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Hadarian Wings
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TypeAccessoryCrafting material
TooltipPowered by the Astral Infection
Hold down to hover during flight, greatly extending flight duration
Horizontal speed: 9
Acceleration multiplier: 1.75
Good vertical speed
Flight time: 120
10% increased movement and jump speed while wearing the Astral Armor
RarityRarity Level: 9
Sell 16 Gold Coin.png

Hadarian Wings are a Hardmode wing-type accessory that allow the player to fly and glide. Pressing Jump and ▼ Down allows the player to hover and increase flight time. If these wings are worn along with Astral armor, the player's movement speed and jump speed are increased by 10%.



Crafting Station
Ancient ManipulatorAncient Manipulator
Astral BarAstral Bar8
Hadarian MembraneHadarian Membrane8
Soul of FlightSoul of Flight20
Hadarian WingsHadarian Wings1

Used in (Any Wings)[]


  • This pair of wings has a slightly faster max speed than Exodus Wings, but lower acceleration and 50% less flight time. It also has a hover, unlike Exodus Wings. Because the bonus while wearing Astral armor does not increase flight time, it may be preferable to wear Exodus Wings with Astral armor instead.