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The Perforators
The Perforators.png
EnvironmentThe Crimson
Max Life9,420 / 17,061 / 21,550 / 22,104 (total)
KB Resist100%
Immune toPearl AuraConfused

The Perforators are a group of Pre-Hardmode bosses consisting of the Perforator Hive and three worms. The hive is summoned by killing a Perforator Cyst or using a Bloody Worm Food in The Crimson.

This guide will mention items exclusive to Expert and Revengeance Mode with no special formatting and will follow the intended progression.

Terrain Preparation[]

Flattening the ground in the Crimson and placing a platform about 25 blocks high will work for dodging the Hive's dashes and projectiles, as well as the worms.

Gearing up[]


  • Victide armor is an all-class option that is viable against the Perforators.
  • Melee users may opt to use Molten armor for its high defense and boosts to melee damage.
  • Rangers may prefer using Desert Prowler armor since the tornadoes are highly effective against the Perforator Worms.
  • Mages can use the Diamond Robe with the Wizard Hat and Jungle Pants for damage and mana boosts, or Jungle armor for its extra defense.
  • Rogues can use the Gladiator armor or Sulphurous armor for their respective boosts to rogue.
    • Fossil armor can also be used for its extreme stat boosts, but it has low defense.
      • By using the Sulphurous Helmet instead of the Fossil Helmet, one could achieve even more extreme stat boosts.





  • The Star Cannon can deal extremely high damage to both the worms and the hive.
  • The Pumpler is a good option for the fight.
  • The Molten Fury can deal with the worms very easily, especially when combined with Jester's Arrows.


  • The Acid Gun is a powerful magic gun that can deal with both the hive and worms.
  • The Hyphae Rod's mushrooms can deal great damage to the hive in its ramming phases.
  • The Demon Scythe can deal with the worms easily with its piercing and high damage.


  • The Cinder Blossom Staff is recommended as a means of having other damage alongside the player's other minions.
  • When paired with the Shark Tooth Necklace, the Belladonna Spirit Staff has a decent and consistent damage output.
  • The Magical Conch's crabs can deal good damage to the hive and worms should they be level with you.
    • Repeatedly summoning the hermit crabs on the worms is a good way to take them out.
  • The Scab Ripper's crawlers are good against the hive itself.
    • Be sure to not leave any of them attacking the hive when a worm is alive, as to not spawn any more of them.
  • Tavernkeep Rods are useful sentries that can boost the DPS output of summoners.
    • By constantly resummoning the sentries, one could exploit them instantly firing when summoned to greatly increase their damage output.


  • The Ashen Stalactite is very powerful in terms of its stealth strike and regular attack.
  • The Infernal Kris can deal considerable damage to the worms with its piercing and debuff.
  • The Mycoroot can deal decent damage to the hive at the cost of range.


  • The Well Fed buff provides a useful all around stat boost.

The Fight[]

Once the Hive is summoned, it will start by hovering over you, shooting a rain of blood geysers or ichor glob projectiles into the air that inflict the Burning Blood and Ichor debuffs respectively. The projectiles are shot upward, then spread as they fall, covering a large area. There are 20 projectiles in total, all of which fall in a single horizontal line. Do not try to outrun the projectile rain, as it is more than likely you will get hit while doing so. Instead, look for the gaps in between the projectiles, and carefully maneuver through them. It is best to remain around the same area, as this will group the projectile rain which will make it easier to dodge. You may also hide under blocks, as the projectiles do not pass through blocks until 2 seconds after they are shot. An effective way to dodge both the projectiles and the hive is to get into a rhythm of jumping and dashing over the hive when a set of projectiles falls past you, making small adjustments as neccessary.

The three worms spawn at three separate health increments; the small worm spawns when the hive drops to 70% health; the medium worm spawns at 40% health; and the large worm at 10%. The worms behave like any other worm, burrowing through blocks to attack you. However, each worm has different attributes:

  • The small worm behaves like any other worm enemy, moving a bit quicker than the other worms.
  • The medium worm splits in a manner similar to the Eater of Worlds.
  • The large worm can burrow and lunge at players, which can be dodged by simply going in the opposite direction it is coming from.

The larger worms are stronger, but move slower. The worms also get more aggressive as their health depletes. It is recommended to have your minimap open to track the worms' positions and to target each worm as it spawns. When the worms spawn, hold your position and keep dodging the hive's projectile rain. Jump or fall and dash in the opposite direction to dodge the worms' charges, but make sure to compensate for the hive's projectiles. Continue doing this while attacking the worm until it dies. Keep in mind that while the large worm is alive, the hive will take no damage.

In Expert Mode, the worms move and turn faster, so you must be more careful while dodging the worms.

In Revengeance Mode, the hive will retain its previous abilities and will gain the ability to charge at you with speed while a worm isn't alive. To dodge this attack, let the hive level itself with you, then jump or fall as it gets close. Accessories that boost jump speed and/or height help with dodging the charging. Once a worm spawns, it will stop charging but will gain increased acceleration.

In Death Mode, the hive shoots more often, is more aggressive and will hover closer to you if more than one worm is alive. It is more important in this mode that you target the worms to avoid interception by the hive. The worms also have more segments that are larger.

General Tips[]