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The Plaguebringer Goliath
The Plaguebringer Goliath.png
AI TypeThe Plaguebringer Goliath AI
Damage100 / 180 / 226 / 234 (Contact)
80 / 136 / 160 / 180 (Plague Stinger)
100 / 180 / 216 / 234 (Plague Missile)
120 / 192 / 220 / 240 (Plague Nuke Barrage)
Max Life81,000 / 129,600 / 170,400
Defense40 / 40-60
KB Resist100%
Inflicts debuffPlaguePlague
100% chance
Debuff duration4 seconds (Contact)
4 seconds (Plague Stinger explosions)
3 seconds (Plague Missiles)
Debuff tooltipRotting from the inside
Immune toConfusedPearl AuraPlaguePoisonedVenom
Coins 25 Gold Coin.png
Plaguebringer Goliath map.png
Map Icon

The Plaguebringer Goliath is a boss that is fought after defeating Golem. The Plaguebringer Goliath can be summoned on the surface or in the underground jungle using an Abombination.

Terrain Preparation[]

The Plaguebringer Goliath is intended to be fought in the jungle, and that is what this guide will focus on. When making an arena, a large box is preferred over a long track-like arena, as both horizontal and vertical mobility will be very helpful. Typically, you can reuse a Plantera arena for this effect. It is recommended to have just one platform spanning the middle of the arena, as vertical mobility will be huge for its dashes, and too many horizontal platforms will easily lead to getting caught by its dashes on your way down.

Gearing Up[]


  • Hydrothermic armor is an all around great option for all classes because of its various buffs to many things vanilla armors don't cover, such as max life and the set bonuses.
  • For rogue players, the best armor obtainable at this stage is the Umbraphile armor.
  • Plague Reaper armor is a good alternative for rangers due to the set bonus attack, which can easily shred the Plaguebringer Goliath when used well.
    • It also reduces damage taken from the Plague debuff.
  • Beetle armor can be utilized by melee characters for more Damage Reduction, although Calamity nerfs the reduction of the beetles from 45% to 30%.
  • Fathom Swarmer armor or Spooky armor can also be used for summoners.
  • The Spectre armor can be utilized in synchrony with Spectre Wings for high damage and lifesteal.
    • Mage players may choose to instead use the Brimflame armor because of its very powerful set bonus.
  • Valhalla Knight armor is a good option for summoners due to its huge defense and life regen boosts.


  • Most wings should work for this fight, as you will only need flight to dodge PBG's charges by flying up, however extended flight is not necessary for this fight. One may utilize the Hadal Mantle's set bonus with Hydrothermic armor for the 5% increased damage.
    • Wings with high vertical speed should be prioritized for the aforementioned charges.
    • The MOAB can also be used for this fight because the quick jumping can be very helpful to dodge projectiles and PBG's charges, however it may not be easy to utilize properly.
  • Items such as the Frog Leg, Grand Gelatin, and Aero Stone can also be used for much easier escape of PBG's horizontal dashes with their jump boost.
  • Angel Treads will be necessary for the horizontal movement speed they give.
  • Additionally, the Asgard's Valor will be very helpful for dodging PBG's charges, or it can be used to dodge into her charges, because of the damage it causes and subsequent immunity frames.
    • The Tabi and its upgrades can be used for a much longer dodge, as well as the Master Ninja Gear's chance to dodge attacks, which can be very helpful.
  • The Alchemical Flask can be used for all classes due to the reduced damage from the Plague Debuff.
  • The Honey Dew and its upgrades grant 25% less damage from bee-related sources, meaning that all of PBG's attacks other than her rockets will deal significantly reduced damage.
  • The Celestial Jewel grants life regen and defense when under a damaging debuff, which allows extra survivability in this fight, as well as making the Plague debuff less noticeable.
  • The Void of Extinction is a great option for increasing DPS, with its 15% increase to all damage, and other effects.
  • The Community can also be utilized for good stat increases all around.
  • The Deific Amulet's armor penetration can be good for the PBG's high defense.
  • The Celestial Shell, Fire Gauntlet, and Bloody Worm Scarf should be utilized by melee players.
  • The Artemis Emblem and Sniper Scope provide more damage for rangers.
  • The Sigil of Calamitas and Mana Flower with Super Mana Potions will be helpful for mages, both for damage and mana conservation.
  • The Star-Tainted Generator and the Statis' Blessing are the primary accessories summoners should prioritize.
  • The Vampiric Talisman and Abyssal Mirror can be used by rogues for lifesteal, a source of stealth for stealth strikes, and more damage all-around.



