calamitas to be vulnerable. Sepulcher is killed by killing the Brimstone Hearts which spawn near the top of the arena. Once Sepulcher is killed, Supreme Calamitas' attacks will speed up.

At 75% health, Supreme Calamitas enters the second Bullet Hell. It is best to try and remain in the upper right hand corner of the arena. BrimstoneGigaBlastBrimstone Fireblasts will periodically fire from above and from the right. This will allow them to explode offscreen. Be careful not to remain too close to the walls as it may cause you to get trapped by the BrimstoneHellblastBrimstone Hellblasts.

At 50% health, Supreme Calamitas enters the third Bullet Hell. It is best to remain near the top of the arena. BrimstoneGigaBlastBrimstone Fireblasts and BrimstoneFireblastBrimstone Gigablasts will periodically fire from the top of the screen.

At 45% health, Supreme Calamitas will summon her brothers, Supreme Cataclysm and Supreme Catastrophe. Supreme Cataclysm will remain a fixed distance away on the right, slowly moving up and down, while firing BrimstoneWaveBrimstone Flame Skulls. Supreme Catastrophe will remain a fixed distance on the left, slowly moving up and down inversely to Supreme Cataclysm, while firing BrimstoneHellblastBrimstone Hellblasts. Both periodically release a burst of BrimstoneBarrageBrimstone Darts; killing one will make the other shoot them faster. They must be killed in order to move on. The best way to avoid this phase is to slowly move up and down while attacking the brothers.

At 40% health, Supreme Calamitas will transition to Phase 2. She will immediately perform a mobile attack before continuing to resume her pattern. In Phase 2, the charging attack will have her charge only 2 times rather than 4 times like in Phase 1. Additionally, she will fire 4 BrimstoneFireblastBrimstone Gigablasts when performing her gigablasts attack rather than only 2 in Phase 1.

At 30% health, Supreme Calamitas enters the fourth Bullet Hell. This bullet hell is very similar to the third bullet hell. However, near the end of the bullet hell a BrimstoneMonsterBrimstone Monster orb will spawn from the top of the screen. When this happens, begin to slowly move downwards. As you progress in the fight more and more of them will appear. After this bullet hell ends, you should always be circling around the arena. Try to not turn around and circle the other way unless you get blocked by a Brimstone Monster or Supreme Calamitas and her projectiles. It is recommended to try to keep circling in a counter-clockwise direction, as it will make the final bullet hell phase a bit easier to manage.

At 20% health, Supreme Calamitas will summon a ring of Supreme Soul Seekers. They synchronously fire BrimstoneBarrageBrimstone Darts at the player. With such a large number of projectiles, they can cause serious trouble in conjunction with Supreme Calamitas' normal attacks. Weapons with a large range of attack are the best options for disposing of them.

At 10% health, Supreme Calamitas enters her fifth and final Bullet Hell. This bullet hell features all projectiles featured in previous bullet hells with the new addition of BrimstoneWaveBrimstone Flame Skulls. To dodge this bullet hell, it is typically best to circle in a counter-clockwise motion around the arena. The Rod of Discord or Normality Relocator are invaluable tools in this section as it can be used to escape danger more easily.

At 8% health, Supreme Calamitas will spawn Sepulcher once again. The attack rate of Supreme Calamitas will slow down as a result. With the added pressure of BrimstoneMonsterBrimstone Monster orbs, many weapons that worked for the first Sepulcher phase, such as Photoviscerator and Yharim's Crystal, are much less effective. Homing weapons, such as Ark of the Cosmos are typically the best option. It is important to keep in mind where Sepulcher spawns in order to avoid the worm.

At 1% health, Supreme Calamitas will cease attacking and begin a brief monologue. Once Supreme Calamitas' monologue is over, quickly defeat her and you will be rewarded for all your efforts. If you died to her three times before, DO NOT equip the Lul item. Players not utilizing auto pause may find themselves in a semi-softlock.

General Tips[]

  • In Revengeance or Death Mode, Rage and Adrenaline can be used effectively to shorten certain phases such as when Sepulcher or the Soul Seeker ring spawns.
  • During Bullet Hell segments, Supreme Calamitas will not deal contact damage giving a bit more freedom of movement. However, she will begin to deal contact damage immediately after the bullet hell ends.
  • The Slimy Saddle or the Suspicious Looking Jelly Bean can be used to quickly fall away from a tight space if Chaos State is still active.