  • The Soul Harvester's lingering projectiles do great damage against the Goliath, as well as easily dispatch the minions it summons.
  • The Tyrant Yharim's Ultisword can be useful during the fight due to its projectiles.
  • The Aegis Blade is an extremely strong weapon that can make quick work of the boss.



  • The Forbidden Sun is the preferred choice for mages at this point in progression.
  • The Everglade Spray can be used as a secondary weapon and a way to spread Ichor.
  • The Atlantis is an extremely strong weapon for this fight, although it requires predicting PBG's dash trajectory as well as staying close to the boss.


  • The Resurrection Butterfly is a very powerful summon weapon for PBG due to both its high damage and homing.
  • The Xeno Staff can be very useful against the boss due to it never missing and its extremely agile movement.
  • The Wither Blossoms Staff is very good for its homing capabilities as well as the plague seekers its projectiles spawn on death.


  • Plaguenades are a very useful weapon against both The Plaguebringer Goliath and her servants due to the bees it spawns and its high DPS.
  • Fantasy Talismans can be utilised because of their high DPS and homing projectiles, making them perfect for the boss as it makes many sudden turns.
  • The Brackish Flask can be utilised against the servants due to its AOE.
  • The Stellar Knife is very useful against the boss as it homes and can deal massive amounts of damage.
  • The Epidemic Shredder is very useful due to its spawns and piercing capabilities.
  • Due to the boss's large hitbox and the fight's focus on vertical mobility, the Heavenfallen Stardisk can be highly effective, especially when paired with the Vampiric Talisman to aid survivability.

The Fight[]

The Plaguebringer Goliath initially spawns off screen and will charge towards the player.

Phase 1[]

In Phase 1, The Plaguebringer Goliath has 3 attacks that she can cycle through. She will level herself with the player and perform three charges in quick succession, fly above the player while firing a series of powerful plague stingers and plague rockets at the player, or spawn Plague Chargers that vary in size. It is recommended to destroy these summons as quickly as possible as they can become a nuisance when there are too many of them. Either falling or flying upwards combined with dashing can be a a very effective way of dealing with her charges and a Rod of Discord can help when the player is cornered. Below 50% health, she will stop spawning Plague Chargers and instead spawn destructible homing plague missiles.

In Expert Mode[]

Along with spawning Plague Chargers, The Plaguebringer Goliath will also spawn Plague Mines which will chase the player and begin to slow down after a period of time, but they are indestructible until they fully stop. Some of her stingers will now home in on the player.

Phase 2[]

At 50% The Plaguebringer Goliath will transform into her 2nd phase, signified by the status message "PLAGUE NUKE BARRAGE ARMED, PREPARING FOR LAUNCH!!!". She will retain all attacks from Phase 1. She can also dash across the screen above the player and launch an arc of green missiles in the general direction of the player that will explode upon contact with tiles. The attack can be difficult to dodge, but flying up and down when she performs this attacks can be a reliable way to deal with it. Another strategy is to travel through the gaps between each missile; these gaps will become larger the further the projectiles travel.

In Revengeance Mode[]

At 80% The Plaguebringer Goliath will begin to perform diagonal charges in the place of horizontal ones. In addition, the Missiles she fires travel faster along with being more numerous.

In Death Mode[]

Her charges are performed faster and Missiles will now travel at faster speeds.

General Tips[]

  • Using the Golden Gun and Golden Shower/Everglade Spray are recommended for this fight as The Plaguebringer Goliath is vulnerable to Ichor.
  • The Rod of Discord can be invaluable when the player is in danger due to its instant teleportation.
  • The Slimy Saddle can be used to fall faster, aiding in dodging The Plaguebringer Goliath's dashes.